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January 30, 2002
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Swimming Again

Today was a start at getting caught up at work, though with all the meetings it didn't work out too well. Just too little actual time working and too much time in meetings.

Since there was snow from last night, John went with me and drove us home. We had lunch at home and then went to pick up Jet. He hadn't slept a wink at Joan's and had spent the whole time chasing first Haley and then Alex. He was just wired, and we all expected him to just fall over and nap when he got home. He didn't nap then and only napped for an hour far later in the afternoon.

We had masala chicken for dinner with brown rice. I used the Trader Joe's bottle of simmer sauce and added potatoes and chicken. I started it just a little too late, so I only ate a little, tiny bit before getting ready for Joan and she and I went to the water aerobics.

I had thought about not doing it because we were so freshly back from the trip, but I knew that I'd feel better if I did it. So I went. Joan laughed and said she'd have given me a hard time if I'd tried to back out, and I grinned and said I was glad. I would have been, too. I need the exercise and the regularity of it really helps.

The pool was warmer than the locker room. We also worked out in the deep end, and Joan said that when I was gone, they'd done the shallows again and it isn't as much of a workout. So we were both glad to be in the deep end again. I think I'm getting more used to it and I may well lose my fear of the deep water with enough of these classes. It was just kind of fun doing it and being able to talk with other members of the class.

Afterward we just changed and went home to shower at home. Joan and I talked on the way back about all kinds of things, from our kids to how to deal with death and dogs and hopes for the future. Joan did offer, if John and I decide to have another kid, to take that one, too, to let me work if I need to or want to. I think I really do need it to keep sane, and Jet really does need to interact with someone other than John and I.

Sometimes I think that the best thing about the swimming is just talking with Joan. She is definitely not an engineer. She has a lot of good sense, and a really good heart, and it's just good to talk with her about stuff.

When I got home, John and Jet were playing in the livingroom. They'd gone to Safeway and stocked the house back up from its empty state from the vacation. They'd had a great time. Jet had started making fart noises with his mouth, big, juicy ones in the car. He'd also gotten to ride the electric horse at the store for a penny! He'd really enjoyed that. Jet had also spent most of the trip around the grocery store just looking at everything, talking, and kicking his legs. He'd been really happy to be back, we guess.

For all that he didn't nap today, he was a really, really happy boy. Yay!

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