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January 2, 2003
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Running Around and Around

10:32 pm: Jet spoke in his sleep for the first time, tonight, about an hour after he'd gone down. I couldn't hear what it was he said, but his voice was clear and steady as a bell over the monitor. He was just talking to someone in his sleep. It's something I used to do, and it's just interesting that he's suddenly doing it.

We had the apple fritters from last night for breakfast this morning. They were yummy and it was very good to be well enough to just eat them. A small splurge after the last week, and with the cheesecake gone, I think we'll do okay on eating. Jet ate a whole banana and most of his donut before crumbling it everywhere. It was nice to just do a coffee and donut for breakfast, get Jet to Joan's and then get down to work for the first time in five days.

I really enjoyed the vacation, but it felt pretty good to be busy again and getting something done. I got two things done and then I did something about a haunting I had last night that made it hard to sleep though Jet had a very peaceful night. I was thinking, pretty hard, about the Miguel Ruis journal I'd found at Barnes and Nobel and I wanted more of them. They're huge, but they're not only perfect for my personal journal, but also for all the things I do at work. I wanted more of them rather badly, and at only ten dollars a piece, it wasn't as if I would break the bank by getting more paper than I could possibly use in a decade or two.

It's not like I stick with a single journal type for very long, either, though. I had spiral notebooks through high school and collage because that's what I could afford, after buying a dozen of them at a school supply sale, I went through all but two before finding the Clairefontain notebooks, then the whole Circa system, in slipped a few Levenger journals, and a couple hand-marbled journals from Anacortes. To get through two or even three 300 page journals would be more than I've done in quite a while. Still, I'll admit, I lusted after them.

When I'd finished the two major tasks I wanted to do today, I took off for Boulder, hit the store, and got, not only the two journals that I wanted, but a Miguel Ruis notebook with multi-colored gridded paper with microperf to pull the pages out and put them into three-ring binders. Pretty Also good to have color coded for game systems if I decide to use the notebook for gaming. It was big, spiral bound for easy flattening, and even less money than the journals, though it had far fewer pages. I liked simply having them.

Home again, home again, and plenty of time for more work. This time cleaning up email and starting on the next huge project. I have a lot to do, yet. I ate some lunch, a simple freezer meal, and then went and got a very tired Jet, whom had not napped all morning.

He napped on getting home and nursing. He didn't wake up until 3:30, so I got more stuff done. When he woke up, though, he really wanted to nurse, so I let him. By the time we were done it was already 4, so I called John to say that we'd be late to the Rec Center, and told him the circumstances. I tried giving Jet some pepperoni, but, uncharacteristically, he threw it away. So I ended up blending a smoothie for him from banana, peaches, yogurt, and soy milk. He drank it all down happily, and we took it with us as we headed for the Rec Center. He also got four Deli Rye flavored wheat thread crackers, and munched those on the way over.

John had been there long before us. We didn't reach the place until ten 'til 5; but he was fine with that. We took Jet to the day care area, and he solemnly studied the teenaged babysitter there. He then got a little closer to watch and listen to her as she showed him all the toys in the area, and John and I slipped out.

They have two dollar an hour day care. Which is an excellently cheap day care, and all the caregivers there have taken the Red Cross babysitter's program, so we know he's safe. It's a very easy way to just drop him off and get to do a little exercising. I hit the rowing machine while John did some stair steppers, and then he did the rowing machine while I did some elliptical. Finally, while I finished off my elliptical work he did three different weight machines. All the machines have detailed instructions written on them/with them, and it's kind of cool to just sit down, study one for a while, and then know that I'm doing something safely with them.

It's a start.

Given that we've pretty much gone to the rec center once a week since John's birthday, we're getting into the habit of just going. Adding a single new habit of trying out the equipment shouldn't be that hard. Since I'm also doing the water aerobics again, I think I'm getting a pretty good start on getting my weight down again.

When we were done, we went to collect Jet, who was playing with some Play-Doh. He really liked the stuff, and was rolling it, squishing it, and pulling it apart. He wouldn't budge for a while, and then I just said, "Okay, Jet, you get two more minutes and then we'll go." He didn't give any indication that he'd heard other than, at two minutes, when I said it was time, he just put things down and headed for the door with us. Yay for advanced warning and a little time to get used to the idea!

The family cabanas were all in use when we got there, so John took Jet to the men's room and I took my stuff to the women's and we changed there. The nicest thing about a combination lock is that neither of us has to have a key, so we just dropped things off in there when we were done, and met out at the pool.

Jet was so happy. He was laughing, splashing, paddling around, and watching all the other, much bigger, kids. There were lots of kids there that were much bigger than him, including a pack of half a dozen teenage boys that got a bit too rough in the kid pool and got chewed out by the lifeguard. John and I were mildly surprised, as when we'd come here the Thursday after Christmas it had been dead. But I guess all the kids still had the rest of the week off, most adults didn't, and so they were dumped at the pool to play, I guess.

Jet didn't care, though, he paddled after all kinds of kids, and dared them to play with him. The teens mostly ignored him. The middle kids would grin and play a little, but then run off and do other things. Eventually, Jet got tired of chasing them and went to the edge of the pool and tried to pull himself out. I lifted him out and he went right over to the surf/current loop and jumped in. Eek! John went right with him, and then started riding the current happily. I joined them for a while and then went and took the long, skinny, blue slide down. Whee!

Jet loved surfing the stream. There's two big current pushers along the outside edges of the loop, along the straights. It's so strong that when Jet hits the push, his ring goes halfway into the water and he has to fight his way up. And he grins the whole way, often going "Whee!!" as he hits the acceleration. Around and around, and he'd wave at some of the other kids. He also figured out that he could put his arms out and fend off the big, clear, plastic innertubes. He's gone under them a few times before, something that always scares the heck out of me, but this time he actually actively fought himself away from them! Yay! I was very glad of that.

We had a blast just going around and around and around.

Finally, my legs got tired, and Jet didn't object when John pushed him towards the stairs. Jet got out, went back to the play pool, and asked me to toss him in the deep end. So I did. He paddled around happily, then found the underwater ledge of a seat at the deep end, and he climbed onto it. He grinned at finding firm footing and started dancing. He jumped up and down and his float created huge waves. He seemed to like that a lot, and kept doing it. Soon he was doing it with the arm movements he has when he's dancing. He bounded and laughed and when he fell off the ledge, he'd laugh some more, paddled around a bit, and then climb right back on and dance some more.


Eventually, when he got tired enough, he just paddled away. We followed, through all the fountains, pipes, and showers. He ended up watching the kids on the slide. Instead of lifting Jet up, like John had done last time, John showed Jet where the stairs were and encouraged him to climb them himself. Jet didn't want to at first, but after doing it once and finding that he could get a good slide out of it, especially without his floater, he started going around and around and around, up the stairs, down the slide, fight to the surface, slosh through the water to the beginning of the stairs and then do it all over again.

It was hard for me to watch him go down the slide, end up face first in the water when he couldn't quite get his footing at the end of the slide, and fight his way to the surface again. But he was learning, he wasn't scared, and he was getting better and better at it each time he did it. I'd far rather he learn, himself, how to keep himself from drowning; but it was hard not to rescue him.

Of course, there was the one time when instead of sitting down at the top he stepped out onto the slide, lost his footing, whacked his head, and ended up in water that was over his head. That time I got him up and out pretty quickly so that he wouldn't be in the way of the next kid. He and I assessed 'owies' and he was soon on his way for another round, this time with Dad to tell him, "Sit Down." at the top. Jet did well after that.

Finally, we hit the showers and went home. We had Manwich sauce on hamburger and bread with a salad on the side. Jet ate nearly a cup of shredded wheat, a quarter cup of baked beans, and part of an apple. He also drank juice. He's eating better since the new year, and I'm glad to see it's sticking. I can hope that both the new sleeping habits and food habits will keep going as they have been. It's nice.

Dinner wasn't until 8, so by the time we were done, Jet went right to sleep. John and I followed soon after.

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