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July 4, 2002
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Shopping, Catch Up, and Dinner With Bob

10:31 pm: I was up until past midnight last night, getting caught up with work. I needed it. John was so tired, he'd gone to bed right when Jet did, so I let him sleep in late this morning. I got up when Jet did and we nursed and then played upstairs for a while. Jet actually played in his play pen long enough for me to finish one work item. That was very satisfying.

When he was tired of the pen we came down and played down here. I turned on the TV and wondered, for a moment, where the Saturday morning cartoons were and then remembered that it was actually a weekday. Jet got to see Blue's Clues, then and he danced to the music. He also watched Oswald the octopus and danced solemnly to one of Oswald's on-the-spot songs about his pet goldfish getting adopted by the aquarium. Someday I hope Jet will make up songs the way John does. That'll be fun.

When John got up and showered at his leisure, we went out for breakfast in Boulder. I'd seen the Village Cafe a few times, with lines out the front; but we were up relatively early. We got the last table. They didn't have high chairs, so the waitress brought us a booster seat, and Jet sat in that next to John. Jet had already had half a banana and some graham crackers for breakfast, so while he accepted half a strip of bacon and gnawed on it he didn't actually eat all that much.

I, on the other hand, ordered half an order of biscuits and gravy and a single blueberry pancake with some bacon, ostensibly for Jet. But John and I ate most of the pancake and I had most of the bacon. It was good. John had a normal breakfast of eggs, bacon, wheat toast and hash browns, all of which were well made, fresh and tasty. I polished off my biscuit and then dove into the juicy blueberry pancake. It was rich and eggy and had the crisp texture on the outside that can only happen on an extra-greasy griddle. The inside was tender and bursting with juicy blueberries.

'Tis the season for berries, the first fruits of summer, and they're just gorgeous. I have a pint of blueberries I really need to eat before we leave for Seattle and a bunch of cherries that just came from Harry and David's. Yum.

From the Village Cafe we headed to REI, as John had a rebate to spend and they were having a sale. They had shorts on sale and John really wanted a few more pairs. Jet first clung to me and wouldn't let me put him down, but after a bit, he started exploring. He really liked the bicycle on the bicycle rack and he spun the tires and the pedals to see them move. He was very careful with the whole apparatus, and I never had to stop him to keep him from knocking the bike off the rack. He just watched how everything worked.

Jet wandered about, too, patting all the hanging clothing, picking up a hanging rack that had been left on the floor, and looking at everything. We had several salesmen asking us if we needed anything, and I said, "No, I'm just following him around." One guy didn't take it too well, another guy, in the shoe department thought it was great. When John got his shorts, I remembered my sneakers that keep bashing my toes and I looked at the on-sale low ankle hiking shoes, and I decided to try some on.

The first pair I tried were super light weight, long enough and narrow enough to be very comfortable on my feet. I have very narrow feet and larger sizes tend to spread wide. So I was very pleased to be able to try on something my size and have support for the length of the foot! Wow. They also had some mock rock stairs that I climbed and stomped on going down and I liked how they felt. I tried on three other pairs to just contrast them with the others, and found that I liked the first pair the best.

So I bought them. Yay!

I imagine I'll be doing some walking/hiking during the reunion while we're out at the cabin, and the trip up Eldorado canyon with Jet and John and Isabel was so much fun, it would be cool to do more of those. John has a book of day hikes here in Colorado, and even with it so hot, we could try some of the well shaded ones. The Canyon trail, up Boulder Canyon is mostly in shade because of the canyon walls.

I now have a good pair of walking shoes to do them in, and I'm glad of that.

Jet started grabbing at my chest as we were checking out with everything. So when we got to the car, I nursed him. While we were busy with that, John found a McDonalds and came back with a drink and a bucket of fries. I was terribly thirsty, and very glad of the drink. Jet loved the fries when he was done drinking off me. He ate them happily and called out, "Mine!" every time he wanted another one. That was pretty funny.

Jet and I sat in the car while John bought some Guinness for the party tonight, and I fed him fries while I drank my pop and Jet explained how good the fries were to me. Hee.

Jet fell asleep on the way home, after finishing one more fry. When we got home, John put him in our room, and I went and napped in there as well. I was so tired. It was good to just sleep for a while. Jet did wake me up an hour later, simply by being a little restless. He didn't actually wake up; but he moved around enough for me to wake up and stay awake thinking about a smoothie lunch and work.

So I got up, put myself back together and went upstairs and, this time, worked at updating my journal for the past month. I still have some entries from the Albuquerque trip I haven't quite finished; but I managed to get nearly everything up to that point written and posted, titles and everything.

Jet woke up in there, and John took care of him, in part as help from yesterday. I spent a couple hours up there, and then came down at 4:30 to nurse Jet before we had to leave for the party. Jet only drank a little and then twisted and ran off to play. That's a good thing. John had also, while taking care of Jet, put together a nice salad and a precis salad as well, with mozzarella and tomatoes with a bit of pepper. I had recommended that the olive oil, basil and basalmico be put on right before we ate it. So we left all those things in their bottles and packed them to take with us.

John packed up the car and I took a little while getting Jet into his car seat, and then we were off. We got there just as Bob's two other guests arrived. One's a guy that works here, the other is a lady who just moved from Taiwan and is going to school at CU. They're together, and they both speak English just fine, but she sometimes found it hard to follow the more convoluted conversations.

Jet couldn't follow them, either, so he provided additional entertainment for everyone. He really enjoyed playing with Bob, especially loving Bob's imitation of Taz from Jet's sippy cup. Jet danced to Bob Marley, ran around on their grass, ate watermelon from the depth of a lawn chair, ate his own chicken leg during dinner, and squawked and chirped at Sweetie, their love bird, who squawked and chirped back. He had a great time.

One comment I caught was that Chinese kids are often fed from a spoon until they're four or five! So they were a little amazed at Jet eating his own broccoli, chicken leg, and noodles from his own plate. Jet also was picking up huge chunks of watermelon from his plate and stuffing them into his mouth. I didn't know kids weren't allowed to feed themselves, there, until they were so old. I also figure that since Jet can feed himself, I might as well take advantage of it.

I enjoyed the time with them. It was fun, and the food was good, and it was nice to just relax and sit and let someone else play with Jet for a while. We stayed until nearly 9:30, by which time Jet was showing all signs of pumpkinhood. He pulled at my shirt, and when I gave him a cup of milk, he sucked it down.

As we packed stuff up, Jet decided to say good-bye to everyone, and he started saying, "BYE!" and waving to everyone. Repeatedly. Hee. He just kept doing it, even as we were pulling out of the driveway.

He fell promptly asleep on the way home. He woke up when we changed him, and he nursed himself back to sleep. We watched the strawberry episode of Good Eats, and now I think I am going to go to bed. Yum. Bed.

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