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June 30, 2002
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Getting Home

Jet didn't have a good night, and we were up a lot so by the time the 6 am alarm went off it was a relief. Ugh. We had smoothies for breakfast, John got most everything packed while I nursed Jet, and we headed out the door. Cathie saw us off, and Walt did the driving.

Jet was cheerful and awake and played with me in the car on the way over. The Frontier line was backed *way* up and we were pretty close to our flight time. Oops. A little while later, they said that everyone going to Denver should get into a fast lane. THEN they said that *only* people who were ending up in Denver should get into the fast lane. Each time our line halved. When we actually checked in, we found out that our flight was going to be an hour late, so all the hurry up and any worry we might have had about catching the plane was for naught.

It was good the plane was late, as security was just a snarl. The lines were deep and slow and they looked completely confused, unlike the military precision of the DIA crews. These guys just looked like they were running around with their heads cut off. I had realized, going through DIA, that the metal in my Birkies was what was triggering the metal detector. So I pulled my shoes off to start, sent them through the x-ray machine and walked through the metal detector barefoot with Jet.

Hoorah! No alarm! One less wand search is always a nice thing. John did the same thing with the same results. It made getting through a whole lot easier, and we'll have to remember that for other times through security.

The flight was late, but uneventful. Jet slept the whole flight. I slept until the drinks came and I downed a can of cranberry juice so quickly, I surprised myself. I guess I'm a little dehydrated. We got to the airport, no problem, all our luggage had already been taken off the carousel by the time we got there. So we could just pick it up and lug it to the passenger pick up area. John went off and got the car, while Jet and I played in the air conditioned area. Jet was pretty clingy, and stayed right against my legs while I sat and we watched a mother and her little girl playing. Jet only just started thinking about playing with them when John pulled up.

Jet was very cheerful the first three-quarters of the way home. Then he got part of a Krispy Kreme donut to gnaw on to stop any fussing until we got home. It was pretty cool to order just four donuts and get six. Though I think it's probably easier for them to load up half a dozen of them in the half dozen boxes and sell those for the same price as four than to actually load a special box up with just four. *grin* We didn't mind too badly.

Home again home again and it's quite the relief. I am very glad of our instant hot water, of the humidifiers, and the air cleaner. I'm glad of the air conditioner and the porches.

I was not glad to find that my indoor herb box was invaded by the same tiny white flies that killed my parsley, my jade plant and a few other plants last year. I had hoped that the winter had killed them off. Oh well. I cut all the extra foliage off, and then sprayed everything with rubbing alcohol. I'll just have to wash the leaves when we eat them, but it might get rid of the bugs. I can hope, at least.

The herbs outside were a fair sight worse off. The parsley seems to have been eaten by something Large, and the sage is still being nibbled to death by caterpillars. I'm going to have to figure something out for those, but I'm really unsure as to what to use to control the darned things without killing off the spiders, lady bugs and good bugs, too.

That left me pretty depressed.

I'll have to try Mom and Dad's remedy of just spraying some rubbing alcohol onto everything and maybe it'll just make it unpleasant enough for the bugs to just not bother my herbs. I can hope.

John got a good nap in, and then Jet followed. I slept on the couch while Jet napped and I got about an hour before Jet woke up. John was already up by that time, as he'd had a good hour start on us. So we were all a bit more rested by the time we headed out to stock up and find some dinner. We did the usual thing and stopped by Papa Murphy's for a Take and Bake pizza before stocking up. When we got home, we baked the pizza and everyone dove in. Jet ate half a slice, pretty much. We each had two slices. It was yummy, filling and quick.

I got to write a little, read a little, and then it was time for Jet to go to sleep. John did a lot of unpacking. The house was spick and span after we got home, since the maids had come on the day we'd left. It was nice to not have to deal with the maids in the house while I was trying to work or Jet was trying to sleep. I liked that a lot.

It's very good to sleep in our own beds again. So good that after three nights of getting up two, three or even four times a night, Jet only woke up once and that was because he couldn't breath too well. So we cleared out his nose, and put him back to sleep around midnight and that was that. Home, sweet, home

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