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January 5, 2003
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Lucille's, Swimming, and Soup!

9:18 pm: Another very busy day. Jet started with a less peaceful night, but I took care of him until 5 am and then John took over for the restless last hours, so I got to sleep pretty well.

When I had showered and got out, everyone was sitting around drinking coffee and reading the paper. So I did, too. Finally Walt asked if we wanted to go to the Creole Place for breakfast. I'd thought they didn't want to eat more, but was wrong. So we went to Lucille's and hit it just right. Well before the lunch post-Church crowd and after the bunch that had to get out of there by 10 to get to church. Perfect.

We got seated immediately, and got beignets. Jet chowed down on several pieces, licking the powdered sugar off the latter ones, but then going ahead and eating a few more when I'd given up on him eating more. I got him some orange juice, and he chugged the first six ounce cup of freshly squeezed juice. He just downed it in one go, smiled when he was done, and said, "All gone!" And it was.

We all got our breakfasts. They had a special of roasted chicken and aunduille sausage hash with poached eggs on top. I ordered the half order and it came with a biscuit as well. They have huge, fluffy, crisp shelled biscuits and Jet dove in with a fork and demolished a quarter of it before getting restless. He then headed off to the toy box and got an ambulance, that he pushed to the back of our area; but then he wanted to go back out into the traffic areas with it. So I took him out to the front waiting area where he wouldn't trip waitresses or other people while pushing his truck.

I stayed out there with him for a while until he got bored of the ambulance and found a popper truck. That was small enough to play with on the table, so I headed back to find everyone else getting ready to leave as they'd finished. The waitress asked if I wanted it boxed and I said that I'd prefer to eat it there. Jet sat in John's lap and played happily with the popper while I demolished the last of my food and drank my cafe au lait. While I ate, John fed Jet another quarter of the biscuit and Jet ate it happily while playing. I think that, maybe, the trick to getting Jet to eat may be feeding him while he's playing instead of insisting that he stay in one particular place while eating.

There wasn't a wait in the front, so the waitress told us to take our time, and so we did. When we finished, we packed up and headed out. Jet was pretty tired and kind of grouchy, but when we got to Safeway, he was still awake and active. So we took him in with us. He got to ride around a lot in one of the truck carts and was content to sit in it far longer than usual. But, as usual, he did get restless eventually, and we got him even more tired by letting him push it as much as he wanted.

When he was strapped back into his seat and the car, he fell asleep as we drove Walt and Cathie to our work place. Jet napped while I read and John took them on a tour of the place. When we got home, Jet woke up, but that was after an hour-long nap. He ate a few thing, we got all the stuff we needed for a swim visit and headed out again, this time to the Longmont Rec center. A great time was had by all for a good couple of hours. Jet improved on his slide climbing and using skills. Eventually he may even get back to going down the big slide! As it was, though, we all had fun and the headed for the Pumphouse Brewery for a snack.

Beer for the big boys, root beer floats for the girls, and a few appetizers for the post-swimming hungries. Jet demanded, "Soup!" from Cathie and I, when he really wanted spoonfuls of ice cream and sips of root beer. That was pretty funny. I have no idea why he decided it was soup. I wonder if it was the spoon or something; but he loved the stuff and ate quite a lot of it while we ate potstickers and nachos. Jet also ate some deep fried rice noodles, and bits of potsticker.

Happier for having had some food we headed back home. There Cathie and Walt got to play with Jet for a good long time before Cathie made some salad and garlic bread out of butter, garlic, and a garlic and cracked pepper bread. It was yummy. Jet ate some pieces of bread, asked for salad, but he wanted to play with the pieces more than he wanted to eat it. He sat in my chair and was much more patient about being with us there, than he was in his seat, so we just traded. I'd be glad to give up my seat for Jet actually sitting in my seat.

We watched some Cirque de Soleil and Jet played hard with everyone. That was good. At 9 John gave him milk, changed him, brushed his teeth and handed him over to Cathie. She took him in the rocking chair and five minutes later falling dead asleep. He'd had a long day, lots of fun, and only an hour's nap, so I have some hope that he'll sleep better tonight.

It's been really cool having Walt and Cathie here. They've been fun, done a lot, and been very gracious guests. I'll be sad to see them go tomorrow.

Joan called in the afternoon to say that Haley's down with Jet's stomach flu. Ugh. She can't seem to hold anything down, and is just throwing up every half a hour. It's bad. So I gave them the same advice we were given and maybe it'll help them out. I can hope. But, in any case, Joan is in no shape to take care of Jet and Haley tomorrow and was sorry for the short notice. John's going to stay home for the morning, and I'll have Jet in the afternoon, so that should be okay. John has some meetings in the afternoon, which he has to go in for. I'll get to concentrate a little, if he takes Jet for the first few hours of the morning. I hope that'll work out okay and I really hope that Haley gets better quickly and that Alex doesn't get it.

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