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July 24, 2002
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Monday and Stocking Up

10:16 pm: It was Monday, today, in every way. I don't usually like Mondays, too much, and this one was one of the worst I've had in a while. I just didn't feel like going into work and I didn't want to have to think. It was just hard to do.

Jet had a great night. He only woke up once and I think that it was because he was mad at getting tangled in the 'sheet' on his bed. We just use a pillow case for a light cover on these hot nights, especially when his room hasn't had all that much of a chance to get cooled off from the night air. I don't even think we put it on him tonight, as the temperatures were in the high 90's during the day and even at 8 pm, it was still over 80 outside. Ugh. Even with a few thunderstorms rampaging up and down the Front Range it still hasn't cooled down at all.

It's supposed to cool down on Monday, get down into the low 80's. It was so funny hearing William complain about the 80's in Seattle. I'm glad that I've now felt intense heat and intense cold. I remember when I first moved to Seattle and that very first Thanksgiving and there was seven inches of snow and how I froze. It was so cold compared to San Diego or LA. Now I know cold in the single digits, and how it feels against the skin and breath. Now I know heat that melts the bones into sweat.

I'm glad in a way.

I will have less to complain about when I go back.

Work was easy enough. No one expected me to be caught up. My vacation program did its job and I only had a few more than four hundred emails for two weeks. That's probably the best I've done in more than a decade. I'm kind of glad of that as I have less time to catch up on those emails. I had four meetings, and plenty of leeway, and Jet and I played during the ten minute staff meeting. I like short meetings.

Lunch was fun. Sudipto and Chad came along for lunch at Deli Cioso's and Sudipto had never been there, so it was an exploration for him. It was good to talk with Chad about the visit to Seattle, and about his trip to Russia. He misses certain things about Seattle, too. Especially the rain. We could all use a bit more rain here, anyway, but it was good to hear that from him. But I'll also admit that I'll miss, terribly, Deli Cioso's if or when we go back to the Northwest. There isn't food like it back there.

When John came home, I worked like mad for one hour and then we headed out to stock the house up. We didn't get all that much. I was pretty impressed. Mostly fruit, vegetables, salad makings, milk, eggs, and ice cream. I think we can do a better job clearing out the freezer. I have short ribs, shrimp, and ground beef. If I can't make good meals out of that than I'm not the cook I thought I was. We have bread and rice and noodles galore. I found that our moth traps were well past their capacity, as they'd taken over an unopened package of dried bananas. Ugh. John was kind and did the disposal duties.

I was a little sad at that, as they were bananas that George and Isabel brought us from Thailand and Jet loves them. He may well have to learn to like normal dried bananas.

Dinner was just a salad and a sandwich from a deli not far from the Safeway. We were not impressed. Bland food, but Jet got to run around the place the whole time we were eating and he liked sips of our shakes. He got to eat some cereal when he got home, and he had lots of that. He got a few blueberries and some fruit as well, so he wasn't completely imbalanced. I should bring up more of those corn dogs for him, for protein, but it's good for him to get some vitamins and stuff.

He did do one incredible thing. He had Chex in the cup between the handlebars of his Radio Flyer trike. He stepped over one handlebar, straddling the cup, and John was sure he was going to either fall and spill his cereal or sit on his cereal. Jet, instead, tipped the cart so that it rested on one handlebar. It didn't tip enough to spill the cereal, but it did tip far enough for him to step out of his predicament.

I was very impressed.

Not too late a night, tonight. We got to see Harrison Ford on Bravo's thing with interviewing actors. He impresses me. He's self-effacing in person and passionate about his craft. We also got to see the Good Eat episode on yogurt and there are lots of cool ideas in there. I'm going to have to try that grow-your-own recipe some time. We got plenty of sleep last night, and I'm feeling good about that. It's comforting to get back into some routine, but it's so hot it's hard to sleep until much later at night, here, than I sometimes like. I'm glad of working part-time. Other than having to get up to travel, I don't think John or I have heard an alarm clock since Jet was born. This is a very positive affect of going part-time. I just feel better, all around.

But wanting to sleep when it's cooler does make for longer times at the keyboard at night. Given that Jet will wake up when he always wakes up I have to watch this.

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