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January 11, 2003
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Weaning at Night and Quiet Day

11:01 pm: We decided, last night, to wean Jet at night, and I didn't feed him at night. Jet got up three times. I took care of him once, with a bra on and he just couldn't nurse. It worked pretty well. But the morning was a bit rough. Only when it was light out, at 7, did I get up and nurse him. John slept in while I did that, and I baked scones while he slept. Someone called and asked to look at the Range Rover at 1, and I took the note. The scones were still warm when he woke up and we all ate together and planned out the day.

John had already brewed the wort last night, so had to pitch the yeast this morning. I headed down with him and Jet, and I got to spin for a while. After digging up the cashmere yesterday, I really wanted to get somewhere with it, but my hands are aching today. I have been typing a lot for work and having spun a bit yesterday, my hands were aching. That wasn't a good thing. It was, however, a good thing to find that my hands remembered how to spin.

I think that some of it was that I've been reading "No Idle Hands", which is a history of knitting and spinning in the U.S. and it speaks of all kinds of people spinning and knitting every day for their whole lives. Of course, they weren't typing or writing reports on computers, either. So it's a very different type of thing. Lots of life interrupts, which spinning and knitting take well.

When I was done with that, and Jet was done trying to dismantle my spinning wheel. I finally put the flyer and bobbin up on a high shelf so he just couldn't reach them. We went upstairs and nursed and we both napped. Precisely at 1, I heard the doorbell, the rumble of feet, and the bang of the front screen door closing. Jet woke up, too. We nursed until he woke up in the bedroom.

When we were done, everyone had gone and John made us lunch. Jet ate half a sandwich, and drank juice. I guess he was hungry.

We headed out, then, to the church, first, to try and build some leaning tables. The hardware there was the wrong stuff, so we got as far as we could and then headed out again to get stuff to finish them tomorrow. Home Depot had the right length screws. We then hit Safeway to stock up for the week, and then went home.

A bunch of the stuff we got at Safeway was for the snack time at church tomorrow. John had signed us up, and I figured it was a great chance to make lemon bars. I used the recipe in The Best Recipe, and the lemons from my Mom and Dad's garden. They turned out sunny yellow, tart, and crisp of crust. I really loved how they turned out.

Dinner was just pot roast, mashed potatoes, and peas. Satisfying food. John made cookies while I cut up cantaloupe, watermelon, and used a pizza cutter on the lemon bars. When we had everything packaged up and ready to go, we concentrated on getting Jet to sleep without nursing. He took a while, and we took a while getting to sleep, too. I really need to go to bed earlier when I have this dawn feeding to do after a night without nursing

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