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July 17, 2003
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The Bus Ride

Jet slept all night last night! I hope he makes a habit of it. It would be a very useful new habit for him to pick up from this trip. Given how much he did during the day, though, it wasn't that out of possibilities. I think that maybe we need to be making his days a little busier than they have been or something.

After breakfast Isabel went off on various appointments and a lunch while the boys and I decided to go on an adventure to the west. We hiked down the hill, with Jet comfortably ensconced in his pack, and caught the bus for Bellevue. A transfer later and we were on a bus for Seattle. Jet loved getting on and off and paying the driver and everything about it all. He sat in my lap, though, instead of his own seat, and watched everything and commented on several things, like the big water of Lake Washington, and on the big tunnels and all the cars and trucks and busses he saw.

We got off at Westlake and walked to the Pike Place Market and started wandering around. We hadn't planned out provisioning, correctly, for Jet, and he was pretty grumpy and tired, pretty quickly. He hadn't had his nap, yet, and it showed. He wanted to be carried, but refused to ride in the pack. John did, however, managed to feed him half a bag of goldfish, and when we happened by the tiny donut both, bought half a dozen little donuts. Jet greedily ate two of the six, and seemed to feel a lot better quickly.

He led us on quite a chase around the market. He found stairs that went up and up and up and then down, down, down. He found a kid care area that he couldn't play at as it was a day care. Then he found an alley with cobblestone, brick, and walls that were covered with globs of used chewing gum. He ran right up a steep, cobblestone incline with his arms back, his body leaning far forward, and all the enthusiasm he has for everything. Wow.

It was very impressive following him at full speed. Reminded me, a lot, of John and I going full-throttle at problems or new discoveries, and this was all new to him.

We ended up in various parts of the Market that I'd either never seen before or hadn't visited for a very long time. One of them was an alley right by the Crumpet Shop, which William had been kind enough to frequent when I had my knee operated on, and he'd brought me half a dozen of the chewy, rich, lovely things to aid in my recovery. I was amazed that they were still open. So Jet and I went into the shop and immediately bought half a dozen day old crumpets. They only sold the day-olds in bags, and had a big display case with the freshly turned and made ones right there for all to see. I only stayed long enough to get what I wanted, not thinking to ask about the truly fresh ones or serving opportunities right there. I'll have to go there when I don't have a cranky, tired, hungry Jet on my arm, someday.

For, yes, he was hungry again, and really tired. Tired enough, after all the running, to be kind of tipsy drunk tired and mad at nearly everything we did or didn't do. I finally made an executive decision and had John and George stuff Jet into the backpack even as he protested at the top of his lungs. I wore the pack, and carried Jet, while he screamed about, "Not that way! Not that way!!" as we headed away from the waterfront, the crabs, and the water and back towards the busses.

By the time we were on the bus he was quiet again. Though he got several mothers to smile at us in sympathy along the way. By the time we were in the International District, he was nodding, and by the time we got to China Gate, he was asleep. We propped the pack up in the back of the booth, and he slept like a log amid the gabble of mid-day lunch dim sum at one of the best dim sum restaurants in the city.

It was good. George, John and I had our fill, including a beautiful, huge plate of Chinese broccoli. Sadly, though, Jet slept through the whole thing and it wasn't until after we were back on the road, back to the busses, that he woke up. He was a hungry little guy, but he made do with water and having his own seat to stand on while we rode the busses back home. He had a mild melt down on the walk from the bus stop to the house, but once John got a hot dog, a popsicle, and a large amount of juice into him, Isabel got the happiest greeting she'd ever seen from him when she got home.

I, on the other hand, napped and needed it.

When I woke up, I made dinner from the beautiful Sockeye salmon, fresh tomatoes, and various other things we'd gotten at the market. I made the tomato salad, some zucchini couscous, and simply soy sauced and seared the salmon. It was excellent salmon, red and rich and tender when done. Really quality ingredients make for a great meal easily and quickly. I was pretty impressed when everyone finished of nearly all of the side of salmon, all of the tomato salad, and polished off most of the couscous as well. I had thought I'd made far too much, but I guess with all the activity people were hungry.


Jet got his normal bedtime routine tonight, and went right to sleep. So did everyone else. I stayed up with John's laptop and caught up on my Eskimo mail, just in case Jayashree had emailed me something, and she hadn't. It was nice to get caught up a little with livejournal, and see how people were doing. I had needed some online time, alone, for a while and it was good to finally get it and not feel like I was impinging on someone else's needs or time.

All in all a good day

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