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January 7, 2003
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Pizza, Yogurt, and Journals

9:46 pm: I actually put Jet to sleep tonight without nursing him. I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Jet slept well last night, too, only getting up once. And then sleeping in until 7! So he definitely does better in his usual place and with his normal schedule.

I had a long day with work today. Lots of stuff to talk about and do. No time for things like email or things other than actually getting something done. It was an effective day.

I got home at 1. Jet was asleep, so I made myself some lunch of a turkey sandwich with pecans, dried cranberries, and some blue cheese vinaigrette. It was yummy. Simple, too. Then I worked for a little while, and when Jet got up I nursed him the one time for the day. He then played with John while I had my 3 o'clock meeting.

The two of them went out after my meeting, and did some stuff outside, played, enjoyed the 60+ degree weather, and did a few errands in Erie. I didn't come back down until almost 6, when John asked what I really wanted for dinner. I said , "Pizza, please." And Jet started chanting, "Peeza! Peeza!"

So John got a pizza from Mug and Pye while Jet and I played with the pins, spools, and bobbins in my sewing basket. Yeah. We played with pins. Jet neatly stuck them in the carpet in neat rows while I watched. He didn't stick himself at all. Eventually, he started cleaning them all up by picking them up, a few at a time, and putting them back into their box. I was pretty impressed. However, he did just unwind thread from everything else, though he tried to emulate my motions while I wound the tread back on. I was pleased that he tried.

When John came back with the pizza, Jet climbed into my seat at the table and said, "Peese, Pleeze!" And got his own piece of pizza, which we promptly cut up and he ate them, while standing on my chair and dancing with happiness. I guess he wanted pizza, too. This time around, at least. He ate a good two-thirds of a full piece, and surprised me by eating crust, cheese, sauce, AND the pepperoni in it, rather than just peeling the pepperoni off and eating just that. He also had seltzer, or "Pop!" he calls it when it makes the valve in his sippy cup literally pop.

It was a good dinner. He'd actually eaten pretty well for breakfast and lunch.

During the day, Sudipto gave me two rather large samples of diary-based Indian yogurts. One was cultured yogurt. The other was actually a baked custard, made with sweetened, condensed milk. Wow. Caramelly. I served up two bowls for John and I. When Jet heard, "yogurt", though he started chanting, "Yuggie! Yuggie!" He ate quite a lot of the plain version, disdaining the sweetened one. Hee.

I liked having them together, as the sweet one blunted the edge to the tart one and vice versa. I was impressed by it. I'll have to ask her how she makes her yogurt, too, and have yet another datapoint on how to culture a thick yogurt.

At Jet's normal Pumpkin Time, he asked to nurse, but I said, "No. Milk?" Jet smiled and nodded, "Milk!" So we changed him, gave him his milk, he sat on my lap to drink his milk and watch Emeril, and then John brushed his teeth. Jet then found his Mother Goose book and I read it to him seven times before he finally fell asleep as I rocked him in the rocking chair. Wow. He doesn't mind if I don't nurse him to go to sleep. This is a good thing.

So I am happy.

I also got my shipment from Pendemonium. It contains four of the Miguel Ruis composition book journals, with hard cardboard covers, paper tape bindings, and the most incredible, pearl-lavender pages, as smooth as if each page were polished. Half of them are completely blank. Half are squared. One is travel-sized, two are the same size as the 300 page ones I have, one is full 8.5x11, and all of them have 90 pages each.

I now have enough journals, probably, for the millennium. Plus this electronic one. *grin*

I'll admit that I do the hard, mental work by hand. This one is just for the images of my days. The adventures.

Three of which were Jet's adventures, today.

One was that he played with the pins. The second was that he played with my slippers for a good hour, putting them on and running around with them, tripping over them, and getting mad at them when they wouldn't go back on. He raced around the kitchen and the livingroom with fuzzy clown feet. Hee.

The third was when John was talking with Walt on the phone and Jet started chanting, "Soup! Soup! Soup! Soup! Soup!" and then running around and just saying, "Soup!" for and to everything and anything. He had both John and I in stitches.

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