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January 12, 2003
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Feeding Church, Knitting, and Outback

We packed up all the goodies into the appropriate containers, and then got them all packed into the car. Jet watched with mild bemusement as we're laying out all the goodies at his feet. He liked that.

We stopped at a McDonald's on the way in and both John and I got Value Meals with a biscuit with sausage and egg. I got an orange juice that I shared with Jet, and I gave him the whole of my hash brown. He ate the whole thing happily. He really loves his fried potato products, and he ate it with gusto. That was a lot of food, I thought, but he really out did himself this morning.

When we got there, John took Jet in with all the tools for the tables. He also got the big cooler. I got everything else, and as soon as I hit the kitchen, I prepped trays and trays of food. John and Jet worked on the tables. I put everything out when I was done with it, and John caught some people nibbling, so he got the plastic wrap out when he was done with the tables, and started covering stuff up. Jet managed to poach a couple of donut holes and marched around with one in each hand, munching as he went. Happy kid.

We got everything done before the service started, and it was fun to just settle down and listen for a while. We slipped out at the last hymn, made sure everything, including the coffee was in place, and then the hordes descended. I think we got just enough of everything, as John only had to go around handing out a few of the molasses cookies at the very end. There were only half a dozen of those left. The one thing that no one ate was the broccoli, and that was easy enough to put away to bring home.

John was great and washed up afterwards, as I chased Jet around the church. We had fun. And as soon as Jet was strapped into his seat in the car, to go home, he was fast asleep.

When we got home, I moaned a bit about whether or not I should go to the knitting group in South Boulder, and finally, I decided to just do it and packed everything into the car and headed out. It was a nice drive by myself.

I, however, was gradually getting a bigger and bitterer headache with every passing moment. I was good during the knitting group and just sat and spun for a good long time. The Scottish cashmere was a dream between my fingers. I love that stuff. I really enjoyed the spinning, but when my fingers started going numb, again, I got up and got a snack, stretched a bit and felt much better for it. For some reason, my knitting doesn't aggravate my hands, but spinning definitely does aggravate it badly.

My headache was getting worse too. For all that I love talking with Debbie and I really enjoy spinning, I have a really terribly difficult time sitting in a room full of women and talking with them and listening to the things they talk about. It's just hard. I don't know what to comment on, I don't know what to say half the time, and I don't know if I even should be saying anything at all. So I just play dumb and stay mouse quiet and get a bigger and bigger headache. Oops.

I got stuff done, though, which was nice.

By the time I got home, though, I was getting a hell of a headache. It hurt to breathe. So I downed a few Tylenol and water and then we headed out to the Outback because there was no way in heck I was going to be able to cook. John was very, very accommodating, and it was really nice to just go out and have fun.

Jet was happily occupied by the crayons, a coloring book that they gave him, and then by having a couple of train toys to drive over the things he'd drawn. He ate some bread, ate some croutons, and ate one of the coconut shrimp we'd gotten him. We liked them enough to clean up the leftovers after our own dinner. Still, Jet also ignored the French fries too, so I guess he just wasn't that hungry.

I had the rack of lamb made into chops, and it was much, much better that way. Everything at the Outback is cooked as if it were a steak, even the rack, and sometimes that ends up with a very weird rack of lamb. When I asked them to cut it into chops they treated them like bone-in steaks and they came out beautifully. Medium rare through the center, and nicely caramelized on the outside. I liked that a lot. I even ate just half the rack instead of the whole darned thing, and saved the rest for another lunch. I did, however, eat the whole of my roasted sweet potato, after pulling out the huge blob of butter. It was really yummy in and of itself.

The waitress, however, sucked rocks. She forgot our salads, forgot our drinks, and then nearly forgot Jet's shrimp until the last minute, with the dinners. They were supposed to be appetizers and come early so that Jet didn't fall over from being hungry. Not that it mattered that much, as he just wasn't that hungry. Still, it was kind of the principle of the thing. Finally, when we got the bill we were a little mollified as she'd taken the salads off our bill, and half of Jet's shrimp as well. So she made up for the problems she was having.

John was wonderful and took the duty of keeping Jet awake on the way home. I could just hang onto my head and drive. We got there in plenty of time to nurse Jet, give Jet a bath, and tuck him in at his usual bedtime. Mmmm...

My headache got much better with the pain relievers. I took more so that I could sleep at night. I wonder, sometimes, if the reason I didn't used to have nearly as many headaches is because I used to go to CeLena's every two weeks. Now I seem to get them more frequently and far harder. Ouch. It might be worth the money to not have headaches again

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