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June 3, 2001
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Rain Relief

9:44 pm: So Jet had a really hard time giong to sleep last night. It was only after John gave him a shot of infant Tylenol that he actually did get to sleep. After all the sleep he had during the day, we thought he'd have a really hard time sleeping, and getting to sleep really was hard for him, but possibly for more reasons than not being tired.

He was fussy today for most of the morning and the early afternoon, too. He was drooling like crazy, too and was sucking on anything that got near his mouth. All of which point towards teething, and he has two hard spots on his upper and lower gums, but nothing so hard as to be white, yet. So he's not realy close to anything breaking out, but since the Tylenol helped him, we suspect he's having either some itching or some pain.

Still, he only got up twice last night. What made them really hard, however, was that he got up about half an hour after I'd pumped, in both cases. So I didn't thing I had enough milk in my breasts to really do anythig, still, he snacked off me both times and then ate a four once bottle and did just fine getting back to sleep. So maybe it's not teething, because they say that with real teething, they have really restless nights. I guess the wya to think about it is when one has some kind of injury, during the day it's possible to ignore the pain, but at night when one is lying awake and trying ot get to sleep, the pain bothers you more.

Anyway. I had a really hard night, because between pumping and feeding him twice, I was up for four hours during the night. So I was pretty bushed when I got up, but John was quite willing to take Jet, as John had slept pretty much from 10:30 until 7:15, as that's when Jet finally got up. So the naps really didn't affect how long Jet slept overall.

I got up at 8:30, pumped and had breakfast because I was starving, and then went back to bed for a nap. That was really hard, because Jet was up and yelling at everything, even when he was happy and playing with his toys. So I was waking up every ten minutes, and trying to reassure myself that John was doing just fine and Jet was safe and doing okay.

I finally just got up 40 minutes later, took a long, hot shower, felt half human again, and went out to feed Jet. John took him for most of the rest of the day, letting me do things because I'd taken Jet yesterday for so long. That was good as a return. I really needed it, and got more entries up, baked three dozen cookies, froze the dough for four dozen more, got water to boil for Jet's formula, and finished making a grocery list.

John got our home machine upgraded to Windows 2000, and I was able to use it a little, but the network card in it seems mildly hosed. So I finished putting up the journal entries with my work machine. That worked out pretty well. Then my dial-up access for my eskimo account went kaput, and we think it's 'cause with my renewel, they forgot to send me my new id and password, or something.

All that plus feeding Jet, having lunch with John today, and then going out to Safeway for the items on the list plus a bunch more things. We went out around 5:30, and had fun going up and down the aisles because I hadn't had all that many things on my list. We didn't get a whole lot more, and Jet was happy to be out on the trip. He was perfectly interested and quiet the whole time we were out and John entertained him face-to-face very happily for a lot of the ride around the store. Amusingly enough, Jet weighed 15 pounds, this time, on the scale, though the blanket was two more ounces, so he's likely only 14 lbs and 6 ounces, instead of the almost 13 and a half he was last week. So it's not a full pound's gain.

We'll get to see how accurate that is when we go to the doctor's on Tuesday.

Once home again, Jet got changed from a soaking wet diaper and then he ate happily off me while John baked a frozen lasagna. We kept Jet entertained while we ate and watched Ircon Chef 2001 challenge, and loved the first one with the very first challenger and Sakai. We both hated the second one.

We also gave Jet a bath while we were watching and outside the rain finally started falling after a day full of clouds and cool weather. It was so nice, and the sound of the rain is so soothing. We closed the doors and windows so that Jet's bath could be without drafts, and he loved his bath today, just kicking and splashing and smiling at us. It was really amazing. I made sure the water was warm enough this time and he wasn't even shivering when we got the lotion on him and he was very happy in his one piece long-sleeved suit at the end.

Tonight he went right to sleep after eating. That was very nice indeed. Maybe he turned some corner early this afternoon and will do well tonight. That will be nice. On the other hand, Jet's been totally unpredictable so far, so I really can't predict anymore and probably should just give up.

I've noticed that I've been really pre-occupied with 'how Jet does tonight' for quite a while, and I probably should just let it go and not worry about it as we have pretty much dealt with everything he's done so far. Given what I know of last night, I probably should have just taken him at 1, and left him for John at 5, except I still had to get up to pump uncomfortable breasts... bah... We'll see how I do tonight.

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