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July 3, 2002
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Dancing On The Remains

10:05 pm: Today I gave Jet a piece of bread, as he pointed at it and made 'Mine' noises at it, so I gave it to him. He ate about half of it, and then started tearing it up. He ate some of the pieces as well. And then he got up and started dancing on the remains, happy as anything.

Jet was also happy to help clean up the mess by running the Dust Buster over it. He did a very careful, thorough job as well. I was impressed by that, until he decided he wanted to use the Dust Buster on his pouch of coins, too. Ugh.

Of course, when John got home, Jet shook out half a box of Cheerios, ate some, and then danced on them, too. John said he did the same with some popcorn, too. Jet did cheerfully clean up both messes as well. Maybe that's the bad side to not crying over spilt milk... finding that it's sometimes fun to do the spilling and not minding the work of cleaning it up afterwards. Or is that bad?

Jet also refused to take a nap today. He just wasn't going down, and I got really frustrated as not only would he not sleep, he wouldn't let me work, either, demanding attention whenever I tried to work. He either wanted to play with the computer (going for the ever-luring power button) or grab things off my desk to play with them. I finally wrote John to tell him he'd better get home tonight as soon as he could. I wasn't going to do anything dire, but I was going gradually nuts. I was totally frustrated and it wasn't that he was even 'bad' per se, as he was perfectly cheerful doing things.

Really made me think about what might happen to fey who stole a baby only to find out that the baby had magic and enough power to back up its demands. Babies and fey aren't known for being logical. Dancing on the remains...

My gut was extremely unhappy with me this morning. I am pretty sure it was just something I ate, as Jet shows no signs of it. It made my morning at work really miserable, especially during our meeting. But I was brave and went to water aerobics anyway and got the full forty-five minute workout. I feel better for doing it.

There's something about floating in the cool water after a very stressful, hot day that just makes me happy. I really enjoyed just cutting through the water with just my arms and feeling the wake I was creating behind me. I really liked knowing what all the exercises were and just working through them with Joan and Shelly. The rhythm and freedom of motion just relaxed me. I loved that.

Lunch was good, too. I got to talk to someone who has been working for Jayashree for a while, and it was good to talk and figure out some commonalties of reaction to some of the things she does. I enjoyed that. I needed that and learned something from it. It was good to see John for a while as well, as I haven't seen all that much of him this week, since he's been in to work every day so far. He's filling in for his boss, who's away on vacation. I told him how frustrated I was getting with Jet, and John did the best thing he could have and got home on time. It helped me when he also made dinner, just baked frozen fish and fries and salad, but that was good enough for me.

Jet ate fries while running around the livingroom. We didn't give him enough for him to dance on.

After dinner, I went to swim and the boys went outside and wandered around the yard and pulled weeds. The weeds needed it desperately. And Jet tried his manly best to set himself and pull a few plants up, too. I was impressed by that. I'm glad he tries to do all the things we do, including the useful/work things we do. It's very nice to know that he emulates that, too.

After swimming, I came home, and Jet was exhausted. So I nursed him and he went right to sleep while we were watching the PBS special on baby brains... something like A Baby's Brain is Wider Than The Sky, in a series about human brains. It's very cool. Bob pointed me at it and I'm glad he did. I didn't know that each neuron in a developing baby's brain is created in the neural tube, travels from the tube into the skull, and settles into a specific area along with all the other neurons that were made along with it. They go in waves, and build in concentric rings. I had no idea. I thought it was just a mass that just grew and grew in place and then organized. Wow.

John went right to sleep when Jet did. He needed the extra sleep as both he and I have been going to sleep a little late these last few days. He's the one that gets up at 7 with Jet, as I was the one up with Jet whenever he did get up. Jet only got up once last night, for twenty minutes. After not napping today, I'm wondering if Jet's going to be up every hour tonight. We'll see.

10:41 pm: Well, he's gotten up once already, now, and I'm very glad that I learned how to do the baby massage. Considering how much Jet ate today, I am suspecting that he's going through a growth spurt. The only thing that got him to go back to sleep was a leg massage. I bounced him and did other things and finally had to just lay him down and rub his legs. I wonder if they've been aching all day or something, and if I'd just done this while he was trying to take a nap if I'd have been more successful.

I guess I'll just have to try that tomorrow.

One thing to note: Tonight, as I was taking Jet upstairs, I noticed that there's only one Miller moth batting around in the house. I think that the migration is, finally, over. Whew. Looking back at the journal for the last couple of years, it actually seems that now is the time when they're finally done. Maybe I'll remember that for next year. Maybe. *grin*

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