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July 16, 2001
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Bigger Diapers

Exhausting day. I woke up tired because Jet hadn't gotten up until 4, and then proceeded to stay awake for his feeding and then for another at 5:30, and then just kind of stayed up until John was up at 6:30. It was entirely unexpected, both staying asleep that long and then being that bouncy about sleeping afterward.

John was up and out the door by 7 for his all-day off-site. Since he's going to be working two rather long days, he's going to get some shorter days the rest of this week. Whew. But for at least today and tomorrow it's going to be a pretty rough thing. He's arraigned with Joan to take Jet today for four hours, and possibly tomorrow for this much, too. Then on Wednesday he'll take care of Jet himself in the morning and bring him to work with him at 2, so that I can go to a 1 o'clock meeting at work. I will probably call in for it next week, but for this week, this will work.

Still, I had to be up to watch the wakened Jet while John was away, so I was up and baking the sticky rolls while Paul was still tiptoeing around and finishing some work. Boy, telecommuting is such a cool thing. They're doing this six month long road trip and he can still work and get paid from anywhere. They did stir and then get up and eventually we all sat down to have breakfast around 8:30.

The rolls turned out well. The results I got down in Seattle happened up here as well, with less yeast. There was the low level alcohol yeasty scent from the long refrigerator rise, and the tender texture as well as the crisp edges of the caramelized brown sugar with a bit of corn syrup was really good, a bit less sweet and stuck well to the rolls. All the Brownlows even sat down to breakfast and ate away happily.

I gave Jet a snack before we left for the Goodell's, and he didn't have the attention span to deal with eating. So I just took him right over and told Joan what a weird day he was having. She understood and took him with the warnings and some knowledge of what he might want to do.

I went home and worked on my presentation, with small interruptions to say good-bye to the Brownlows, to pump after two hours, and then when the Brownlows came back to look for something Isabel had lost, I got to talk for a while with Isabel. She asked why I had Jet on my monitor, and where was he, and to tell me that no, he wasn't somewhere else.

I was patient. Tired, but patient.

They couldn't find the part to Isabel's toy. So they finally had to leave. I said that I'd send it after them if we did find it.

By then it was useless to even think of napping. I had about ten minutes. So I made myself some lunch, ate it fast, and then went to get Jet.

Joan said he'd done really well. Yay! A nap and time to play and all kinds of things. He ate steadily when presented with the opportunity and then drank more two hours later. Joan had had to dilute things a little because there wasn't enough powder left, so he'd looked at her funny with the second bottle. So when we got home, he was very happy to be presented with the opportunity to nurse.

I had my four hours, so I just could relax and play with Jet. That was good. Also , when I got home, the diaper service had come and gone. Last week, John had called about changing sizes on Jet's diapers, as his present diapers were supposed to only be for babies up to 13 pounds. Jet's more than 16 pounds and his wraps were getting pretty tight.

The new diapers and wraps look *huge* on him; but also much more comfortable than his old ones. They go all the way up to his chest, which is pretty funny compared to his smaller ones. I went through the last of the little diapers we had tucked here and there. A few were upstairs, some were in the diaper bag, and two were still in our diaper dispensing holder. Then we got to use the big ones, and boy, were they big.

Still, they looked far more comfortable, and they were far better able to handle the loads Jet had. Which was really, really nice.


John didn't get home until nearly 6, as I'd asked him to go to the grocery store and get juice and a few other things. It as nice to not have guests and just eat leftovers. We had the last of the enchilada casserole, and I added a third of the sweet corn leftovers, in part to extend the leftovers and in part because we had to eat the sweet corn. It worked really, really well, the sweetness and crunch of the sweet corn against the soft savoriness of the corn tortillas that had soaked up all the enchilada sauce, meat juices and cheese. Yum.

Best of all it was dinner in five minutes. Whew.

It was a nice evening. Though it got cooler far later, and there weren't any storms or rain. Drat. I miss the rain of last week. It was, of course, also much dryer.

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