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January 18, 2003
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Costco Run

I didn't get up until late. Tired. I was just really tired from the last week, and I needed it. When I did get up, I made a huge, apple pancake for John and Jet and I and we all dug in with some turkey bacon. Jet munched down the turkey bacon happily, and didn't touch the pancake. He likes regular pancakes, usually, but I think this one just looked too weird for him.

I had gotten up so late, that Jet wanted to nurse almost right after breakfast, so I nursed him. I used the quiet time to read "No Idle Hands", which is a knitting commentary on American society. It amazes me for how long socks were such a driving force in the American economy. The need for well-made woolen socks made various wars hell or bearable on the men that carried those wars out on their feet.

There was even information on towns that would assess each households ability to produce yarn and woolen hose, and if the household didn't produce that much, each month, the household would be FINED. Woo.

When Jet finished, he wasn't ready to go to sleep. In fact, he woke up, so we went towards Costco and ended up at a new development with a bunch of new houses. We looked around, and peered at all the beautiful new construction, and eyed layouts. It was fun climbing around, poking, and seeing things. Jet went manfully in his little blue and red boots that he loves but are way too small for his feet. He climbed everywhere, walked and walked, and when we got back to the car, his feet were just red from being pinched so hard. So I took them off, and let them air out until we got to Costco. Then I put regular socks and shoes on him, and he didn't fight it at all.

We did some BIG spending at Costco as it's been a very, very long time since we'd been there. Vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, crab, and all kinds of stuff. We just bought. I was really glad to get an office trimmer/cutter, one of the Fiske ones with a rotating blade instead of the guillotine type blades. It just seems safer with Jet around. I need something to cut photos with and it seemed exactly what I needed.

When we got home, Jet was fast asleep, so John got to work in the garage while Jet and I napped together. Mmm... more sleep.

I woke up after just an hour, let Jet keep sleeping, and I started dealing with some of the bounty we'd bought. First I started a bigga for a rustic Italian loaf for tomorrow. It should go with the spaghetti, the various meats or meals, and with fresh pasta really well, too.

Then I gutted five sweet peppers, sliced them, and then sliced another three onions into a pot with olive oil and a bit of salt and just cooked down slowly, for a good hour. Until the whole thing was caramelized and wonderful.

I also cooked a whole pot of Spanish rice, heated up a can of refried (which we'd bought at Costco), and made a pot of red chile sauce and added leftover chicken to it. I cut up avocado, tomato, and lettuce. I grated cheese. Then I pulled out the fresh, refrigerated, uncooked tortillas that we'd also bought at Costco. I heated up my cast iron griddle and cooked the tortillas on it! Then we wrapped everything up and ate it all!

I had a couple of warmed tortillas in a towel. Jet investigated the towel and stole a tortilla from there and ate it, happily. He seems to know what the good stuff is, and he happily ate it.

We had a very quiet evening, and just enjoyed being home and together, and it was very nice after the crazy week. Whew

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