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July 24, 2001
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Bad Meeting Karma

8:03 pm: I am having a terrible time with meetings this week. Today, at my 3 o'clock meeting, I got connected up just fine. Jet was even nursing at the time, so he was quiet and lying on the Boppie across my lap. I even had the headset so that I wasn't sounding like Darth Vadar to the other participants, and had set the controller for the headset on the arm of the couch.

I had to swap Jet about 20 minutes into the meeting, and when I pulled him off the first one he woke up, protesting, and kicked the controller. Not only did he kick the controller, he hit the 'talk' button, which is the one that picks up and hangs up the phone.


It was a meeting that wasn't a conference call, instead, the folks in Boulder were calling all the other sites, including all the remote people. So I was effectively locked out. I could call the number of the meeting room, but it would just give me a busy signal. I sent email to the folks that had laptops, on the off chance that they might check mail during the meeting. That didn't work, so I just hovered, and then worked for a while as I wanted for the meeting to end.

Bob died laughing. That was really funny and put the whole thing into perspective. He filled me in on the rest of the meeting, and giggled a lot and got me giggling, too. That was good.

Jet had a great morning actually. Though he did get up at 6:30 and just wasn't going back to sleep. He had gotten up once at 3 and then again at 4:30, but at 4:30, John just put him back to sleep pretty easily. So Jet ate at 6:30, and then he ate really well at 8 because he was just plain hungry. He went to Joan's and played for the whole two hours and on the way home, he fell asleep in his car seat.

He slept for an hour and a half before waking up ravenous at 12:30! I was very impressed, and so he got his lunch. I got my lunch afterwards, while he was playing on the play pad, happily playing peekaboo with the world. I had some of the leftover pot roast, and it was actually better for two days' rest in the fridge. I was pretty pleased with that.

Yum. Quick food and I finished the last of the cornbread. I'll have to ask my sister to mail me some of that, sometime.

The whole day was so wonderfully cool. It never got over 78 in the house, and the highs were only in the mid 80's outside. That was so nice. The morning had been nearly cold with fog and mist everywhere. I loved that. I even put Jet in some sweatpants when he went off to Joan's.

Jet and I enjoyed all the time we did get together, after his long nap and all my work and the meeting and the aftermath. The meeting was a communication meeting that happens every week and my boss' boss reports on what folks are doing and thinking at the director's level of the software organization, so I really like going to it. There's enough interesting stuff but I don't have to pay complete attention to every detail of it.

It was fun, all in all, to just get to talk with Bob afterwards. I'll get to see him tomorrow, and it'll be good to have some chance of actually making it to a meeting without any problems.

John got home at 5 and played with Jet for a while, just from missing seeing him all day. Then he talked with someone else about the new garage, and they went off to a neighbor's house to see the building the guy had put up there. Good example of the work. I fed Jet, and he was steady about eating.

Then John cheerfully took Jet while I went down into the basement and rode the exercise bike and watched some Food TV. I just rode twenty minutes, took a shower, and felt a ton less sleepy afterwards. That was good. John also made a dinner of spaghetti, from the leftover sauce from the other night. He made enough spaghetti that I'll likely have lunch tomorrow. That's good.

Then again, I might just do KT's and be halfway home, which would be useful for making it to the 1 o' clock meeting after getting Jet from Joan's. It would be really hard to miss lunch with everyone.

Dinner was yummy. Jet then proceeded to suck down the rest of his apples from yesterday and another half a jar of sweet potatoes. I think he would have kept going if I'd kept feeding him, but the last time he ate a jar and a half, he was spitting up on things for the next hour. He's pretty tired, but he played cheerfully enough while John and I watched rock stars play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I was pretty impressed by Teresse.

Jet's doing a bunch of new stuff today. He's reaching for things he wants, with both arms and going ah ah ah... at them. He really wanted my water mug from Boulder Community Hospital. He immediately grabbed it and started chewing on the straw, sucking some, but not nearly hard enough to draw up water. He had seen me doing that, though, so he went right for the straw, I guess.

Still, that he can now communicate that he actually wants something is pretty cool. I wasn't expecting him to do that at any particular time, but now he actually can look at something and pretty much tell me, "I want that, now." He can't get to it, and he can't really do much if I take something away from him, but he can tell me, pretty clearly, what it is he wants. That is pretty cool.

He's also started to really fling toys. The exer-saucer, today, is surrounded by toys at all kinds of distances. I'm amazed, a little, at how strongly he can throw something, now.

The nice thing is that when we play really close to him, i.e. with our faces really close to his hands, he's pretty gentle about touching our faces. He'll grab John's nose, and hook fingers into our mouths, sometimes, but he does relatively little scratching or pinching or the like. Maybe with playing with Haley, he's learned to make sure things don't hurt or she won't play with him. It's how puppies learn.

I was mildly amazed by that, given how strong his enthusiasms can be. He has this Leap of Joy thing he does in the exer-saucer, where he'll plant both feet and push hard with both of them while arching his back and flinging his hands and head back. It makes the whole thing rock really hard and he loves that. He usually crows while doing this and laughs like a loon when he's wobbling around. That's pretty funny.

The problem is when he does that same stunt while I'm holding him. On the forward fling of his head after the back fling, he whacked me in the lower lip with his skull this morning. I have never been so glad as I've been these last few days, that the human skull is the hardest bone in the human body. Still, I felt like I had a fat lip. Jet went from joyous to mildly dubious, but only mildly. No crying at small bumps for him. When I smiled at him, he grinned back and gave a little contented wiggle that wasn't going to bang heads.

Maybe he'll learn from it. I just don't expect him to remember, yet.

9:33 pm: Mmmm... chocolate ice cream with a brownie. Nothing better than that. The brownies were left from the party before the vacation and they've survived okay in the fridge. The ice cream is from the party with the Brownlows, and it's very chocolate. I really like Breyer's ice cream. I can read the ingredients list, and I can pretty much say I like everything on it.

There was just a scattering of rain. The real thunderstorms are out to the east of us. The land here is so flat, I can actually see lightning flashes from storms that are nearly on the eastern border or Colorado. That's mildly scary. The wind had picked up, and it's cooling the house down beautifully.

I closed the doors while Jet was having his bath, so he wouldn't be chilled, and he did fine with the bath. Seemed to really enjoy it and John put enough water into the tub that Jet was splashing water everywhere while kicking away happily at the warm water. That was pretty funny. He ate off me happily, and then passed out while John tried to feed him the bottle.

He only had the one hour and a half long nap this morning, and he'd played pretty steadily for most of the afternoon. So it's no wonder he just passed out. Given that he was a little hard to get to sleep last night, I appreciate the difference.

I need a warm milk. The combination of brownie and chocolate ice cream was a little too sweet for me. Mmm... warm milk. The cool thing is that Safeway has their own organic milk. No BGH and certified organic feed, even, so it's actually organic. I didn't know that a chain like them would have something like this, but I'm glad they do and even more glad to encourage the practice by spending my money on it. It is a little more expensive, but worth the extra money to not have extra worry about breast cancer.

I really do like the fact that I do have that choice, now. If I hadn't gone with the delivery service, I wouldn't even have known to look, and that's worth something in and of itself.

I've been playing around with my LiveJournal account, and I probably will keep having fun with it, especially when I'm frustrated with work. But they'll all be little accounts of particular moments. I enjoy this setting down of the day too much to stop doing this as well, though Raven once noted that there is a lot of winnowing going on, and what I consider chaff might well be as important as the grains I do capture here. I don't doubt that, especially where Jet's concerned; but I'll catch what gold I can, and let the rest fend for itself. If it becomes important, I expect it'll show itself as that when it is.

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