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July 29, 2001
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Three B's and a Hunan Garden

9:46 pm: A much more laid back day today than yesterday. We mostly were home, and I slept a whole lot today, in part to make up for last night and in part to make up for the last week. It's been a long week, especially with the things that have been happening at night.

He didn't get up until 2 am, and then was up pretty much every hour. He went back to sleep with a few bounces on the odd hours, and I fed him on the evens, until he got up around 7 or so. I figure Jet really needed the extra nursing to make up for the stress of not getting regular feedings yesterday. John had done all the bouncing him and putting him right back to sleep, so John wasn't too badly off. He took him from 7 on and fed Jet solids and formula while I slept until 8:30. I got a good long shower, and for all that Jet had had formula and solids, when we started eating our breakfast, he started to make 'I want to eat sounds.'

John had made a wonderful breakfast of waffles and sausage with plenty of blueberry yogurt and I had butter and honey on one serving. It was a really wonderful breakfast. Jet nursed while John cut up my portions and we ate well enough. I then settled on the couch for the rest of Jet's feeding, and when he was done, we went off to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

So, Bed, Bath and Beyond, in Atlanta, Georgia, is where Alton Brown goes for all his 'hardware', i.e. kitchen goodies. They have all the quirky things he uses, from the salt cellar to the specific mixing bowls, to measuring cups that don't sag or bend badly. He found his cast iron skillet, his pressure cooker, and all kinds of other stuff there with the help of M, the lady that does all the gadgetry.

Sadly, the one in Westminster didn't quite live up to the one on TV. They didn't have the measuring cup that you can push stuff out of and they certainly didn't have the Oxo spice grinder. They seemed to have everything else Oxo, though, so I asked at the front desk if they had it. They thought the silly looking ball grinders were the Oxo ones, and I disabused them of the notion, gently. Maybe they'll actually mean it when they ask 'Did you find everything you wanted today?' Then again, they might not.

It did have a bunch of stuff, though, that we wanted and even needed. From a side table for the rocking chair to a stainless steel spoon holder to keep the countertop clean; from a pastry brush to heavy duty dishwashing gloves; and even oven mitts in the color of our kitchen. So we got a bunch of stuff we'd wanted for a while. That's good. And we did it in plenty of time to get Jet home and feed him again without him getting too fussy. That was even better.

Lunch was the whole wheat bread I'd made yesterday, and it had turned out pretty good, but not quite what I wanted. It had the nutty texture and chew of whole wheat, and a fairly crisp crust, but the interior was mildly too dense for me. It was definitely more how I think of whole wheat bread, rather than how I think of crusty, tender French bread. The recipe had said that if I put more than a 1/3 of a cup of whole wheat, it would compromise the texture a bit and if it were more than a cup then it would compromise the crust. So I am going to have to try it with only a 1/3 of a cup instead of a whole cup of whole wheat flour. So see if that is enough to give me the taste and color I want without messing with the texture.

We had the bread with some of the good, white cheddar toasted on top and John also sliced one of the really ripe tomatoes and we just ate it sliced on top of the toasted cheese. It was really yummy.

Jet went to sleep during the feeding after lunch, and so I put him down in the bedroom, and then ran off to the kitchen store in Lafayette, in the vain hope that they'd have either the Oxo grinder or the funny measuring cup. They didn't have either. I know that the Peppercorn has both. I actually don't really need either of them, as I've done just fine without them this long. So it's kind of just cool to anticipate getting them some day.

I also didn't want to go all the way into Boulder, while John had Jet, and John was trying, pretty hard, to get the garage plans together for review by the neighborhood architectural review committee. It's not so much a review for tastefulness, as it's a review to see if the out building meets FAA requirements. I was so glad, when we first moved here, that the covenants were really practical ones rather than aesthetic ones that could be ruled arbitrarily by taste. All the covenants we have are pretty much measurable and are required for safety reasons, given the air strip.

John still had to submit the plans, and it didn't hurt to have the plans for all the folks that he was contacting about building them building. They would have a much better idea of what he wanted and where he wanted it with the plans in place.

So I cheerfully entertained Jet, and played with him and he played back. I was very glad that after the stress of yesterday, he was back to his cheerful, playful self. He was still pretty tired, after getting up so often last night, so at 3, he and I nursed and napped until 4 or so, and then John was pretty much finished with his plans, so he came down, took Jet, and I went back to bed for another hour. That felt so good.

Jet is doing this really hilarious face, now. He started doing it seriously yesterday, and he continued with it today. He sucks in both lips, really hard. That's it. He just sucks them in and looks at you and when he started to laugh he keeps his lips sucked in and I can see the laughter crinkling his eyes, and he's just fighting not to laugh out loud so he can keep his lips sucked in.

Jet looks like a little, old, toothless man when he does it. A very jolly little guy to be sure, but it really looks so funny. I guess he's figured out he gets quite a reaction when he does it, so he keeps doing it, or else he just likes how it feels. That's pretty funny.

Jet ate at 6 and the world outside was getting no cooler. It was in the high 90's today, a real scorcher. Even in the morning, when we went out. it had already passed the 90 mark. So we'd spent most of the day hidden in the AC'ed house. I had no desire to cook, and when I'd done my cook shop run, I'd seen a restaurant called Hunan Garden just next to the place, so we decided we'd try the place out.

Jet slept on the way there, and he woke up while we were ordering. He looked really tired, and just lay in his car seat, leaned up against the side of it. He looked pretty content. We ordered a few dishes, to taste various things, and see how they did on the basics as we regarded basics. A Mongolian beef, a kung-pow fish, and a crispy duck were ordered along with hot and sour soup and potstickers. The hot and sour soup and the potstickers were really good. The soup was actually pretty spicy and nicely sour. The potstickers were obviously hand made from the texture of the wrapping, and the filling was very tender and tasty. they really reminded me of the potstickers at the Golden Wok, which were good enough that I'd order just that and the lo mein for a comforting dinner.

The rest of the meal was a little more disappointing, but it was definitely edible. The kung-pow fish was unexpected, I'd never heard of the dish being done with fish, especially deep fried fish; but they did it and they actually did a fairly good job. The extra vegetables were a mild surprise in the dish as well; but I actually liked what they'd done with it and really liked having the vegetables. The Mongolian beef was pretty much everything I expected out of the dish, and not much more than that. The crispy duck was a real disappointment. It was boneless duck that had actually been lightly breaded and deep fried! Aiee... the flesh was really dried out and the skin, under the breading, was soggy. That was pretty sad.

Still, I would come back for the potstickers and I wanted to try the noodle dishes. We got a to-go menu as it's on one of the ways we can take back home.

Jet got kind of antsy by the end of the meal. He was playing with John's spoon, and sucking on it vigorously. By the time we got him in the car, he was complaining, and I found that he really wanted to suck on my finger, so I pulled his binky out of his diaper bag and gave that to him. Thing is that while he has the motor coordination to hold the binky, he didn't have enough to get the right end/side/piece in his mouth to make for satisfactory sucking. Oops.

He actually got really frustrated with it and flung it against the back seat! I was amazed by that. I then gave him my finger, and once he got good suckage going he quieted down. I didn't know it, but he actually fell asleep while sucking strongly on my finger. When we got home and I unplugged myself, we found him asleep. We got him inside and he woke up, keening.

So I nursed him for about ten minutes, and then changed him into a dry diaper, and settled him in my lap as John fed him from a jar of peaches. Jet really liked them, but he was tired enough to take them pretty slowly. He ate half a jar before he got tired of it, and then got to play with the spoon. He happily sucked on that while John got a bath ready.

He got his bath, cleaned out all the crud around his neck and everywhere else. He had been pretty sweating the last few days, and his scalp had been starting to protest all the sweat build up. So we got him good and clean, and into a sleeper and then he wanted to play with Dad for a good fifteen minutes before he got tired again. This time he got to nurse uninterrupted.

Thing is that on his left cheek he had a rash from about his hair line to about mid-cheek and then red to his chin. We both hoped that he wasn't allergic to the peaches. Still, I hadn't wiped that high with the cloth, and when we checked the rest of his body, he didn't have any rashes anywhere else, which is mildly unusual for a food allergy. It's likely that he might have rubbed against John's cheek or something, rather than the peaches being the cause; but we still have half a jar, so we can wait until everything clears up and then try them again to see if there is any real problem with them.

Scientific principles... still it was kind of sad to see the rash. Nice thing was that Jet didn't seem to mind at all, so it may not bother him tonight.

I'll hope.

He ate well enough off of me, completely refused the bottle, and passed right out going up the stairs. So he did go to sleep much more easily than last night. I got to do dishes with my new gloves, and found that it was much more comfortable to wash things under hot water. I also didn't dry the heck out of my hands, and with all the extra dishwashing I do now that we're home so much, that, alone, is a very good thing for the gloves to give me.

Even after all those naps, I'm still tired... so... good-night.

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