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July 30, 2001
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Running Around Too Much

8:33 pm: A running around type of day. I actually went into Boulder twice today, first for a meeting with the whole development group plus all the other folks from San Jose who were developing along the same lines we were. Secondly for a usability meeting that looks like the group is going to tackle a much bigger job than we used to think we were going to do. I did nearly two hours of driving for two hours of meetings. I am still pondering if it was actually worth it or not. There is some evidence to say that it might not have been worth it.

Jet's pretty crabby right now, which might have something to do with it. He was pretty grumpy all afternoon, and I wonder how much of it had to do with not having his regular schedule or even me around to nurse off of. Then again, it might be good training for him to figure out that it isn't always going to be possible to nap after nursing, only. Or something...

Jet was up at 1:30 and 5:30, which was nice in that there were two four hour stints where he slept. Problem was that I didn't go to sleep at 9:30, when he did. I probably should have. It would have gotten me to feel a lot better today, but I did managed to catch a nap around 2, while he nursed. I guess if he actually napped instead of nursing, I could still sleep while he was sleeping.

Hmm. I seem to have lost my train of thought, yet again.

Ah, yes. The first meeting. It was at 10, so when Jet went to Joan's at 9, I took off. I went to Safeway to pick up baby food and a dozen donuts for the meeting. Since I had the time it seemed to be a good time to do that. I had thought about the fat-free Entimman's coffee cakes; but I hadn't brought a knife or napkins and they're pretty much necessary for the coffee cakes. Donuts seemed to be a well-proportioned single serving alternative.

I got all that and drove on in and I'm glad that I don't usually have to take Arapahoe into town, it's a really busy road, and there was a lot of traffic today. I got there in plenty of time, got the donuts to the meeting and was in plenty of time to settle in and be glad that I was there. It was more of a direction meeting than anything, another start.

I got home at 11:30, after stopping just to fill the Passat up with diesel. It was running on its last four gallons, and when I looked at the gas log it was a mild shock to find that the last time it had been filled was nearly a month and a half ago! My. Nearly 600 miles, too. I was pretty impressed.

John and Jet had done just fine without me, though, really Joan had had Jet for most of the time. John did go and get Jet from Joan's, for the first time in a while, and he really liked getting to see Jet playing in his day care habitat. He also got the story from Joan about how she'd found the one-year-old Haley on the top bunk of her brother Alex's bunk bed. They don't know how she got up there, but she did, safely.

Lunch was leftover food from Hunan Garden. Then I played with and nursed Jet, who was kind of halfhearted because he'd eaten when John got him at 11. For some reason, the left breast is now doing a big, squirting dump when it lets down, and it almost make Jet choke every time it does it. He hates that, and it's making it so that he's preferring the right most of the time. Maybe that'll get things to even out in the long run, but in the short run it's damned uncomfortable.

I had hoped to feed him at 1, but he had absolutely no interest until ten 'til 2, which was when he started crying for food. So I fed him and he napped during the feeding, and woke up refreshed, right at 2:30. I had a meeting at 3, which I'd been told would be okay to bring Jet, but given when he'd eaten, he would probably have wanted food right in the middle of meeting. So, after some debate with John, I left Jet at home and went to the meeting.

Jet did, indeed, eat right at 3:30, and I had a quiet meeting with Bob and Coy and the folks from San Jose. It was actually pretty fun. We went through the second half of the planning stuff, and it was good to be in on the consensus building of what we, as a group, were going to do to help out the products of the company. Lots of cool thought and it even kind of helps that we're in a budget crunch because we were able to think of interesting and cool things we could do for no money at all and a lot of value, instead of falling back on funding for answers.

When I said that I was sad about driving for two hours for just two hours' worth of meetings, John pointed out that I could go to the Munsen's stand on the way back home from the second meeting and get sweet corn for dinner. We already had so many vegetables, at first, I was dubious, but then I thought about it and decided that would be okay.

So I stopped, and they also had some beautiful peaches as well as huge heads of garlic. It's garlic season, and these heads looked gorgeous and huge, so I bought a couple heads for roasting, eventually, and also got three ears of really good, heavy feeling corn. The peaches were good enough that I only got four, as they go bad quick when they're really ripe. Since it's on the way home from work, John can always pick up more.

I got everything home a bit before 5, and Jet and I sat down and he had no desire to nurse. So we quit trying and I put dinner together. The vegetables from Saturday's market were a little worn and a lightly bruised a little, and not really supermarket pretty. They were, however, really dense, fresh and cheap. I peeled off the bits that needed peeling off and cut the red onion in huge pieces, cut two of the zucchini in large chunks, and added a sweet red pepper, also in large chunks. I poured some olive oil over them with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and enclosed them all in a foil packet. I also tossed two of the smaller garlic bulbs I had from Saturday in, also enclosed in foil and dabbed with olive oil. I hadn't wanted the garlic on direct flame, as I didn't want them burned, there is nothing as bad as burned garlic.

We closed it up, tucked it on low flame out on the grill, and let it cook, slowly for half an hour before we started the corn and burgers. We'd had three leftover hamburger buns from the party a month ago, and they were pretty funny. One was regular sized, the other two were kid-sized, so I defrosted one of the hamburger patties, and shaped it into two small patties. Cute burgers.

When all was done, we sat down to a plate filled with vegetables, tiny burgers, and one and a half cobs of sweet corn. The corn was marvelous. In the month since Debbie's pre-wedding party, the corn's filled out really well. The kernels were plump, crisp and super sweet. They were really, really good, and we happily ate them. I gave Jet my half a cob, after I'd eaten the corn off it. It's sweet and safe to suck on as there wasn't anything he could choke on.

Jet was highly dubious. Especially when he first grasped the sticky, slightly gooey cob. He made all kinds of interesting faces, and refused to bring it to his mouth. He usually puts everything in his mouth, but he just wouldn't touch the cob that way. That was pretty funny.

The vegetables turned out great. The zucchini was melt in your mouth tender, and the huge chunks were really yummy. It had picked up some of the sweetness from the red onion and the red pepper had added a little fruity zing to it all. It was really yummy and I was really, truly glad I had abandoned the possibility of adding potatoes to the mix. The potatoes will keep and will be good for other things, like red-skinned mashers some other day with the roasted garlic.

The garlic turned out a little funny because it had steamed instead of roasted. There wasn't any caramelization, but the cloves were buttery soft, and really spreadable. I tucked their packets into the toaster oven until I could smell caramelization and then they came out with a bit of color and a far better texture.

The evening was really weird. I think that with all the meetings and him being fed at all strange times and having the nursing be a fight several times today, Jet was just all mixed up from everything. He really fought being breastfed. Lots of distractions, turning away, yanking. All kinds of things that were just pretty painful. He did, eventually, drink the two ounces of breastmilk that was in a bottle, but he really slowed down near the end of that, so he must have gotten something off me.

It took going into a dark room and bouncing him before he'd settle down at all. He even played, really hard, with John from about 9-9:30! Then I finally took him away from the lights, the TV, and John and Jet dropped off like a stone into clear water. He just fell over without input. We're really going to have to watch that from now on.

I pumped before going to bed, expecting him to get up a lot after all that crazy, mixed-up stuff going on. I also just decided to get ready for bed the moment Jet went to sleep. Eventhough I'd been really energetic this morning, all that driving, the confusion of whether or not I'd take him into work, and all the stress of just dealing with a mildly unusual day, I was exhausted. So I went to sleep at 10:30 and I dropped off just as quickly as Jet, eventhough the house was still so hot.

For some reason, today, the night time didn't really bring any relief from the heat of the day. Usually, the nights are cold enough to make up for the day, but tonight it was really warm. When Jet got up at 2 am it was still 76 degrees outside and warmer in the house. Ugh... I was pretty surprised when Jet hadn't gotten up at all hours, even in this heat. Well, hopefully that means that the heat isn't any type of factor in how Jet sleeps.

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