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July 8, 2002
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Alex's Orange Belt and the Wagon

10:08 pm: I had a good day today, though Jet napped early, woke up early and was tired earlier than usual. I didn't even try working early, we had lunch the moment Jet woke up. I baked a bunch of taquitos in the toaster oven for myself. I also heated some Gerber ravioli for Jet.

He ate one ravioli before he asked for one of my taquitos. He ate the whole thing. He nibbled his way down the whole rolled taquito, occasionally crying when he hit a spicy part of it. After whimpering at the hot bits, he'd keep eating. Jet amazed me when he finished the whole thing. It wasn't something that I would have thought he'd do. I should remember that for next time.

After playing with him for the afternoon, we went to Fredrick to watch Alex's orange belt test. My 3:30 meeting had been cancelled, due to a whole lot of people being out for a vacation. That freed us up to go watch. Jet did pretty well, though he was so fascinated by the folks being tested that he kept creeping closer and closer and would sometimes take a running start to see if he could slip past me to really watch them work.

I was, therefore, on the run for most of the test. Either chasing Jet down or taking him outside when he protested too much. Jet learned pretty quickly, though, that if he was noisy he wouldn't be able to see. I'm glad he's a fast learner. He got quiet soon enough, and we got to watch, and once John got there, it was even easier.

Alex was great. He was focused, ready and willing. I was very impressed at how well four and five-year-old were able to do the orange belt test. They remembered all the moves, and, at the end, they even got to break boards! They were fun to watch.

Alex had a game afterwards, and they ran off, and we went home. I made a quiche with Swiss, spinach, and the last cut onion. The fridge is definitely more cleared out. Whew. I even drank milk with my dinner. Yum.

After dinner, we went out for a walk and halfway down the street, we saw two girls in an electric Jeep cart. Their arms and legs overflowed from the little car, and they giggled like crazy as they wavered all over the road. Behind them was a much smaller girl with a plastic wagon that she dragged after her, bumping and thumping against her heels. Jet was instantly fascinated. He headed right for them.

The girls nearly ran him over at one point. John pulled Jet out of the way, as Jet was so close to see the cart. They didn't know how to drive the cart that well, and nearly ran over their sister, too, trying to turn it around. They all sped back to the house, while their moms yelled at them for nearly running people over. Jet ran as fast as he could to keep up with them, and followed them down the driveway after their mother said that they had to put it away since they couldn't control it.

The little girl abandoned the wagon on the way in, and Jet picked it up. The mom said that he could keep it, in recompense for having to dodge the other, and Jet loved it. It was perfect for his size. He could pull it after him, and so he did. He actually took it all the way home, uphill, sometimes turning it around to push it and sometimes even picking it up with both hands and carrying it.

Jet was matter of fact about doing all the work for his toy. He dragged it across the gravel driveway, sometimes turning around and using both hands to hold the handle and dragging it backwards. He got it all the way home and then dragged it into the house and around the house. He took it to the front porch and wandered around out there with it as well. Finally he brought it inside again, cleaned off a sticker or two, and then just enjoyed having it.

When John brought out the popcorn, Jet abandoned the wagon and went to eat popcorn. Yay! So we could put the wagon outside.

Jet went to sleep just fine. He was pretty tired from everything and he had only napped until noon. So he's been up more than eight hours, and it was past time for sleep. I am glad that Jet seems to be on a run of only getting up once a night. It's nice.

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