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July 2, 2003
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Hunan Garden, Popsicle Nap, and Packing

12:31 am: Yeah, I know. And I was up way too early this morning, too, but I'm just restless. Too many things to remember, too many things to forget, and too much that I have yet to do before I can really 'vacation'... and what does it say when prepping for a vacation is infinitely more stressful than working? I dunno.

Anyway, Jet was up with the birds and the first light at about 5:30, and it was pretty painful getting up and getting to him. I went back to sleep at 6:30 and got up at 7:15 because I just had to take a shower. I was so sticky from yesterday it was making me feel yucky.

Both John and Jet were ready to go and we dropped Jet off at Joan's and headed for Cafe Luna. Yum. I got a huge blueberry scone and a big old latte with caramel and felt much better for the boost in both blood sugar and caffeine. I do needed it to survive my next to last development meeting.

Bob had a great idea yesterday. He wanted to go to Hunan Garden and get good Chinese food. They'd just stolen the best chef from Spice China. They being several of the staff member of China Gourmet. Bob liked the people that had exited, a lot and he'd had a good experience eating their food. So here we were, and we weren't disappointed.

We ordered six dishes, and they threw in a free cold dish of spicy tofu sheet with various vegetables. It was a great, cold, spicy start. Then we had honey shrimp, which was crisp and sweet and had candied walnuts as garnish. The whole, crisp fish was next, and I got the head of it pointing at me when it was served, which was good luck. I'll need it for the trip. The flesh was sweet and tender, the skin crisp and wonderful, and I nibbled all the flesh off the head and collarbones. The beef chow fun, Chinese broccoli with chicken, pea sprouts with garlic, and the hot pot lions' heads were all good, too. Lions' heads are meatballs in rice noodles and cabbage. It's a good, savory dish for winter, usually, and it's called lions heads because the meatballs look like the Chinese representation of lions' heads, with the mane of clear noodles in brown broth around them. Yum. They served white rice and brown rice fried with egg. It was all good. Yay! Real Chinese food!

The carpooling didn't work out quite right, as the people that hat driven me over, only had the space for me, and John took two people to the restaurant. So John had to go back to work to drop them off, so he decided to stay at work for the rest of the day. Joan dropped Jet off, who had napped for exactly 45 minutes with her, and he was wide-awake for me.

We did well, though, for a good long while. When he was involved with a Grommet tape, I found that I had bad gut trouble. For some reasons Wednesdays seem to bring it out in me. Or else it's just the stress of Tuesdays finally showing itself on the day after, or something. But I was really sick. Jet was great, though, and occupied himself quite well.

In fact, there was a while when he was playing with something in our bedroom and I lay down on John's side of the bed to 'watch' him and I fell asleep. Jet just stayed where he was, playing, while I slept. That was very good, and lasted until John came home at about 4. Then John took over, and I went to sleep.

Turns out that when John had him, he gave Jet a Popsicle, and Jet sat in the corner of the sofa to eat it. When John next checked in on him, he had finished his popsicle, and had fallen asleep. His head was nearly upside-down to the side, and he was just curled up in his corner of the sofa. So John just laid him down on the sofa, on the Boppy and let him sleep.

I got a good hour and a half in. When I got up, neither John nor I were hungry, but when Jet woke up, we fed him some ramen at about 8. The neighbors came home soon after that, and we went over and delivered all our houseplants. They'd offered to take care of the plants for us, and we piled most of them into their bathroom. It took four trips with the wagon. Jet pushed the wheelbarrow the whole way over to their house. That was pretty impressive, since it was filled with plants.

After delivering the plants, the boys stayed outside and messed with the Eurovan. When they came in, we watched a bit of Wallace and Grommet. I think Jet's getting the idea something strange is going to happen, as he just wouldn't go to sleep. It was pretty hard, as even with the nap I was tired, but I got John to go to sleep, sot hat at least one of us would be functional tomorrow, and gently pursued Jet's sleep time. It finally worked at 11, and I was so grumpy about doing all that, that I decided to eat the last slice of key lime pie and watch some Saiyuki anime.

Of course, then I lay awake for a while, thinking of all the things I forgot or hadn't done. So I brought my Visor to bed with me and wrote things down as they occurred to me. That, at least, got it all out of my brain. I just hope I'll survive tomorrow, too

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