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July 30, 2002
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New Baby Monitor

9:27 am: The baby monitor gave up the ghost last night. We'd been babying it for weeks previously, doing tricks to get it to turn on without full out static. Last night it just wouldn't do it anymore.

We've had a lot of problems with this Safety 1st monitor, starting with the channels being off by one. The batteries in the monitor and receiver died young. And now this. All in less than a year and a half.

So we'll get one later today.

So last night was a little crazy. Jet was up twice, too. Though it was just at midnight and 2, and he finally got up at 6:30. John heard the midnight one when I didn't. I heard the 6:30 one while John didn't. So between the two of us we did okay. It helped having the doors open to both bedrooms.

9:51 pm: Work was good this morning. I got home to find Jet up with John, he had taken a short nap at Joan's and, therefore, wasn't going down for a nap.

Right behind me was the septic pump truck. John took care of talking with the driver while I entertained Jet. Then Jet and John sat out on the porch and watched the pumping while I made myself a beef and bean quesadilla. I ate my lunch, and when the boys came in, I shared my lunch with Jet while John did some email checking.

I sent one letter and then the three of us went out to get a monitor.

Yesterday morning, on the way home from Joan's, we found a free swing set that was, basically, a good frame. The swings were tired and broken. The slide was metal, so we didn't that. The frame was good and solid, though, and replacement seats could be found, somewhere.

Today, we went to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Target and didn't find replacement seats. That was a lot of checking.

While I was waiting for John, I did a Google search for baby monitors and took the "I Feel Lucky" option. It just takes the number one find for the key words given and takes you to it, rather than giving you pages of possible links. I felt lucky, and got a page that summarized 29 different comparison reports on baby monitors. The number one monitor was the Fisher-Price Sounds and Lights, which only costs $20 and does everything we've needed it to do, i.e. monitor Jet, and show us how loud he's being if we have the volume turned down on the receiver. The comparisons also said that it was much more robust than our Safety 1st monitor. I can only hope it'll live up to the report.

We were pretty much unsuccessful in our searches for swing seats and for an extra support bar for the frame. It was also really hot out. Jet napped for about ten minutes on the way our and didn't sleep at all on the way home, so when I nursed him when we got home, he fell right to sleep and gave John and I another hour.

I needed it. John needed it, too, as he'd had a fairly sparse morning.

When Jet woke up, John took him into the basement and rode the bike while Jet played. I worked. I got frustrated, too, as something about the Microsoft profiles messed me up by getting 'too full' somehow. I had no idea where the profile was being kept, and when it told me that I had to do something about getting rid of some of the files, I got really frustrated because I had absolutely no hope at finding out where it is.

Microsoft. Bah.

Also, the one IT guy that really knows Windows is out on vacation for two weeks. Grrr...

PLUS the site where IT takes problems was down and not responding to my browser, and timing out. Bah humbug. I had to use John's machine to complain about it, and I'll get to see if they answer me in email for my Solaris machine to read. It's just maddening.

So dinner was late. I skewered shrimp with cantaloupe, onion, peppers, and green onions. The cantaloupe came out wonderful, smoky, sweet, and tender. The shrimp were cooked through quickly, and were well seasoned from a quick brine I did while I was chopping up all the other vegetables. While it cooked on the grill outside, Jet and John were talking and helping out the neighbor with the small tractor.

They were having some problems with the front shovel. And John hung onto a very quiet and calm Samuel while Zach and his dad figured out the shovel attachment while Ben scared everyone by touching various levers and handles when the thing had to be still. It fascinated Jet, of course, and he tried to climb the fence. Jet managed to get his body off the ground before John caught him at it and caught him up.

We didn't eat until 8. Jet turned into a pumpkin during the meal, and afterwards, he nursed and fell asleep only during the last five minutes. He was pretty wiggly before that, but he finally managed to relax and calm down.

Now it's my turn.

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