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January 6, 2003
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Making Pot Roast

Today was hard. Jet didn't sleep very well last night. He was drooling today and, when I stop to think about it, he was chewing on his fingers, back at his gums, yesterday. So he probably had some teeth problems.

John was up twice, I was up once, when Jet woke up at 5:30, so I went up then, and lay down with him. He played peekaboo with me for a while, then napped a little, and then got up and pulled on my hand until I went out the door, downstairs, and he started to play. I tried to sleep, but he came over and dragged me off the couch to play with him and his choo choo. So I did.

John woke up at 8. So he took over, and I went back to bed for the next hour. Walt and Cathie got up and left in that time, but I really needed the sleep.

I needed it badly.

When I got up at 9, John and Jet were happy and settled in. Jet watching Sesame Street and John working away. I made myself an egg and some toast. I cut up an orange as well, and had breakfast. Then I went upstairs and tried to work until 11. It was hard to do. Mondays are always hard to do.

Then I went down and nursed Jet and he fell right asleep. John left while I was nursing, and went to work.

I went back upstairs an worked for the hour that Jet napped. Then I went downstairs, we shared some grilled cheese sandwiches and juice, and played. Jet actually ate half a whole wheat bread grilled ham and cheese sandwich, though he kept finding the ham, pulling some out and putting it on his plate. He ate a good deal of it.

We played as I prepped and seared chuck roast for pot roast. Jet first helped with chopping onions. He put the ends into the garbage bowl, and all the chopped pieces into their own bowl, before then dumping out the second bowl onto the counter and spreading the chopped onions far and wide.

Jet helped with the seasoning, getting the chunks well oiled, and then watched and said, "Hot!" at the appropriate moments when meat met metal. Smart boy. We got it all seared, put it into the Dutch oven, then cooked the onions, and that's when Jet had the marjoram accident. He was playing with the jars on the spice rack, got the top of the marjoram open, and started sprinkling the dried herb all over the meat.


I added garlic on top of that, some rosemary, the grilled onions with some basalmic vinegar, and then a big can of tomato puree. Two bay leaves were then tucked into the sauce, and we threw the whole thing into the oven at 250 degrees for just about forever.

Jet helped with the cleaning up, too. Putting things into whatever I asked, and if I was quick enough, I could empty the bowls and such before he got bored and started dumping things. When we were done with all that, we went outside and swung for a while before we went in and I put the Bob the Builder tape in for him. That's when I realized he needed a change, and so I got him changed just two minutes before my meeting started.

My headphones started going out in the last ten minutes of my meeting. So I went upstairs to finish it there. Jet followed me, and started playing with anything he could find in the drawers up there. That was kind of hard for me. Especially when I had to send some stuff out after my meeting. Jet wanted to do whatever I was doing. He wrote in my lab book while I was taking notes for the meeting, and then he wanted to hit the keyboard while I was doing that, too. He loves my trackball mouse, too.

By the time John got home at 5, I was quite willing and happy to turn Jet over to him.

I got my things done while John finished off the dinner I'd started. Potatoes and carrots got roasted, and we added peas at the very last instant and got pot roast. Jet refused any and all of it, and then, after dinner, he got the big can of raisins out of the pantry, upended it and managed to eat half a cup of raisins. He even chewed some of them, I think.


I could have gone swimming tonight, but I decided not to. I needed the quiet time at home, with just us. I needed to just rest and not take it too hard. So I did. It was fun. It was good, and Jet got to sleep at his normal time, in his normal way, so I have some hope that he'll do okay tonight

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