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July 6, 2002
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Sleeping In, Haircuts, and Meatballs

10:06 pm: Jet slept in, just like we wished he would. He slept in until 8:30!! That was very nice. We all slept in and John got up to take care of Jet, and I got up soon after as I just couldn't sleep any more. John made waffles while I cooked the last three slices of thick bacon.

Jet ate plenty of bacon, waffle, yogurt, and stuffed half a dozen blueberries into his mouth all at once. He spit them right back out, and them smashed a few more berries. It seems that Jet'll eat anything, but he'll spit some of them out, too. After our substantial breakfast, the day started shaping up when Ray called to tell John that he had to fix a problem at work before going to Home Depot. Linda called to say that her 11 appointment had cancelled, so did we want to come in earlier than our 2 'o' clock appointment.

Joan, Alex, and Haley showed up for a while to give Jet a surprise gift! Alex gave Jet a rubber bug from his bug making kit! Alex really likes his kit. Jet wasn't too sure of the bug, but held it long enough to satisfy Alex. Joan, Haley, and Alex also gave Jet a Bob the Builder t-shirt. It's neon green, and a T2, but it's cotton so it should shrink enough with the first wash and dry that it's not too big for Jet. Joan said that Ray literally ran out the door to get materials.

So we decided to go for the early appointment, not rush Ray, and get our hair cut. We got ahold of Ray on the celphone and told him. The three of us went into Linda's and we tried to get Jet to sit on the bench; but he refused to stay there. John went ahead and Jet got to watch, but didn't want to sit down any more than before. So I sat down and Jet sat in my lap. He was okay with Linda cutting his hair for a little while, but then he started pushing at her hands and the scissors, which was bad.

Linda thought about giving him something to occupy his hands, and happened on her box of lollipops. So Jet got a Dum Dum and held it and studied it while Linda cut his hair. Eventually he got the idea to stick it in his mouth and it never left. He just held it tight to his mouth with both hands, and left Linda free to work.

Linda did the wonderful little boy haircut again. She made it real short, and it's now neat and nice and he definitely looks like a boy again. I got my shaped hair cut again, and it's nice having my hair over my ears again. John got a number 3 buzz instead of the 1/2 he got last time. I like the look of it much better.

From there we headed straight home and Jet fell asleep during the drive. I'll have to remember that for the next time he doesn't nap. John put Jet in his own room and I took a quick shower to get all the hair bits off of me. That felt much better. John ran off to the Goodell's. and I cleaned the house up a bit before going upstairs and cleaning up a bunch of stuff off my Eskimo machine. My email habits have gotten a lot less frequent since Jet was born. I had nearly 5 meg of email up there, and I was able to pull more than four of it off and back it up to Zip.

When I was done, Jet started talking in his room. He was in a perfectly good mood, and I changed him, nursed him and gave him some food, too. Then I loaded Jet into his seat, decided that since it was already 3 that I probably didn't need the diaper bag as John had made it sound like a job of a couple of hours. John had gone over around 1. So Jet and I just loaded ourselves up into the Baby Buggy and got there no problem.

There wasn't any one in the livingroom, but I knocked and we went in. John and Ray were in the new room, so we said hello. Then Haley ran in and started dancing and shouting, "Jetsie! Jetsie! Jetsie!"

Jet laughed and danced as well. Whee.

So the play whirl started up and kept going until we had to pick up Alex from a birthday party. We piled into the van, Haley, Joan, Jet, and I, and drove off to find Alex and peer at a bunch of garage sales on the way. Joan had check nearly all of them out, so we didn't actually stop, but she gave me summaries of them. That was pretty cool.

Alex was cool and when he came into the van called Jet, "Hey, Mr. Jet." Jet beamed and thumped his feet happily.

The three kids had a blast.

The men were done with the new room. They'd not only done the main bits of the wiring but had also done nearly all of the wall board as well. Wow. So they were just talking and drinking sweet tea and letting the kids whirl around them. That was fun.

At five we went home so I could make some dinner. There was spaghetti sauce in the fridge, and I was craving meatballs, so I made meatballs. After browning them and draining them, I poured the sauce over them and let them simmer while the spaghetti cooked. It was so hot by then in the kitchen, that I checked the temperatures outside and it was less than 80. So we opened up the house and let the hot air from the cooking go out. Whew.

I then grilled bread with garlic butter, and we had leftover salad from the Fourth of July party at Bob's. So we had plenty for dinner.

Jet ate lots of meatball, a bit of spaghetti and munched garlic bread as well. He was really grumpy after dinner though, and came over to me and demanded to nurse. He fell asleep while doing it, and I had to wake him up because I really didn't want him falling asleep at 7 and not going to sleep until 11 or midnight or something if he had the really late nap.

So I woke him up, protesting. Finally, John took Jet outside, in his shoes, and Jet cheered up immediately. They walked halfway down the quiet street and back and then they played in the yard, pulling up weeds and exploring the porch. I saw Jet's little head meandering around. That was pretty cool. I got a little time to watch some of Speed and write a little while they were gone.

When they came back in, Walt called to discuss something with John, which is when I remembered that David had called during the day. So I asked John to call David back, and I took Jet upstairs to give him a bath. Jet didn't want to sit, he just wanted to stand and run around in the tub. Eek. I was very glad of the super textured tub mat. He did just fine.

Jet also got wound up enough that it took nearly an hour to get him settled again. He took quite a while to get back to the sleepy state he'd been in at 7. Grump. Ah well, that's what I get for waking him up, I guess.

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