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January 29, 2002
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Home Again, Home Again

9:55 pm: Home again home again, jig-a-de-jig. I'm so happy to be home and, finally, alone for a while. Jet is asleep right now and John's going to sleep and I really needed the time to myself for the first time in a week. I did take some time late at night, but I was so tired and so needed to write and the days were so full of other people and other things, it's just nice to be by myself for a bit with a mug of Bengal Spice tea made with half soy milk and half water.

It's twenty-two degrees outside and snowing. It's supposed to be snowing for the next couple of days and it's quite the change from the cool, cloudy and rainy skies in San Diego.

Getting home was actually pretty straightforward, and Mom and Dad made it much easier by coming into the airport with us. Mom watched Jet while John and I checked in and got the luggage checked in and we sat with them and talked with them for a while because the San Diego airport wasn't that busy and the security gate was really short.

John had planned everything and we'd gotten going at a good time and managed breakfast and finishing packing everything before our leave time of 8:30. Jet woke up at 6:30. I'd given him a nursing and handed him off to Dad, as I could sleep until 7:30, so I did that. I needed it. I was still tired from the previous night. Jet was actually pretty happy last night, and only got up a couple of times, I think. I think I only got up at 12:30 and 6:30. I think John only got up at 11:30. I might have gotten up at 3 as well, but I'm not at all sure.

So with the preparation of last night and this morning, the process of getting things together wasn't that bad, and we got to the airport in plenty of time. We were both having mild gut problems. I think mine were from the green mango I ate last night, and John was having other problems. So neither of us really ate lunch. I had a Naked Juice smoothie, with just juices, no sugar, and John bought a maple scone and we both shared with Jet. Jet drank smoothie happily through the straw, and nibbled small handfuls of scone while sitting with us in the waiting area.

The flight was easy. Jet fell asleep while nursing and stayed asleep for the whole two hour flight and only woke up at the end to nurse again on the way down. Once down, he snuggled happily into the sling and we got our luggage and did like we did when we came back from Portland. We hauled the luggage to an indoor waiting area and Jet and I waited for John to appear. When he did, we piled into the car and Jet and I fell asleep on the way home.

It would have been nicer if I hadn't needed to run to a bathroom every hour, but that didn't really make it terrible or anything. It was just inconvenient, not really bad. John balanced it with something really nice. On the way home he stopped at the Krispy Kreme because I asked him to. I know it probably won't make the gut stuff any better, but the donuts helped me feel better emotionally. A small indulgence worked wonders on my attitude.

I think we were all really tired. I fed Jet a jar of turkey and sweet potatoes and another three ounces of apple sauce when we got home. He was much more cheerful after that, but remained pretty clingy all afternoon and evening. He was still pretty tired but seemed to have problems getting to sleep until 8pm. It was kind of odd, given the time change from San Diego to here, but Jet wanted to get to sleep earlier rather than later.

I really wanted a delivery pizza, but all the local delivery services have died. John found a pizza stuffed lasagna, i.e. a lasagna that had pizza ingredients in it, in our freezer. It was one of the Safeway Select dinners, and we nuked it and baked it and it was good and hot and bubbling and it tasted really good, especially given how little work it really was. We ate dinner, did laundry as all of Jet's stuff was dirty, and watched TV, and generally settled back into being home.

Jet's still kind of uncertain, and is still really clinging to me pretty hard. I was wearing him a lot today, and I also held him a lot. He just seemed to need a lot of reassurance, and I was happy to just be there for him. John did his best, too, and took him for a while and it was really nice to have him here when I really had to run for the bathroom again. I was very glad of that.

One really cool thing is that after the week in San Diego, with more humidity, disposable diapers, and all kinds of other stuff, all of Jet's diaper eczima is completely cleared up! Yay!!

Jet nursed at 8 and at 9 he woke up and we changed him, I nursed him again and put him to sleep. He got up again an hour later, and this time I was able to actually put him to sleep in his crib! For the first time in a week. Hoorah for small victories!

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