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July 29, 2002
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Dentist Checkup, Adventure with Jet, and Cause for a Bath

10:01 pm: I got my six month checkup and cleaning today. I had set it up half a year ago, when Mondays were still the day when I could go in and get it done and have John at home. These days John usually goes into work; but today he stayed home for the morning. It made up for the week when I was at home and John was at work, in part.

Both of us dropped Jet off at Joan's, and on the way back, John had to go to the bank to pick up the check book. On the way there, we happened across a flatbed truck and on it were a swing set and a big sign saying, "Free!" So we stopped, checked it out. The swing set, itself, is very solid. The swings themselves are worn out; but it's possible to get replacements and we could also get a baby bucket swing for one of the set of rings. So we decided to take it. She also had a Rubbermaid kids' picnic table just gathering spider webs in one corner of her yard. It seemed solid enough, though it needed a cleaning, and we took that, too. They're going to deliver it some day this week.

John had it pretty easy, as I stayed home until 11:30, and Joan had Jet from 9 to 10:45, when she dropped him off on the way to their swimming class. I got Jet, then, and nursed him until he fell asleep. I worked another fifteen minutes and then headed into Boulder.

I got a different cleaner, and I also got the partner of the practice, instead of Dr. Davis. He was a bit bluffer, much younger, and when he heard I was having molar problems, he checked them out. Since they were a matched set, though, with the molars both underneath and above having problems, he and the hygienist believed that it might just be day time clenching of the teeth. I have a night guard. He said that if I were interested, that there were new guards out that fitted only on the front teeth and prevented the molars from even meeting. They didn't have to be made in a lab, so they were half the price of the normal guard.

He also said that Dr. Davis didn't make them, yet, but that if I were interested that I should make and appointment and it would take twenty minutes to half an hour to get one made.

It sounded like a great idea; but my old guard still works just fine. I am a little leery of the rather casual attitude of the second doc, and the fact that he said to make an appointment with his assistant rather than with him. I am not sure I like that. The guards are notoriously tricky for fit and usage, though with fewer teeth to fit, it might be easier. I don't know.

I may have to talk with Dr. Davis about why he doesn't do them. John and I talked it over and I don't think I'll do that, yet.

So I got a sonic cleaning, sensitive teeth toothpaste, and a new toothbrush in black and blue. Pretty.

I then dropped by the brewing supply market and picked up some powdered malt extract and some dark liquid malt extract for some root beer this weekend. It's been a while since I've made summer root beer, and I'm liking it enough that I probably should make some and see how it goes. I wanted something more interesting than plain sugar in them, though, and the malt tastes more complex. I like the stuff in soft drinks.

Home again, home again. Jet had woken up a bare ten minutes before I got home. John had changed him, and I nursed Jet while John finished his lunch and then ran off.

Instead of even attempting to work, I decided to go out with Jet. There was a new bagel shop that was closer than all the other ones. First, though, I had to have lunch.

I made some two inch diameter micro-pizzas with sausage and pepperoni. To round out the nutrition of my 'lunch', I also made a smoothie with bananas, frozen strawberries, yogurt, and soy. Jet happily drank the smoothie while the pizzas were cooking. When they were done, I set them in a plate, sat down and Jet came over and said, "Up!" So up he came.

He ate an entire micro pizza himself. This after eight ounces of smoothie. So his tummy was well rounded and he was very pleased with himself, when I tucked him and his magnetic drawing board into his car seat. And we headed out.

Scarily enough, I think that this is the first time I've been out, alone, with Jet, other than going to a doctor's appointment to meet John. Or on a trip to work to meet up with John to go do some dinner or other errands when he got off from work. This was an adventure with just Jet and I and it was quite different than having John with me. It gave me something of a taste of what it might be like to have two kids, where one of them is off doing something while the other is distracting you. Here I had shopping to distract me, and Jet was just doing stuff, like usual.

The first stop was the bagel shop and it turned out that they had a self-service counter. Luckily, all the bagel bins were out of Jet's reach. Unluckily, all the papers for picking things up with and bags and twisty ties were well in Jet's reach and he fully explored all three while I picked a dozen bagels. He really liked that when he pulled out one paper there was another underneath it, and got through five of them before I stuffed the ones he'd already pulled out under his hands. Then he found that the bags were the same way. Finally, I got him out of those when his attention was caught by the twisty ties I was using to close my bags. Whee... ties everywhere...

When I went to pay for the bagels, simply getting smiled at by the counter girl distracted Jet completely from all his destruction and he came over to smile back at her winningly and strut his stuff. I asked him to carry the three garlic bagels and he manfully wrapped his arms around them and carried them out to the car. He wanted to explore a bit more, with them, but I finally rescued them, tucked them into the car and then followed Jet as he wended his random walk through the sidewalk, back court, and parking lot around the shops there.

I also debated, fiercely, if I should get a Java Java drink. I decided it would be impossible to juggle Jet and a drink, and abandoned the thought.

I eventually had to just catch Jet, and put him back into his seat. He went in, no problem, but on feeling the straps tighten, he had a moment's remorse and struggled wildly, until I had him good and tight in. Then he stopped struggling when the car started up again.

On the way home, I saw the sign for Dairy Queen and shrugged and said, why not? So I stopped there and got him a kiddy cone and myself a regular cone, and we sat outside in the 98 degree heat and ate them. We actually had some good shade, and terribly enough, it was cooler outside, with the breezes, than it was in the shop. Their air conditioning was broken and the ice cream machines were just cranking out the heat. Ugh.

Jet loved his cone. He ate it very, very slowly. He turned into a vanilla drip monster, with a finality that was to be envied. He loved it. He nibbled cone, sucked ice cream, and let it just run all down his arm. Luckily, for most of the time, he had it only in one hand. Eventually, I had to pick him up and lean him forward, so that he'd only drip on the ground instead of all over himself. Finally, when he was done, I just carried him into the bathroom and rinsed him off.

While we sat and ate, watching people go by and seeing the cars get repaired in the garage next to us, I realized that John had invited Joan and Haley and Alex over for dinner tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just some hot dogs and/or teriyaki chicken. But we didn't have that many hot dogs. So Jet and I went into the Safeway that was right there and bought some hot dogs, buns, and there was a beautiful cantaloupe for only 39 cents a pound. Yum. So I got that too. Jet rode in the cart, happily, as I pushed it with him going first, so he could see everyone and everything first.

When we'd gotten through the checkout, we saw the pony ride. It's only a penny, and there were two pennies lying on the box. I pulled out a penny my coin pouch for Jet's ride and left another one there for whomever might want to ride but lack a penny. Jet looked intensely proud when he sat on that pony and it rocked under him. He rode it steadily and calmly and with this huge smile.

Home again, home again, and the phone rang right as I was unloading stuff, and following a Jet whom I had allowed to go under his own power. He was taking his own sweet time, too. Finally, he went in, and I was able to get the phone after its third try and they hung up right as I got it. I told John about it when he came home half an hour later.

I got to work. John made dinner. Taco meat from a can. It sounds terrible, but Hatch makes a very savory, red chile based taco meat that also has vegetable proteins in it as well as meat. It's very good. I enjoyed it a lot with black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and sweet onion on flour tortillas. Yum.

Jet painted himself with the taco meat and the black beans. He ate quite a lot of it as well, but wore quite a lot of it. After the ice cream cone and this approach to dinner, I decided he'd have to have a bath. He'd also gotten into Alex's sand box and was covered with grit.

John and Jet first went on a walk, which Jet came back, very happy, from. They had a blast, and I then set up the swamp cooler to cool off Jet's room a bit before we put him into it. Then I took him upstairs to the bathroom. John followed with a disposable diaper and Jet's PJs. I then gave Jet a bath while John sprayed weeds outside while it was still light. I managed it, though not as gracefully as when I have John's help. Jet keeps pulling off the water visor just as I'm pouring the water on his head, and he kept protesting getting water dumped on his head. I do blame him. *grin*

He got clean. He got lotioned. He got dressed. Then we went down and John scooped mint Oreo ice cream. Yay! Jet ran between John and I getting bites of ice cream from each of us. Finally, when we were done, and I sat down on the sofa, he realized what I wanted to do and ran over to nurse.

He fell completely asleep. I'm glad. It's been a while.

All in all a good day. I am glad that I don't have to have a crown replaced, yet. And that my mouth seems to be in good health, all together. That's a good thing. I also got a Cook's Illustrated and I'm happily reading it from cover to cover... mmm... corn muffins... Tomorrow I get to work at work. That should be fun, and there's going to be at least one very useful meeting and I get to chase down some people I haven't seen for a while. Yay!

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