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July 25, 2002
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A Quiet Day Home and Lemon Bars

10:52 pm: We've had a really good day, today. Jet and I had a normal day and Jet seems to be getting into the swing of the regular routine. I am, however, feeling mildly guilty for not doing something Special with him, sometime. I just seem to work, figure out dinner, and then we watch some TV and go to bed. I want to figure out what else I can do with him and do it on a regular basis, sometime. Something like swimming, maybe the toddler gymnastics, reading, or some craft things.

Jet didn't wake up until nearly 7:30 this morning. He only got up once, though he did wake up crying at 4, he managed to get himself back to sleep once he woke up. I guess it might have been a bad dream or something. Whatever it was, he managed to get himself back to sleep, which they say is one of those skills kids need to sleep the night through. So he seems to be figuring it out on his own.

I didn't get up until nearly 8:30, after feeding Jet, and then turning him over to John after 8. I shouldn't have slept more, but I was pretty tired after staying up late last night.

I think I'm doing it again tonight, but it's for a good cause!

The afternoon clouded up, while Jet had his two hour nap. So it cooled off pretty quickly, and right after dinner it was already in the 70's! So we got the house opened up pretty quickly, and I'm enjoying a very cool office, now. I think it would be very easy for me to change to a stranger work schedule, where I nap while Jet naps, and then work while it's cool and dark. It's the time when I usually work best anyway. I'll have to think that through sometime.

Jet did his usual nap, so I got in my usual four hours, and then we spent the afternoon playing and with me thinking about going out. Jet was having such a blast with me, his books, his toys and just running around the house that I was loath to interrupt him or try and drag him somewhere else. I might have some mistaken idea that he'd have more fun or get more out of going somewhere else.

I should hit the Longmont Library some day. I might do it tomorrow afternoon, depending on how much work John gets done during the day. Then again, an eighteen-month-old at the library when he can't even sit still long enough to get through a Dr. Seuss book might not be the best thing in the world. It certainly wouldn't be as fun for him as it might be for me.

Jet got a corn dog for lunch, and he ate the whole thing, ignoring a puddle of yellow mustard I'd put on one side, just in case he might want to dip into it. He accidentally got a finger into the stuff, and he studied his finger and then put it into his mouth. His eyes got big, his mouth puckered and then he smiled. He carefully dipped his finger into it again and ate some more. I dipped a bit of corn covering into it, and ate that with many 'Yum' sounds and he grabbed a huge hunk of the corn covering (which he'd had me peel off, or he did it himself) and dunked that into the mustard. He then proceeded to lick all the mustard off. Hee.

It took him a while before he actually ate some of the corn covering with the mustard. He liked the mustard well enough on its own. So I might try a sandwich with the stuff, sometime. He still isn't eating sandwiches, per se. He'll eat the elements out of one. He did eat a wrap sandwich from Costco at the party, and just barely held it together, but he ate the whole thing. I gain hope from that.

We had fun doing exercises on the floor. I did a bunch of stretches, which Jet did, as well. It's unfair that he's limber enough that he can put his forehead on the floor between spread legs. But it's fun to try to emulate. We did bicycling up in the air while on our backs, and we did squats, which are Jet's normal way of getting up and down from a sitting position. He laughed a lot while we did all that, but it was good that it caught his interest, and it's definitely good for me after a morning of sitting in the office.

When John came home, he had a phone call and then at 5, he took Jet into the basement to play down there while John rode the exercise bike. I got an hour to myself and worked away at finishing the last of my e-mail. I'm amazed that I'm actually done and able to do some work. I found out, too, that we're getting some profit sharing this quarter! Hoorah! I'm probably going to do as I did with the last check I got, which is spend it on things that I really want, directly.

I made two packets of the Trader Joe's phad thai that Carl had sent. It was quick, easy, and delicious with fresh limes and a few leaves clipped off my Thai basil. The basil is so fragrant. I loved that. Jet plowed into a bowl full of the stuff, too, and ate a good deal of it, though he thought the shrimp was more something to play with than something to eat. Finally, I ate the shrimp as he was bashing it against the table instead of eating it. Eat 'em up, yum.

Then I got ambitious. I'll blame the weather, as it was in the 70's already, and falling fast. There might even be another thunderstorm racing through tonight, so we may cool off into the 60's or even 50's! That would be nice.

I'd promised Bill that I'd bring lemon bars for his BBQ on Saturday, and while it's hard to bake on the hot days, tonight would be perfect. So I ran off to Safeway with a small canvas bag, and bought an armload of things, including some powdered sugar that I needed for the lemon bars. It was a good thing I got it, too, as the old powdered sugar ran out while I was making them tonight.

The run over to Firestone was fun, as it was, of all things, raining out when I went out. Splats on the windshield, cooled, shiny roads, and people being good and being a mite more careful with the newly slick roads. It's always worst when it's been dry for a while and the water hits dried oil on the pavement. So I was good, too. I also bought some Lender's bagels and cream cheese for the smoked salmon we'd brought home, as I wanted bagels and cream cheese to go with it; and while John doesn't like Lenders that much, they're better than the flat bagels Safeway has. We'll get real, boiled bagels sometime this weekend, but I didn't want the salmon to go any longer without getting eaten, at least a little bit.

When I got back, Jet was doing well. He'd had popcorn with Dad and they were watching CSI. Jet wasn't phased by anything that was going on on the TV. He was having a great time with Dad. So I went ahead and made the cookie crust for the bars, and had John put them in when the oven was hot while I was nursing Jet. They were done just as Jet went to sleep. So I let them cool while I made the top and added a bit of lemon zest to the recipe. I know that two 8x8 pans is 128 square inches and a 9x13 pan is just 117, but it's so much easier to just use one pan that I didn't mind the thicker bars from the missing ten inches of surface area. The layers cooked all the way through, too, and browned nicely, so I don't think I'll worry too much about it.

Now the house smells like lemons and butter shortbread. Mmmm...

I used the leftover lemon juice by pouring it into a glass, adding twelve ounces of seltzer water and a good dose of simple syrup. I've ended up with something that tastes very much like a French lemonade I bought from Cost Plus. Tart and not too sweet and fizzy. I'll have to do this more often

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