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July 3, 2003
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Visit From Rodney

8:53 pm: I'm tired. I even got a nap today and I'm still tired. I spent most of the morning just hauling away at all the things I should have been doing for the last two weeks, and bemused myself by getting it all done in time for my status meeting with my boss at 2. This after a full day at work, Jet *just* getting up out of his nap, stumbling his way up to me to nurse while I met, and then, just as I finished, a bunch of old time friends appearing on our back doorstep in the 100 degree heat.

Yeah. It's been 100 for a good long while here. The last few days have been really hot, and it's been deadly to go out during the day. I actually hear the ice cream truck coming by AFTER it's dark, and it's stopping a lot as it's not getting any further away.

The tomato plants are doing disgustingly well. They love this heat, and they all have half a dozen fruit on them, now. It's pretty cool to see. I got a little time with them this morning as I fed them and added to their water allotment. I think that the three times a week drip irrigation should do them just fine, even in 90+-degree weather.

I took that time before diving into work. It's funny, but the stretching software is SUCH a pain when I'm working hard. It feels like no time at all has elapsed when it pops up again. When, of course, it's been exactly the same number of keystrokes or mouse clicks as before. Just when I'm busy I want to ignore it. It's good that I can't. I guess I need to buy it.

At 11 I skipped out of a meeting that had already run an extra half an hour, and hit the Fredrick post office to mail some CDs of pictures to my parents, Kathy, and John's parents. Then I picked up Jet, who was pretty tired, but unwilling to leave until I mentioned popsicles. So he went to the car, himself, climbed into his seat, and sang about popsicles all the way home. He stayed awake! Amazing. So I fed him a popsicle, wiping up as he went. While he was eating, I listened to a message that said that Rodney had called to ask if he should come here for lunch. I called him back to say, no, there's nothing to eat in the house, so you should eat where you can find food, and we'll see each other in a couple of hours. Jet really needed his nap. When Jet was done with his popsicle he nursed for about five minutes and fell dead asleep.

So I worked like crazy. An hour after he went down, I heard Jet yelling, and I went downstairs wondering what was up, but he was still asleep, just a bad dream, I guess. But he had gone back to sleep, so I went up and worked like crazy some more.

It was good to get all that done.

Then Rodney and family arrived and I was done for the day. Just talked with them, watched the kids, wandered about, gave them ice water, and their four-year-old girl played very well with Jet. Jet was a bit grabby today and still kind of tired and hot. The AC worked wonders for everyone as they came in from the heat, and I was very glad of it.

John came home an hour and a half later, and took care of hosting duties while I went and napped. I needed it so badly. I guess it's the heat. My gut's better today, so it may have just been something I ate. I'm glad.

I napped an hour and a half, got up and felt more human. So I was able to do hosting duties, carry a semi-decent conversation as Rod and John took the Stoat off to get food from Santiago's. I started some Wallace and Grommet tapes when Jet didn't object too much to me removing the Goofy tape. And everyone was happily hooked. It's good stuff. I also doled out goldfish to some hungry kids and they dove in. When the food arrived, they were all set to eat more. Jet, however, uncatagorically refused his quesadilla and then started monster crushing goldfish. Oops.

Ah well.

They stayed until 8-ish, and left, and now we have a very tired, very grumpy two-year-old that wants to 'help' with the packing. John's doing great and taking care of him, since he didn't have to all day, and I'm taking a bit of time to get all this out of my system before we really get down to it. I have lists made up with my listPro software and I can even print out a list that I can mark up with pen! Pretty cool.

Joan's going to take Jet for the morning, and we'll see how far we get when, and if we're all ready by 11, we'll just go and pick Jet up in Fredrick as they're having a parade at 10 and Joan and Alex and Haley want to be a part of it all. *grin*

I almost wish that we'd planned to just stay home for the weekend, and only left afterwards. But we're headlong for this plan and it should work out okay

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