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July 10, 2001
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Big Thunderstorm

3:08 pm: Jet had a great night last night. It was really funny. I woke up at 1:30 and blinked, as Jet hadn't gotten up since we put him down and I didn't know what to do with myself. The storm finally hit, then, lots of wind just roaring around, and through the house. John woke up, too, from all the sound of the wind, and he giggled with me when I said I felt like I had to be doing something...

Jet was asleep in his crib, and he stayed that way until exactly 2. I fed him, with one of the frozen bags of breastmilk as well as what he got off of me, and he plunked right back to sleep. Simple. Easy.

The surprise was when he woke up at 5, wanting to eat. John took care of him, giving him four ounces of formula and then tucking him back into bed again. He stayed asleep until 7 and only woke up enough to play with his toys. I got up and pumped. We were planning on using breastmilk again tonight, because the results had been so good with the breastmilk last night. I got six entire ounces, while Jet only ate three of formula at the same time, so that was quite the gain.

Jet refused to eat any more than that all the way up to the time he left for Joan's. So I was mildly worried, but not too badly. He seemed pretty content on the way over. John took him to Joan's on his way to work, so I had a few extra minutes before I wanted to start working. So I decided to pump since there had been an hour or so since the last pumping.

I got another two ounces, and filled the two sacks I'd made with the first pumping up to four ounce feedings. So we got two feedings from one morning. We have another four onces from two days ago, so we're set for like three days. That was pretty cool. I also figured that in the middle of the night feeding, I really should be using formula as it seems to get him to last longer for the latter part of the night.

It could all be coincidence, of course, but it might well work.

Work was good. I plowed through debugging the harness under Solaris. There were a lot of things that just didn't work, and a lot of it could be done by adding things or by passing NT specific stuff. There was enough of it that I made a few other enhancements that I wanted to do to the old code, too. Of course, all that change made just that much more debugging work.

It didn't help that the Solaris version of the command line interface wasn't nearly as tested as the GUI has been. There seem to be a lot of mild problems that are getting in the way of even the easiest stuff.

Jet ate before my meeting and then settled for a nap very easily at the start of my meeting. That was cool. I had quiet time to actually listen in on the meeting and participate. I liked that, it's eaiser than when I'm trying to watch him while he's playing or fussing.

It seems that by putting him on the bed in the cool bedroom with two pillows on either side of him makes it really easy for him to nap. He seems to nap far better in this setup than in his crib, and if he can get good naps in early during the day then he does far better in the evening and can last long enough to fall asleep hard when he does.

I could actually see the cycle today. He ate after waking up from being at Joan's, then we played and played while I ate some Foster Farm's chicken corn dogs with mustard. He was supremely happy, laughing and bashing things when they got in reach. Jet also did really well with trying to sit up with a little support, and swayed wildly only when he was waving his arms around from enthusiasm

Eventually he'd have alternating periods of being really happy and being really grumpy. He started chewing everything in sight, but when I settled to nurse him he'd get mad and kick and hit and scream. So I'd set him down to play some more, and we did a few round of that before he finally got really violent, so I took him over to the exercise ball and bounced him a little while he was feeding. He immediately rolled his eyes up in his head and half fell asleep, and instead of going completelyto sleep, he nursed steadily and hard. Then he was a snap to put down to his nap.

I've seen a lot of these signs before, but didn't know what to do. Now I seem to. Of course, he'll probably change again in a month or so, but, for now, it's useful to know what to do.

10:08 pm: Jet slept for an hour, nearly for all of my meeting. So that was really good. He woke up yelling, and I cuddled him, changed him and pretty much had it on 'mute' while they were finishing up the last of it.

He nursed for a few minutes before getting off kind of restlessly. So, instead of nursing, we played. He got to practice sitting, and he's doing really well with it. Still a little drunken, but he is getting the general idea of trying to keep his balance and even a little of what it takes to balance with his hands as support.

At 4:30, he started squawking again, so we tried nursing again and he got on and off for about two minutes and then latched on for real and stayed on until well after John came home.

John went out to check on the Stoat and found that one set of brakes really was leaking. He took Jet's excer-saucer out into the garage, and then settled Jet out there with him while he worked on the Stoat. I could hear Jet's yells of joy and surprised squawks when he rocked the whole saucer. John worked away and gave me the time to work.

I found out that the problem was one of the communication programs required a 'window' to work. Since I wasn't running XWindows on my PC to get control of Buttercup, my Solaris machine, I wasn't able to open windows. I think I should probably add a section of 'problems I ran into and had to fix before things worked' to my documentation. There's an environment variable I had to set specially on Solaris that wouldn't normally be found on a UNIX machine, and a bunch of other small things that I had to do to get things to work.

After I was done with that, it was more than an hour later and I heard John and Jet down in the livingroom. John had Jet on his tummy, sitting up with some help, John's hands were on Jet's arms helping him balance himself. It was really fun to watch, especially since John was messing with Jet's balance a bit by making his tummy go up and down with a cool little song that Jet just beamed at. Then again, Jet might have been laughing at the bumps up and down.

Jet still has the coolest smile. It's just a huge grin that's just 100% joy, he just lets loose with that grin and with his bark of a laugh and it's really infectious.

I was thinking about it today and I think that I haven't smiled as much as i've smiled with Jet for quite some time. For all that there's all the responsibilty, care, and all the work when he's unhappy and all that it's very much worth the times when he's so happy and makes me very happy as well.

When Jet was done we went out for dinner, as John was missing one part, and we were all really hungry. So we went up to Longmont and Deli Cioso's and I had three Mexican style tacos with carnitas, adobada, and machaca, i.e slow cooked pork, spiced and grilled pork, and slow roasted and pulled beef. All on whole corn tortillas with lots of cilantro, fresh onions, and tomatoes. Yum. John got two beef tacos with beans and rice and was very happy with that.

We then dropped by two autoparts stores, and at both places, the help said that they didn't have the part and couldn't help John out.

At the first place, I was with Jet in the car. He was happy enough at first, but then got really fussy. So I got out, checked up on him, and, since he'd already had a poopy diaper today, I stuck a finger into his cover to check on his humidity. Dave Barry calls it the perilous dipstick method. Dave had some idea of the consequences. Jet usually only has one poopy diaper a day; but this was a surprise. Yuck...

I had to find the wet wipes one-handed, and then I dealt with the messy and hazardous job of changing a gooey diaper on the car seat. I did have the changing pad under him to relieve some of the hazards. John eventually came out and helped deal with the debris.

Jet seemed much happier, and we went on to the second place; but this time I said we were taking him in with us. He loved looking at all the things on all the shelves. I guess basic shelf marketing strategy works well with babies. He looked at all kinds of things, and when John was told they didn't have the part, John came over to where we were and looked a bit more anyway. I had to set Jet down as he and his car seat together are a bit too heavy for me to hold indefinitely. Then John found the thing he was looking for right above Jet's seat!! That was pretty funny.

Instead of going home we headed for a Diary Queen on the way home. On the way out, there had been a clear spot right at the house. To the north and to the south the sky had been filled with rain and covered in thick clouds. When we first got into Longmont at Deli Cioso's, it was raining there, when we came out it was partially clear, and by the time we hit the Dairy Queen it was clear again. The clear spot was following us.

So we were able to eat our ice cream outside, on the picnic tables. We were treated to a spectacular lightning show. Huge forks, wide nets, long running sheets, thick bolts, and wide cracks of lighning fell to either side of us, as the wind slowly started to pick up. By the time we were finishing our ice creams it was getting cool enough to make eating ice cream a bit more uncomfortable, and the first drops of rain started to fall.

We piled into the Baby Buggy and headed for home and right into the thick of the storm. The rain was falilng so hard the windshield wipers could just keep up. People were pulling to the side of the road, more of them than there ever were in a snow storm. I guess they just don't deal with precipitation here at all well. Jet made the last few minutes really interesting by deciding he was never going to get home, and started just crying at the top of his lungs.


We ran into the house with Jet. I pulled him out and tucked him into my arms and offered him nursing and he settled in with a sigh. He really liked where he ended up and was soon smiling at me and wiggling to get closer to the fuzzy blanket that John ahd thrown over both of us as we were both fairly damp from just the run into the house.

John closed stuff up, mopped up puddles, and disposed of the diaper debris from the car change. He is really, really great. I am so glad of him. He then went into the garage with his new tool and figured stuff out for his nxt steps. In the meantime, I asked him to heat up more frozen breastmilk for Jet's final feeding, and Jet not only ate all of one package, but most of another as well. So much for one per day.

It's been so long since Jet ate more than two ounces for his last feeding that it's giving me hope again. He drank four ounces yesterday and got about four and a half into himself today. It's been a while, as he just doesn't seem to chug the formula the way he does the breastmilk. We'll see how he does tonight.

I got to write a bit after he pretty much just passed out. I drank a mug of warm milk and then went to sleep myself. Passing out feels like a good thing to do in the very much cooler house. Whew...

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