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July 27, 2002
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Swamp Cooler and Bill's Party

10:56 pm: It was a strange day, partially because Jet was up frequently last night. We didn't ever really figure out why and we didn't give him Motrin or anything. I think, now, that that might have been a mistake. He woke up around 7pm, after being up at 10, 12, 2, and 4. John only did the 2 waking, so he was fit to take Jet when he woke up.

They went off to get donuts while I slept. Jet ate most of the ones he got and immediately started running around our yard in his sneakers. John kept up with him and they ate a lot and when I finally got out after a shower, Jet was in his sugar crash in John's arms, watching some Nick Jr. TV. He came to me and asked to nurse; but only did so for five or so minutes on each side and then got up to watch some more and play some more.

Jet seemed a little tired, but he was doing okay. I had my breakfast, and then we packed up the Rover with all the recycling, and headed into Boulder. Jet fell asleep as it was already 11, and his usual nap time. He slept quite happily through a quick trip to the bank, all the recycling, and when John took him out of his car seat at McGuckin's, he slept quite happily the whole time we shopped. We got soap insecticide, moth traps to replace the ones that had been overwhelmed, a basting brush, and then looked at a couple of evaporative coolers.

Evaporative coolers, otherwise known as swamp coolers, work excellently well in low humidity climes. They basically take the physical fact that when water evaporates into the air, the change in phases takes energy. The energy is sucked out of the ambient air, which cools the temperature of the air. This works really well when there isn't any humidity in the air. It's basically why people sweat. I like the concept here, as it's rarely humid. When it is humid there are clouds and usually some rain which cools things off itself. So I don't have to worry as much about the heat when it's humid out.

I like it because it increases the humidity in the house, doesn't involve refrigerants, and uses very little energy in comparison to air conditioning. Use is mildly unintuitive because in order to work, the humidity can't be allowed to stay in the room. There has to be cross ventilation working while the swamp cooler works. Air has to come in and the humid air has to go out to make more room for air that can be robbed of its energy. For it to work, hot air from the outside has to come in.

I'm so used to having to close up a house to allow the air conditioning to work that it's going to be hard for me to swap. Still, the office gets so hot during the day that it might be a relief. We bought a small swamp cooler to just blow cooled air on me in the office.

While checking out, all the ringing, crashing of drawers, and beeping of scanners woke Jet up. Poor pup. He only go to see the very last of the store, and then he had to get strapped back into his seat. He started going the screaming thing he did last night, again, but it was far briefer. He did do a lot of whimpering for a while, but it stopped when I looked back at him and really listened to what he had to say. It didn't matter that it didn't make a bit of sense to me. I believe that just the act of listening to him complain helped him know that it mattered to me.

He started to smile at me, and that was good as John couldn't find the checkbook he'd had at the bank. So we went back to all the places we'd stopped to check them all out. We didn't find it. But when we got home, there was a message from the bank saying that he'd left it there. They'd hold onto it until we could come in and get it. They were only open until noon, so we'll get it on Monday. Whew. That was probably the safest place John could have left/lost it. Yay!

Jet got a bath. He was sticky from a lemonade we got him when he was grumpy. Jet nursed after the bath and we hoped he'd go to sleep. He didn't go to sleep. We did feed him a little lunch, and he ate a few things. We watched some of the Good Eats tropical special. I'll have to make those coconut shrimp someday, they look really great, but really bad for you. I cut up the lemon bars, stacked them on a plate, and then we left for Bill's.

Of course, Jet fell asleep on the way. We had to stop for some beer and seltzer, so he got in a whole half an hour before we got there. I had hoped he'd sleep a bit longer, but we met up with some people going in and between talking with them and the noise of getting greeted and sent to the appropriate places, Jet woke up and stayed awake.

It was a fun party. Lots of food, tons of beer. I brought along some Seltzer water to drink instead of pops. The slow braised brisket in BBQ sauce was wonderful on soft rolls. Bill also grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on a Weber grill that had, of all things, a propane bottle for starting the coals! That amused me. They have a beautiful house, several acres of pasture around them with buffalo in a nearby pasture.

The people were a mix of Bill's friends from work at various companies, friends of Allison from work and socially, and various family members. It was cool to interact with them. There was a great croquet game with a bunch of folks that had all the rivalry, allies, and amusements that all good games between good friends and close family members can have.

Jet had a great time playing in a sand box that had a nice cover that cranked up and down. He also loved eating hot dogs, brisket, bits of salad, cheesecake, cookie, and drinking from my cans of seltzer. He was able to handle the can on his own. He was getting more and more tired as he played and played. He chased two four-year-olds around, Jonathan and Natasha. Natasha got so tired of being followed by Jet she told him to stay away from her. But Jonathan loved the attention. That was cool.

There was also Speck, a tiny, teacup toy poodle, which fascinated Jet. Speck had a 19-month-old, Olivia, she had to watch out for constantly, so she knew to run when Jet came her way. She was gentle with him when they did come in contact and didn't jump in him. That was very pleasant compared to Dora, next door, who jumps up on Jet constantly.

It was fun to just sit and talk and eat and watch Jet. Finally, around 7:30, Jet was so tired he had to go on a walk with John down their huge driveway. He was so tired when I came out from a good tour of the house, that he wasn't able to walk all that well. When we got him into the car, he threw a thorough tantrum that pretty much lasted all the way home. Listening to him and looking him in the eye lessened the intensity of the screams, but it didn't make him happy.

We thought another bath would help, but Jet screamed when we tried to put him in and frantically clawed his way up my body. I held him, wet as he was, and just calmed him down. It was obvious a bath wasn't going to help at all. John gave him some Motrin in case some of it was his teeth, and I cuddled Jet until he quieted and calmed down. When he finally did, I took him to our usually spot and let him nurse himself to sleep.

It was early, but he was so tired, I don't think it'll make a difference.

So I've had a little time afterwards to write, and watch the rescue of the miners. It's good to know that they got to them, and are getting them out. Yay! Good news is nice to get. I also did a little experiment and made some chocolate covered grahams by melting slices of orange chocolate on graham crackers and spreading them and then letting them cool in the fridge. Yummy.

I also called Mom and Dad as they'd called yesterday and today while we were out. It was good to talk with them for a while.

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