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July 25, 2000
two years ago
three years ago

Fish Check

Had my first, complete check up with Dr. Weinberg today. She's my obstetrician, trained in Seattle, and was the doctor for Joan and Ray Goodell. Joan was very impressed with her, and I pretty much got what I expected. Very competent, very willing to spill great amounts of data at great speed, and very good about through coverage of everything. I really enjoyed interacting with her, even with all the undignified positions I was put in.

John came with me and sat with me through everything. It was very nice just to have him there to observe and absorb information with me. Retention of information has stopped being one of my strong suites, lately. I sometimes don't even really have the short term memory to make conversation.

There was a very thorough physical. Luckily I'd just had a pap smear with the fertility folks, and there was still a complete examination of the entire pelvic area as well as the usual lump check and heartbeat and breathing and all the other indicators check. Thorough. She tried to get a heartbeat with a little microphone, but since my uterus is tilted, the machine couldn't quite listen through all the other stuff, so we did a little ultrasound just to see that it was there, and the heart was beating. The tiny flashes of motion were suddenly completely interrupted as the two inch creature suddenly flipped within it's watery environment. It was so much like a fish, a flash of motion, darting in the depths.

That was very keen.

We then wandered down to the lab to give them the urine sample and then get my blood drawn for a slew of tests. There were five test tubes that had to be filled and by the time we were done I was mildly lightheaded. Not as bad as after a pint donation, but I could still feel it, surprisingly. My goodness.

Some of the things she went through included the fact that we had to go through amniocentesis, to make absolutely sure the kid didn't have any chromosome defects. She also went through a huge list of advice about diet, new habits, and exercise, that were all very keen, detailed, and useful, especially when I asked questions. Tums are now added to the diet, just concentrated calcium and after eating a ton of them while I was on the Machine, it seemed very comfortable to add them. Also probably need to get up and walk more often so my legs don't get so congested after a day at a desk.

She also relieved all my fears about traveling during the holidays. I can't. Once I'm into my third trimester, she'd rather I was here and close to the hospital and just not go elsewhere and never be out of the reach of a hospital. Simple. Sadly, this means that we won't get to John's family reunion at Christmas, but John was actually okay with that. We'll deal.

Lots of logical stuff and stuff we'd wondered about. I can still have warm bathes, thank goodness. Just nothing really hot in either the bath or shower phase. Also at 20 weeks, the womb will be heavy enough to cut off my veina cava, the vein that carries blood to the heart, if I lie on my back. Luckily, I sleep on my side, normally, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Though the suggestion of putting a pillow under my right side to keep me tilted towards the left was a very useful one. Even a bit of tilt to that side, given that the vein runs on the right side of the spine, is enough.

Lots of odd things that can be strangely dangerous. You'd think a natural process wouldn't be filled with so many hazards, but I guess that's why the human body, mostly, does it all so very well, natural selection's already taken out all the things that would make this weird, long-drawn, delicate and terribly robust and oddly whacky system break. It's just all so odd.

Anyway, left with a mostly clean bill of health, and feeling completely poked and prodded and examined, which was just tiring on the most part. But the visibility of that single flicker was just so awesome. Creation in action.

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