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January 17, 2003
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Rec. Center and Thai Restaurant

6:41 pm: I'm noting a lot of this while I'm sitting here in a Thai restaurant, waiting for the food. It's kind of frustrating, as we know that the food here is really good, but the service has been really, really slow. They haven't even gotten the soup to us, yet, and Jet's getting restless.

Yes. That is, entirely, like The Natives Are Getting Restless. It bodes ill for the waitress' tip and the restaurant's peace.

Today was a day. I worked. I had meetings. We all lunched together. Joan was great and gave us extra time by taking Jet early this morning. I don't know if I'll survive them, though, as with Jet having to get to Joan's by 8, I have to get up by 7, and it's killing me, gradually. We'll see how well this works in the long run, but it's getting John the hours he really needs.

My medium Lamy arrived in the mail today. The solid blue one that I don't have to worry about staining with any kind of ink. I got it as a contrast to the extra fine Lamy that Kathy got me. I love the extra fine precision, but there's something good about being able to use as much ink as possible in as little time as possible. I have so many bottles of ink that I've forgotten how many I have, not to mention the half a dozen Parker refills that can fill these Lamy's pretty easily.

So I got a medium point, and it's thick and rich, and the nib is just a bit flexible, so I'm really enjoying using it. I love test driving a new pen, though, admittedly, inking a new pen is a bit like driving a new car off the lot. It immediately loses a huge amount of monetary 'value'. Maybe that's why I love doing it so much.

By mid-afternoon, I was getting restless. Joan had told us that she wanted to go the Longmont Rec Center with us today, so we didn't go yesterday, and I am feeling the lack of exercise, amusingly enough. We loaded up the van with recycling, and took it in, first.

At the front desk they sell swim goggles, and I wanted to do something more than just wade around with Jet, since we weren't able to do the workout stuff upstairs today. So I decided to buy a pair of goggles and do some laps. It took me a while to try them out and see if they might work, and I finally found a pair that I really liked and bought them to the mild exasperation of the clerk who opened one pair only for me to reject them for a crease in the rubber molding. I finally asked her to open one more pair, and since there wasn't a crease, I bought them.

They worked wonders. I've never been happy with swimming laps because I'm always mildly afraid of whanging into the walls, and with the goggles the underwater view was as clear as anything. I really enjoyed that. The only problem was that I was doing the old panic while swimming in deep water thing because I could SEE how deep it was. I would swim like crazy to get to the other side, be completely breathless, and have to take a long break before the next heart pounding sprint. Eek.

It got so bad I could feel my heart just hammering from how hard I was going, and I was taking about half the time a leisurely old man was taking for his laps. The water aerobics classes have certainly built up my swimming muscles and my speed, but I really didn't want speed. I tried to swim the length of the pool sllllooooooooowwly and it just drove me insane. Finally, I swapped to side stroke and just swam that way. It's somehow easier to go slow when my face isn't in the water. I don't know why, but it was much, much better, and it was still something of a workout.

Then, of course, the kids got to me. Jet was just happy going around and around and around on the slide, and Haley soon followed him. But Alex's friend, Charnay, was used to the Longmont pool and SHE wanted someone to take her down the BIG slides. So John and Joan took her once or twice each. I went down with her five times before I lost my footing at the bottom and couldn't get her up to the surface as quickly as she wanted. So she and Alex and I ended up in the current pool and went around and around and around until John appeared and spotted me.


So I got to watch the little slide for a good long while with Jet dealing quite handily with the Friday flood of kids much bigger than him by either charming the bigger girls into protecting him or by letting the really pushy guys by and sitting back until it was safe. Smart kid.

Whew. The Food Is Finally Here...

The waitress was terribly slow. Jet had crayons, a couple of train toys, and a piece of paper with a paper track, which has, up to this point, been enough.

When the food finally came, though, he settled in and drank a tank of coconut milk soup. He loved it. He ate a big bowlful of basmati rice, and spread half of it around his chair, and then proceeded to throw a fit when we wouldn't let him out of his chair. He Wanted Out. We finished our food relatively quickly, and let him out. He tried to get into the kitchen, and when they kicked him out, we went and watched the giant goldfish.

The waitress got the hint, gave us our bill and we went out into the cold, night air.

John kept him awake on the way home, and he was happy for the last bits of the evening, eating some popcorn and some ice cream, and when it was time for bed, he went willingly. Tired boy.

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