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July 28, 2002
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Spliters, Toys, Exercise, and Teriyaki with Sweet Corn

12:52 am: I am now sad and terribly sorry.

Jet had such a weird going to sleep. He nearly never fights getting put into the tub. And he was so tired, angry and mad. When he went to sleep, finally, I was glad of that.

He just got up. I nursed him. When I arrived, he wasn't crying his usual cry. I don't know if I can quantify the difference but after eighteen months of responding to these night cries, I'm starting to get a feeling of what's usual and what's not. This time, instead of the lusty, mad cry of, "I'm up, feed me!", it was more of an unhappy, whimpering, sad cry.

When I presented the nipple, it took Jet a while to realize it was there, but he latched on thoroughly and stopped crying. He kept kicking his feet for a while, though and while that isn't unusual, the way he was kicking them, somehow, got my attention. He half fell asleep nearly as soon as he latched on, so by the time my mental gears had turned, and I ran very, very light fingertips over his feet, he was already mostly asleep.

Good thing, too, as while his feet twitched while I discovered entire patches of what may have been splinters in his feet, they didn't kick my head off. He also didn't wake up. So I guess they can't have been *too* bad. Still, it's breaking my heart, as I can now piece together all his crying on his way home from Bill's. The kicking as I was trying to reach him, how unhappy he was when I took his shoes off and he as kicking my arm to keep me away from him. Kicking things without his shoes must have made him that much madder. Plus his grabbing his feet, biting his toes, and pulling on his feet. Most of all, I guess they must have hurt badly when we put them into the warm water.

Poor kid.

I will be very glad when he can finally tell me what hurts instead of just crying. For now, I'll just have to keep working with his cries, I guess. John was sad that he hadn't figured it out earlier, too.

11:13 pm: Jet then got up at 5:30 am, and John and I worked together and I nursed Jet and held him while John pulled splinters. He got a good dozen of them, including one big one that Jet had gotten from our deck yesterday morning. John hadn't been able to get the second piece out yesterday morning, but he managed the rest of it today. He also found four or five patches where there were two or three hair-like splinters, and three or four red areas where tiny splinters were in the sides of Jet's feet. The red helped us spot them, this time.

I was glad we got them out. John went back to sleep, while I finished nursing Jet. Jet was much, much happier after all that. He also hadn't fought too hard while we were pulling them out, though he did cry and he did kick. He seemed to understand when I said I was sorry I hadn't figured it out last night, and we were doing what we could to make the owie go away.

As proof that we got the worst of them, Jet nursed and immediately got down and started running around and playing. He still had rings under his eyes, but he was happier than he had been last night, and he was getting into cool stuff quickly. We went down into the livingroom and he happily played with stuff while I sorted his laundry, got a few things neatened up, and settled a few things. After an hour or so of playing, he came to me with his older, Velcro shoes, and asked me to put them on his feet. So I did. He stomped around happily and zoomed about with them on, dancing, jumping, and he got a little time out on the porch since he had shoes on, and he enjoyed that greatly.

Then, at 7:45, he ran over to me, and asked, "Up!" So I picked him up and pulled his shoes off, and nursed him. He fell asleep, but cried when I tried to set him on his bed. So I finally ended up putting him into his car seat, and carrying that up to his room. He was asleep at about 8:15.

I then went back to our bedroom and fell asleep after John thanked me for letting him sleep.

John slept until about 10. I slept until nearly 11. Jet got up at about 10:15, probably after he heard John moving around downstairs or something. But it amazed John that Jet didn't get up until 10:15... kind of. I was just glad that Jet got more sleep.

When I did get up, we decided to go into Boulder to have some breakfast, and I could trade in the more hazardous insecticide for something less hazardous. We hadn't been to either The Buff or Dot's for quite a while. So we headed into town, and John decided at the last minutes, as I wanted to go to either of them. The Boulder Cafe had been fun, but we wanted to go back to an old favorite. John decided on The Buff (which is an adjunct to a Boulder hotel that caters to CSU visitors during Buffalo games). The parking lot was full, even just after noon, and we found one space a fair ways away from the restaurant. Jet was fascinated by the pool and stood there and watched for a while.

I went ahead and put our name in, while John went with Jet to make sure he didn't get into much trouble and headed in generally the correct direction. Jet got there in plenty of time, and was able to play with bike locking stations, bikes, and newspaper dispensers with impunity while we waited for our table. It was only ten minutes, but there were dozens of people waiting inside and sitting outside reading newspapers.

When we got our table, Jet sat in his high chair, no problem, and the waitress got us our juice while we figured out what we were going to order. Jet got a water in one of the half pint canning jar 'glasses' and he drank it with gusto. We ordered him a kids' breakfast, of a strip of bacon, some scrambled eggs, and wheat toast. It came with an apple juice. So when it came, he got some of it into a new glass. He drank some, and then insisted on pouring his juice into his partial glass of water. He was pretty steady about it, but put both arms straight forward and then poured the glass. John managed to get the water glass under the pour, and Jet looked really happy and took the glass of combined juice and water and drank from it.

Then he started to pour it again. And again, and again, and again... until he ran out of water and juice, and we'd gone through three napkins. Luckily, when it was all gone, he stopped doing it. Even when we gave him other glasses of water or juice, he seemed content to leave them in their containers. Whew.

I managed to order a cappuccino. Two shots of espresso with some steamed milk and foam. Normally, it's what I would call a latte, but they also had a latte, and my experience with the Buff made it so that I knew that they served their lattes in 20 ounce beer glasses, and I did not need 20 ounces of milk to go with just two shots of espresso. The cappuccino was a mere 12 ounces, so it still tasted like coffee. It was hot and good, and when Jet reached for it, I let him taste some of the milk foam. It turned him off of it, and I was able to have my drink to myself.

I also ordered a breakfast that was much like Jet's, so I got that all to myself as well. The bacon was perfect, crisp, tasty, and not burnt in the least. My over medium eggs were a little underdone. The wheat bread was wonderful, though, flavorful and filled with texture from sunflower seeds and other grains. The super chunky strawberry jam was a wonderful accompaniment. They also did paprika soaked home fries that had parley, garlic, and just the right touch of salt. Yum.

Jet cranked through his bacon. Then he ate just a taste of his scrambled eggs and didn't like them. Maybe he has to have pad thai sauce on them to really like them or something. He stole some of my home fries, ate just a little of the bread, and liked the strawberry jam a great deal.

I think having a good breakfast and a lot of sleep helped with Jet's mood. He was happy as a clam when we left, and danced on the counter for the register lady. He also smiled huge smiles at her when she smiled back. He then walked his roundabout way back to the car, and was strapped in without protest.

We then went to McGuckin's and I took a while trying to figure out what I wanted to get. I finally got a vegetable and tomato insecticide for all the bugs that had been eating my herbs, with different active ingredients than the other stuff. I felt better getting something completely different. While there were still hazard warnings, it mostly said that prolonged exposure to the skin would simply cause irritation. That helped.

Jet, in the meantime, led John on a merry chase. He found various bins of stuff, and he'd take one, hand it to John, and then take out another one. When John put one back into the bin, Jet got mad, as he seemed to want to empty the bin. Then Jet would get into the bin and start throwing everything in it out onto the floor. Oops.

Finally John just had to pick him up and find me.

We checked out pretty quickly, and, again, when we got back to the car, Jet didn't fuss at all, and we headed to Target, to get a bunch of things. A few toys for Jet, things that we knew that he liked playing with and would want to play with frequently. One was a magnetic drawing pad, and the other was one of those shape puzzles, that basically have shapes cut out of a board and he has to put the shapes back into the board. Rather than getting fish he'd never seen in his life, this time we got trucks, planes, and trains.

We gave him the magnetic pad for the ride home and he talked to it the whole way, occasionally getting frustrated when the erase bar didn't work the way he thought it should work. We stopped at the fruit and vegetable stand we used to frequent on the way home from work when we used to work in Boulder, and bought corn, peaches, and tomatoes. It's just the start of the season, so I only bought three ears. I wanted to see what it was like. Jet got a little impatient with the stop.

He was clearly tired. And he fussed the rest of the way home, but just low key.

I nursed him when we got home, and I thought he was asleep, when I tried to put him in his seat. He refused to go in, woke up completely, and then tried to nurse some more. Finally, I had to just set him down.

I prepped chicken thighs by cutting them thin and dumping some of the precious teriyaki sauce I'd bought in Redmond on them. I made sure they were coated and then tucked them back into the fridge. Two hours of marinating would have to do, though I'd originally thought about doing them last night. At least I'd get to see if I'd have to marinate them longer next time.

John went out to dig out the septic pumping access. I went down into the basement, with Jet, to ride the exercise bike. I had a water bottle down there, and Jet stole it early on and drank nearly continuously out of it. Thinking back on it, breakfast had been near noon, it was three, so he may well have been hungry. I rode the bike, and occasionally would beg Jet to bring the bottle to me. He loved having the upper hand, and he would smile and dodge, and finally he'd come up and hand me the bottle.

So I'd drink for a while, and when he asked for it back, I'd give it back to him. The giant TV was one, too, and his floor chair was in front of it. At one time, he walked over to the chair, looked at me and asked, "Mine?" I nodded, smiled and said, "Yeah! Yours!" He smiled angelically and sat down in it and we watched a Disney channel show together. He loved it. He sat for a whole fifteen minutes before he got up, during a commercial break, and started to explore the loom, my spinning wheel, and finally sat on his big train.

When I was done, I sat on the floor and did stretches. I stretched up against the wall, and when that was done, I sat down again and started doing sit-ups. Jet laughed when he saw me, ran over and sat on my chest! I had to laugh. Then I growled as I tried to do sit-ups and Jet laughed and laughed and wrestled with me. We both loved it.

John came down, then, sweaty from his digging and he started riding as well.

So John watched Jet while I went upstairs and had my shower. Then I went upstairs, set up the swamp cooler, filled it with water and let it rip. It did beautifully. It doesn't have a long range, but when I put it six feet away, it managed to cool me off quite well, taking the ambient temp in the room down about six degrees. This with 30% humidity outside and a temp of high 80's outside and low 80's inside. The noise of the fan and the water plus having the door closed so that I wouldn't heat up the rest of the house made it impossible for me to hear John in the kitchen. Finally he brought Jet up to the office when John wanted a shower.

Jet nursed again, but was mildly disappointed. I worked on updating at least a weeks' worth of entries. When John was out of the shower, I took Jet downstairs again, and John told me later that Jet dug around in the pantry for edibles and found food for himself. He rooted around, pulled out the box of Ritz crackers and started trying to open a new packet. There was an already open roll, which John pulled out, showed Jet, and Jet went at them happily.

So, yes, Jet was hungry, as he should have been. I was too distracted with my plans to figure it out, but Jet took steps himself. I'm glad of that.

At 6:30, I went down, and John had set up the corn by soaking it and had cooked some Japanese short grain rice. When I got down, he started grilling the chicken and the corn. I cut red onion, slivered carrots, and sliced cabbage and made a coleslaw. Jet likes cole slaw, usually. But this would be a new, stringier form of it, and I wasn't sure if he'd eat it or not. I thought he would like the rice and chicken, and even, maybe, the corn.

I was right about the rice and chicken. Though he did shake his head when John asked him if he wanted more rice, I actually think he might have eaten more of it if he'd been given more. He ate quite a lot of his chicken and when he was released from his high chair, he climbed into my lap and ate a bunch of my chicken as well. He tried the corn. He liked biting it off my cob, though he was tentative about it. When he got free kernels, cut from the cob, he'd bite them, spit them out and then smear them across the floor. Bah.

I liked the chicken, too. It was thin enough that it didn't burn when it was cooked through. It was juicy, tender, and tangy with the sauce. It was good on the rice. The slaw was crunchy and wonderful. Jet didn't like the stringy version. I'll have to use the food processor again, next time. I liked it, though.

The corn was exquisite. I think the season must have started while we were away, as these were not start of the season sized cobs. They were heavy, full and sweet as summer. Wonderful.

After dinner, we went on our walk, in the lowering sunshine. After the mosquito swarms in Washington, a few mosquitoes out this evening didn't scare me or faze me at all. I was glad of that gift. So we went out and walked, and Jet did a whole lot of the walk with us. He ran, he explored, he enjoyed being with us and we enjoyed him. We got to wave at neighbors, and throw rocks and run around. On the way back, Jet discovered as many puffy flowers as possible. He'd pick them, and have John or I blow on them to make the seeds fly and he'd gravely watch the seeds.

Finally, he got so tired that he'd pick a flower, ask me to pick him up and then he'd have me blow on them or brush the seeds off against my jaw, my ear, or my shirt, and then twist to be let down again to find another flower.

When we got into our driveway, he wanted to go back out, and he had a mild fuss while being taken inside. John made them popcorn and I went up to fill in the last holes from the Washington trip, until it was pumpkin time.

Jet was so tired, he fell asleep after the first side. He woke up when he was taken from the second, he'd gotten on it, but hadn't managed to get it to let down. John had a terrible time getting him to go to sleep, so I asked him to bring Jet down again, and Jet got to nurse the second side down. So John and I got to watch the weather, and this time Jet went right to sleep.

It was very cool to watch footage of the miners getting rescued. I'm glad that worked out.

Jet's been up once, and I'm glad we hit Target as we got ibuprofen for Jet. He seems to be teething again, as there are more teeth pushing up against his gums. While he started late, he seems to be catching up in a hurry. John took care of him. I seem to be thoroughly phase shifted, but I'm glad of the chance to get caught up, and after the exercise this afternoon, I should sleep well.

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