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July 23, 2000
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Quiet Weekend

Got to see X-Men, yesterday, with Bob and Mai and Andrew as well as John. We had a blast, and I really, really enjoyed the movie a lot as it's very close, in spirit at least, to the comicbooks series. All of the characters behaved within the parameters I'd known them as, and I really enjoyed how they portrayed the various abilities. I loved how Wolverine turned out, eventhough he is a little too tall.

Andrew and Rosty rode together, afterwards, as we went to a really big all-you-can-eat Italian restaurant that has a good dozen stations of various types of food. I went with Bob and Mai so that I could point out which way to go. Bob and Mai have only been here a month, so it was a good thing to always take them to new places, so that they could discover, more quickly, what is available around here. They got to see the Borders, the Eagle/Lowes, the various clothing stores, restaurants, and other things in the complex. So that was keen.

Dinner was much fun, and I ate a bit too much in one sitting. I seem to be all small meals now, just constantly, though. A snack here, a snack there, and when I try to eat a 'full meal' I get way too full, so I don't usually eat so much at my meals.

John and I had fun talking about the movie when we were home. He'd never read the comicbooks so it was fun going through a lot of the history and how I understood the characters from when I used to read the books. I had fun sharing a lot of that old, old obsession.

A usual weekend of errands, shopping, some cooking, and stuff. Fezzik was limping, though, so we skipped on his walk, which is going to make him hurt next week, I'm sure. But I am thinking it might be good to take him for short walks during the week to see if we can't make the conditioning not so terribly lost. I need walks more frequently than I'm getting them. I really do need to exercise a little bit more, as the biking has made me really not happy in two ways. First, I run out of energy really quickly, and secondly it's playing havok with my digestive system. I really dislike that, and the problem is that I need to eat far too frequently to give my body digesting time before riding and then needing to eat again at a time when my body's cooled down. It's just painful.

John got the shelves for the incredible sound system he put on the home theater we have downstairs. The sound is just utterly awesome, especially for my special version of The Matrix DVD. It's just mind-bogglingly good.

I don't really seem to be doing much with my weekends. Sleep 12 hours when I can, nap when I can, lose a lot of time that way, but my body seems to demand it, especially since I can't nap during the week. It seems like I'm in constant sleep deprivation even when I feel like I really should be getting enough sleep, but it really isn't ever enough.

Well, they say this'll end in a few more weeks. I'll hope.

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