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June 20, 2000
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Candles and Changes

The power went out last night. It was actually very peaceful, in a lot of way.

I spent the day tired and mildly cranky, and then went to CeLena's for a massage only to find that my breasts are tender enough that lying on my front is mildly uncomfortable. She did some work that way, but then we flopped me over and she worked a lot more that way. Just medium hard work, nothing terribly painful. She was happy with the news as well, and said that it'd be fine if I found a lady that did specialize on pregnant woman for the time that I needed that. Near the end of the massage, the wind started just howling and then rain started splashing down, and I could hear it leaping through the gutters.

It didn't last too long. The wind died fairly quickly and then, when John arrived to pick me up the sun was out and the rain was just a gentle mist. We took CeLena and Boon home, as they didn't want to walk in the mud and rain. It turned out that the power at home was out, so John said that maybe we should just buy a pizza for dinner. So we did that. A nice, large pizza with three toppings for $7.99, and my half had pepperoni, onions, and mushrooms and John's had sausage, green peppers and tomatoes. So six altogether, and it was done pretty quick. So we got to go home and eat by candlelight.

The NBA finals were playing, so I got out my handcrank radio and we cranked it up and off it went! We only had to crank it twice for the last half of the game, which was very nice indeed. A few hours of solid radio reception and no batteries used up. With the candles, I also set up a bunch of stick candles and with half a dozen flickering light sources, the light actually became fairly steady, so I could shower easily and get all the massage lotion off. I still don't have a high end temperature limit on bathes that are safe for the embryo, so I'm just sticking to showers until I know what it is. Both John and I are allergic to the lotion, so I like washing it off before too long.

I got to call Geoff, too. He's stressed and tired in his new place, but adjusting, learning the things he has to learn. Coping, but still stretching to do so. All new. We'd talked over the fact that I was trying to get pregnent when we first started talking about having a relationship and he was pretty much ready for the fact that it was going to happen. Still, it does make some things a bit more uncertain in the long term, as when I'm heavily pregnant, visits will definitely be different. He has cool new things, too, and I probably should have asked more about them than the stressful bits. I'll have to do that better next time.

It was very, very peaceful, though, afterwards, when I was clean and happy and sitting at the diningroom table with candlelight, my glass pen and my paper journal. I could just write whatever came into my head while I listened to the game. I'm mildly sad that LA won, but not too much. Don't really care enough about basketball; but it was nice to just close my eyes and imagine the play from the announcers' descriptions.

We went to sleep around 10:30 and I set my pocket watch and the pikachu for alarms. Even if one went off and I turned it off, then the other one would make sure we got up. John has training today, so had to get in early; and I had a meeting to lead at 9.

They went okay.

I'm just so completely tired today, it isn't even really funny anymore. Just can't seem to wrap my brain around the really nasty problems. Still a bit emotional about everything. Grumpy at the smaller things, weepy at weird things, and it just is making me frustrated, mildly. Kathy said, in the phone conversation with her last Thursday, that the mood swings are going to be something to really watch, given that I swing pretty wildly on hormonal help anyway. She's perfectly right.

Did have a bit of nausea this morning, but that was more because of the stock market shooting up after I sold a few things yesterday, but a 25% profit in two months is nothing to sneeze at. The good lesson is that short term *never* works as well as long term and I actually gained money learning it. Not a terrible deal. Have a new saying, "For the stockmarket, hindsight is 20/20, but foresight is 50:50." A pretty good deal, all around. Still, it made me grumpy. The meeting actually went okay, and I didn't burst into tears or anything! Luckily, it was pretty simple and I signed up for only a few simple things.

It's just weird. Eating in small amounts frequently all-day really is nice on the stomach. Mostly dried apricots and I need to get some nuts and probably some Wheat Thins, which are whole wheat and nice, light crackers. I don't seem to like coffee anymore, or sugery things, especially soda pop. So strange. I had a nice whole grain cereal for breakfast and then egg rolls for lunch, with plenty of veggies in 'em. There are probably going to be quite a few changes in the food that I write about here for the next few months, at least. John and I are going to try really spicy chicken wings this evening and see how it turns out. Might be the last really spicy stuff I have for a while. Experiments experiments.

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