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July 2, 2002
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Hammering Helps With Frustrating Day

Today was frustrating in many ways. The one great thing was that Jet slept through the night last night. He didn't get up at all. I went into work and went home early because I couldn't work on the most important things while I was at work as I'd forgotten to synch them up. Bah.

Of course, the moment I get home I get an email from my boss in San Jose saying that she just sent someone in Boulder to my cubicle to talk with me about something. So I had to call him and talk with him.

I hate calling people. Though I spend most of my meeting time on the phone, it's different when I actually have to call someone and ask something. I don't do it often, and usually on as a last resort as I so hate calling people. But this worked out pretty well. We worked out the problem I had and got me working on what needed to be done. That was useful.

Still, it rankled that I spent a portion of my four hours where Joan had Jet on travelling from work to home, and then trying to work.

When Jet did come home, though, he did go to sleep well. I got to have lunch and then work a bit more before my afternoon meeting happened. I thought I heard Jet during the meeting, but afterwards he was still asleep. So I guess it must have been my imagination. I did, however, have to take care of him when he got up.

John got home at 5, and Jet, John and I sat out on the porch while we grilled some teriyaki thighs. The skin flamed pretty well. The brown rice cooked inside in the rice cooker, and we nuked some vegetable to go with it all.

It was a good dinner. Afterwards we went over to the Goodell's to hang some windows as the door. Tony's wife was already inside when we got there, and she reminded me of the VCR. Bob had told me about a PBS special on baby brains, and we had wanted to record it. So I asked her to take care of Jet, and she asked me if he would be okay with me leaving. I said he'd be find... and off I went.

When I got back, they were playing quite happily together. She was playing with the toys and he was watching her. Hee. They were so happy together that I asked if it would be okay if I worked with the guys, and she said sure.

So I got to hammer a few windows in. When there were seven guys around the door trying to figure out how to hang it, I went back inside. Jeremy had helped the two build a cup for Jet and given him Gatorade. Joan arrived soon after, and there was a whirl of kid play that Jet cheerfully joined. He yelled, stomped, danced, slid, and fought with them happily. He really likes being there.

We stayed pretty late, talking over information about our video camera with Joan after they guys were done with all their stuff. So tomorrow I'll give Joan our camera for her to play with. That should be a good way for her to see if it's what she wants.

It was pretty late when we got home, and Jet went right to sleep. Yay!

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