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July 26, 2002
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Souper Salad and Trains

I did a lot of work today. It was good. John did a lot to take care of Jet today, which was entirely necessary for me to get anything done.

I also got to CeLena's, a bit more than two weeks after my last visit and I felt it. Ouch.

After that John took Jet and I to dinner at Souper Salad. Jet had a great time picking and choosing his dinner. Jet loves pepperoni. He ate more than a dozen slices of the stuff, and kept asking for more. He even forsook a bowl of ice cream for pepperoni. Wow.

Bob and Mei showed up when we were half done, and it was good to see them and talk with them. Fun after all those weeks without getting to really sit and talk with Bob. We'll get to see them at the party tomorrow, too, at Bill's.

After dinner we went on a little 'walk' with Jet wanting to go in all the dangerous directions into traffic. Mei finally lured him into a toy shop that had a wooden model train at the front. Jet spent the next twenty minutes playing with them. Mei and Bob left to do other things, and Jet played another half an hour with the same table. Other kids came and went, bored, but Jet was totally absorbed by it.

Finally, John asked me how I wanted to do it, and I said, "Let's ask him to say bye-bye, first." So we did, and Jet immediately started to whimper and grump and try to go where we weren't. He got five minutes of that before I nodded at John, and I picked Jet up and we walked out of there. Fast. Jet immediately started to scream. We headed to the car with Jet kicking and screaming.

It took both of us to strap him in, and then he did a siren wail half the way home. I finally turned to talk to him, listen to his screaming, and I took his shoes off. His screaming went down a notch and he didn't kick at me every time I tried to touch him. I then started doing "Little Piggies" on his toes. He blinked, and then grinned, and nodded to the rhyme and whenever I got to the "Weee weee weee." he stuck his foot out insistently and grumbled for more.

Jet got more until he pretty much fell asleep. He woke up the instant we got home, but he had relaxed a great deal. I was glad of that.

He got changed, I nursed him and sent him to bed. I stayed up and read a British romance novel about a lady that grows specialty salads and her romance with a chef who used to be her husband. It was interesting to have both romantics be nearly 30 and far more mature than when they first married when she was 18. It was kind of cool to see the maturity be part of how the plot worked its way out.

I stayed up far too late reading, and Jet woke up every two hours, so I finally got to bed at 1, only to have Jet wake up at 2. John took him, but there was a great deal of screaming. I don't know what's going on with him, but I hope this phase isn't too long lasting.

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