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July 28, 2001
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Farmer's Market and Wedding

3:42 am: The dense, warm, sleeping weight of Jet against my shoulder is an astonishing thing. He's cuddled in against my body, loosely holding on with spread arms, face nuzzled in against my shoulder. He breaths so softly, I can only feel the gentle motion of his whole body. He's asleep, quiescent after a time of crying when he discovered himself awake, smiling at me while I cuddled him into a good humor, and then sleepy concentration as he nursed quietly off me. He dropped off even as I fell asleep with him.

So now I carry him back up to his bed, and settle him in it, drawing the blanket up that he clutches unconsciously close. His body sprawled in relaxation, his face turned towards sleep, totally blank of all expression and animation, yet his personality is still there in the security of his sleep, in the warmth still on my skin of where he hugged me even half-unconscious...

10:13 pm: A really full day, stacked with things to do pretty much all morning and all afternoon and all evening, too.

It started when Jet got up at 7, and I fed him and we then got everything together and went to the Longmont Farmer's market. It's very different than the Boulder market. We had Jet in his stroller, and the market was a bit smaller than Boulder's, but it concentrated entirely on local farmers and mostly on produce. There was a local honey stand, a stand that sold home-brewed root beer, a cider stand, a soap stand, and one bakery. That was about it for non-produce stands.

We wandered about, and I bought some garlic, we also bought our breakfasts at the bakery stand. Pretty rich, French/European style breads, pastries, and croissants that were really pretty, too. John tasted the peaches from the peach stand and they weren't impressive, yet. It's good when they do offer tastes of their wares. We did get three beautiful, red ripe tomatoes, that were, mostly likely, from local hot houses. The 'natural' season hasn't started, yet, it's still too early. But I don't know if there really is that much of a difference between the hot house tomatoes and the 'natural' ones because the soil up here is so bad to start that they have to treat it and pretty much put every bit of organic material or fertilizer in themselves anyway. If the difference is just that hot house tomatoes don't grow in 'natural' soil, then there's no difference here.

It was on the second round of wandering that I heard a lady at one of the bigger produce booths yell, "A bag of onions, potatoes, carrots, or squash for three bucks!" They had bins of those vegetables out. They were gritty with dirt, a little worn from travel and they weren't the prettiest; but they were all totally ripe and looked really solid. They were all heavy with liquids, which meant they hadn't been picked for long, and they were firm textured. So I got a whole bag, half filled with potatoes, then a few carrots and squash and one red onion fit in as well! Yay! Lots of veggies for cheap. I think I had at least 10 pounds of stuff in the bag. I was pretty happy with that and hugged it to my chest as we wandered about some more as it wouldn't fit into the stroller's cargo area.

The next thing I saw was a stand with farm fresh eggs. The eggs were all sizes, and the lady was selling them by size, a buck for small or medium ones, two for large eggs, and three for jumbos. They were brown, green and white shelled, like the ones that the co-worker used to bring, and they looked really good. Too bad I already had a dozen eggs in the fridge, these wouldn't be any better for sitting around in our fridge. Though it would be cool to have these eggs for eating direct, and the store-bought ones for cooking with, so that the amount of egg in them was predictable.

Then again, she did have the sizing things, so it might have been okay. I'll find out next time we go to the market and don't have a full dozen in the fridge.

I did get a cup of root beer from the guy selling his homebrewed root beer. It was a bit bland, but not bad, and good enough to wet my whistle from all the walking and hauling stuff around. John was hungry by this point, so the three of us went back to the Baby Buggy and hid out in its shade while we ate our bakery goods. We discussed getting more stuff, but decided not to. There was plenty for us for the coming week and it wouldn't get any better with time.

We piled back in and got home in time for Jet to be hungry and that was good. We had a good, relaxing time in the house before we had to get ready for Debbie's wedding, at 2 pm. Jet had his last feeding at 12:30 through 'til 1, and we packed up the diaper bag with formula as well. We didn't know how long the wedding would be, but thought a single bottle should be plenty. We'll know better next time. John dressed in his zoot suit with a Hawaiian shirt instead of the black long-sleeved thing, as it was supposed to be in the upper 90's today and it would have just killed him. I found that I fit into my white dress, but there was absolutely no hope for the long-ago too tight belt. So I just pulled the belt loops and it looked good enough. Jet got put into his red Hawaiian shirt outfit.

Jet slept on the way over, but woke up when we got there, and he settled, sleepily, into John's arms while we went to the church. He looked around a lot, and was totally quiet for the twenty minutes we were there early, while we were talking with all the other people we knew from work, he was just looking around. It was only after the ceremony started that he started talking. And that mostly when no one else was talking. I guess he thought that they were natural pauses in the conversation, so he thought he should fill them. He wasn't raucous, or upset, but he did echo in that big church really well. Luckily, there were a couple other kids as well who were less tranquil than Jet was. So it didn't really matter, and the folks around us said, "Oh, yeah! That was just his way of saying 'Amen!'" So it didn't bother them any.

I was glad of that, too.

The wedding was really nice. Given that it was a Catholic wedding with one of the participants not Catholic it was nice and short with pieces that they chose that they really liked. It actually reminded me, a lot, of the wedding John and I had, which was generic, nice, and not too long. The church was pretty, the homily very generic, and the whole totally inoffensive. It also didn't have the character that the Stampes' wedding or the wedding that I helped Brad and Gretchen with had; but it was nice.

Debbie was beautiful and so happy. Matt was really happy, too, and that lent the whole proceedings the real blessing it needed. The families were pretty ecstatic, and everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time. I guess that's what weddings are really about, all in all. The celebration of a relationship that's gone deep enough to bring the families and friends closer together.

Everyone blew bubbles as the bride and groom made their getaway in their car. We all followed to the reception area, and we gave Sandra a ride over, as she was going to meet Peter and Anika there. There was no way Anika was going to sit through the ceremony without pitching a fit, so they hadn't even tempted fate the way we had.

The reception area was gorgeous. They had a really nice, covered area, for all the guests and food. And out of the sun the heat was bearable. Still pretty oppressive, but bearable. They had two bars which even had root beer from the brewery that was supplying the on-tap beers, and a beautiful and well-stocked buffet. The food was absolutely excellent. What was even cooler was that for the guest gifts, Debbie had put out small pots of herbs!!

She's really into cooking, and it was very much just like her to have live herbs be the guest gift. They were beautifully presented and every place setting had one. I put an ice cube on the dirt of mine, just to keep it hydrated in all that heat.

Jet did great. He visited with Matt for a while, as we got settled, and Matt carried him around while he was talking with people who were all congratulating the groom. Jet grinned at everyone, and was on his best behavior. He played, wiggled, cooed at everyone, and basically was really patient with being held even with all that heat, and did just great. Tom took him while John and I got food, and then Mary had him for a while as we were eating. Eventually, Jet gave his signal that he was tired of being held, so I tucked him into his car seat and he wiggled and played there cheerfully enough and pulled on his jitterbug as people said hi, talked, and ate.

Jenny got to hold him for a while, and she said, afterwards, that her arms were shaking from holding him for as long as she did! I guess my arms are getting gradually stronger as Jet gets gradually bigger. It turns out that Jet's three pounds heavier than Anika, who is two months older. Peter and Sandra said that they were glad she was getting mobile before she got as big as Jet. I could agree, but they're pretty small, too, so John and I haven't had as much trouble with holding Jet or keeping up with his weight as they might have. They're both pretty petite and Anika matches their builds, which is very cool. I guess that's why genetic matches are so useful with kids. They grow into the size of their parents. That argument was very reassuring to Jenny.

It wasn't until 3 that Jet made, "I'm *hungry* noises." I took him out to the Baby Buggy and with the engine on to give us some air conditioning, he nursed sporadically off me. I then made up two ounces of formula and he drank about three quarters of it before refusing to drink any more. I realized, then, that it was a one shot deal. That without the facilities to really clean the bottle, we were pretty much stuck with him having to eat off me if he needed to eat again.

After the long, hot stint in the car, Jet wasn't quite as happy any more. He did okay, and he was getting gradually more and more exhausted. He didn't want to sleep, because of everything going on, but he also was getting crabbier and crabbier and finally, he started just crying every time someone other than me held him. I finally tucked him into his car seat and started rocking him. He fought it, eyes rolling as he would start to drop off, and then opening them wide again. Finally, he dropped off, just as the cake was getting cut.

Mmm... cake. Their cakes were utterly astonishing. The 'white cake' was actually a carrot cake, very tender and moist, with a cream cheese frosting that was not only good to look at but rich and dense to eat. They also had a gorgeous chocolate 'cake', that was actually seven layers of chocolate things, everything from cake to ganache, fudge brownie to cream, and it was all topped with a bittersweet chocolate shell. It was astonishingly dense and rich and wonderful and John got me, probably, the biggest piece they'd cut. Whew! I'm very glad I'm still nursing Jet, or else there is no way on earth or off it that I'd be able to maintain anything even like a reasonable weight with that kind of bombshell.

It was wonderful.

Jet, of course, woke up hungry when the dancing started. A lot of folks were getting ready to leave then anyway, as it was already 6 pm and the sky was starting to darken a bit. I wanted to get home, because we'd been so hot for so long, and Jet was pretty upset from being asked to do all this and go so long. The dress, with the nursing bra and a slip was just really hard for Jet to eat around, and this just wasn't the kind of occasion where I could open up while at the party, so it would have meant another thirty minute exile in the cramped confines of the car. And since it was breaking up anyway, we decided to just go home.

Jet cried for part of the way and then fell asleep.

He ate ravenously when we got home, and I got dressed suitably again. Poor kid. He nursed pretty hard until it was time to go to sleep and he just fell dead to sleep.

It was pretty hot at home, but it cooled off as night happened, that was very nice after the hot day, and I drank a good quart or two of ice water just while nursing Jet. So he may well not be getting as much as he should, either, simply from me being mildly dehydrated. I'd tried drinking a lot at the wedding, but I don't know how successful I was.

I also had the bread dough left from yesterday, and it wasn't getting any better. When it cooled enough outside to actually open the doors and windows, I finally baked the bread. I formed baguettes by hand, and without the special pan, I wanted to see how they'd do on a regular pan. They came out just fine, all rounded and perfect and with a shatteringly crisp crust.

Jet passed out after his last nursing and we tucked him in his crib. I ate a few slices of the still-warm bread with butter and some honey and it was good that way. It was a bit too dense for my idea of French bread, but it was yummy for itself. I'll have to try this again, but with less whole wheat.

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