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January 16, 2003
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Tired Day

9:17 pm: A quiet day. John went in. Jet only got up once last night. I stayed at home and worked through the morning and through Jet's two hour nap. He was so tired at Joan's that he kept going to sleep in all kinds of odd positions. He fell asleep while she was changing him, while she was supporting him so that he could jump on the couch, and when he was watching a cartoon.

Joan kept him awake, bless her. So he slept well when he got home and I was able to work.

When he woke up we had lunch, some pasta with old pot roast. He didn't touch it. Instead, he found a block of ramen and ate half of it dry. He ate raisins by the handful. He ate his half a vitamin, too, and asked for more. He likes his Rugrats vitamins a lot. It makes me a little happier about how he eats like a toddler.

He had juice, seltzer, and was willing to forego the milk.

When John came home, we all played for a while. Then I made dinner. There was the last of the pork tenderloin, and I had bought some mango BBQ sauce. So I just slathered it with that, sliced some potatoes and roasted all of it at once. We nuked some frozen corn, and had some salad. Jet didn't eat anything until John popped some Kettlecorn. While the night weaning may have solved Jet's sleep patterns at night, they certainly haven't made him eat any more during the day.

It's been a quiet evening. We're going to the Rec Center with the Goodells tomorrow afternoon. I'll like that better as having the water aerobics the day before the other workout was getting a little rough on my joints and muscles. I'll try and get there a bit earlier than Joan and actually get my workout in beforehand. I really liked the weight machines and it should be fun to go and sweat a bit.

It's all infinitely easier with Jet sleeping better at night. I'm very thankful for that.

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