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July 1, 2002
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11:02 pm: There are moments when I wonder what it is like to be Jet.

This evening, while John was in the midst of sorting through an entire crate of pictures and Jet had asked to come up to my lap two times to get involved. Jet liked flipping through the albums, but was rougher than I really liked. So I had to try and distract him with something else twice, already. So the third time he tried to get into my lap, he brought his sneaker with him.

It was pretty hard getting the shoe onto him, but then he went and got the other sneaker as well. I was mildly surprised by that. When both shoes were on, he walked over to the sliding screen door and asked to go out by calling out to me. I blinked mildly. I opened the door, he went right out. I followed him and carried him down the stairs and he took off. I just followed him.

It was dark by then. It was cool enough that we'd opened up the house.

The two of us quietly wandered around the yard. It was the dark side of twilight. Jet stumbled a little over the clumps of grass and weeds, but he happily wandered about the back area for a while, and when I encouraged him to head for the stairs he complied. I was very happy with that and let him climb the stairs. At the top, though, was the roughest step. So I just picked hi up and carried him over that. We then walked around the house to the front stairs and Jet indicated that he wanted down by pointing and looking at me.

So I carried him down and he headed across the flagstones. He cheerfully danced on one of the larger stones. It was a little loose, so he took great joy in stomping on alternating sides and getting it to teeter totter to either side. I giggled and watched.

He headed down the path and across the driveway into the trees and ground cover. I wasn't in any mood to go too far into that, and in absolutely no mood to head across the street. So I picked him up a couple of times and headed him in the direction I wanted to go. It took three tries and then Jet decided he didn't want to fight me about it. So we headed back towards the house for a while. Jet then headed towards the garden shed. So we went that way until he started out into the rough, again, behind the shed.

It was so dark by now that I wasn't too happy about being able to see where we were going. I picked him up and headed towards the house. Jet didn't protest at all. He just cuddled in and chirped when we went in to the kitchen again. He nursed and just stayed awake, so John was great and gave Jet a bath while I watched some TV and wrote.

I had Jet for the whole day. John's going to be at work every day this week, filling in for his boss, who's going to be out for a month. Various people are taking a turn at filling in for his boss, and John thought he might as well do the short week. We're going to be gone for a lot of the rest of the month his boss is gone, so it's fair for us to do this now.

It was a mildly rough reintroduction to taking care of Jet, especially when he refused to nap when he got home and nursed, first thing in the afternoon. It also didn't help that it got to 103 during the day, here. Ugh. We just stayed inside in the air conditioning, watched some TV, played with all the toys, and Jet learned to ride his Radio Flyer four wheel push cycle.

He first rode it backwards. Just pushing with his feet and getting somewhere with it. It's an indication of how much better his balance has gotten that he doesn't fall over until he tries to get on or off. He finally went forwards after hitting a few things while going backwards. That was cool to see.

Jet ate an enormous breakfast. He had half a banana, cereal, yogurt, juice, and bites of donut as well. He also ate a big lunch, he had nearly half a mild chile bean tamale. I'd heated two for myself, but he dug in with such gusto that I ended up heating a third one and having him eat part of that as well. Wow. He drank lots of my seltzer water, and also drank some milk.

Jet didn't nap until 3:30, but then he slept until nearly 7! Both John and I worked until 6:30. I then did something I haven't done for a very long time. I browned some chicken thighs, drained the fat off, and then tossed the rice and vermicelli from a box of Rice O Roni into the pan. I ended by adding the water, the flavor packet, and put the chicken back into the pan. I just covered it and let it cook for twenty minutes. Some nuked frozen veggies and we had dinner.

Fast and simple and Jet refused to eat any of it. I'm amused. He won't eat boxed Mac and Cheese. He won't eat Rice O' Roni. So I'm likely doomed for boxed dinners with Jet. Not a bad thing, all in all. Jet did eat Ritz crackers, popcorn, and nursed off me twice before finally going to sleep at 11. Yeesh.

Jet did do something unexpected after we got back from the walk. While John and I were going through the crate of pictures, Jet came over to me with his baseball cap. He took it in both hands and rubbed his head with it and then looked up at me. I took it and put it on his head and he beamed. He then ran around, peering from under the bill of the cap and laughed. He really enjoyed wearing the hat and when it fell off after he fell down and accidentally rubbed it off, I put it back on him and he smiled again and ran off.

I am very glad that Jet is very easily amused. He had one good, long period, this afternoon, where he was just playing with his toys. I got his blocks out and after the practice with the chess pieces, blocks were easy! So Jet happily built towers seven or eight blocks tall. There are times when I worry that he won't be able to be alone because he's so rarely left alone; but I figure he'll have enough alone time when he's growing up and will learn to cope one way or another. Then he does stuff like this and makes me stop worrying simply by being who and what he is.

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