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June 4, 2001
two years ago
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Small Magics

9:43 am: Jet was great last night. He slept until 2:30, ate and went back to sleep at 3:30 and then didn't get up until 7:30! So John got another 9 hours and decided in the shower to help out with Jet tonight, so I could get more sleep too. Yah! If John bottlefeeds Jet while I pump that should make the midnight feeding be much faster than an hour. With washing maybe matching up with getting Jet back tg sleep we may still be able to do the whole thing in half an hour.

The funny thing is that I actually feel pretty good today. Not nearly as sleep-deprived as I really should be feeling from the hour count. There was one snatch of phrasing from somewhere that said that prolactin, the hormone that triggers milk release while nursing and also increases the capacity of the breast for producint milk, also helps with sleep deprivation. I'm not sure how true that actually is, but it might well be.

9:39 pm: I got to work for an hour in the morning, while John took care of Jet. I got up around 7:30, got to pump and dat breakfast before working from 8:30 to 9:30.

At 9:30, I went into Jet's room and sat down in the rocking chair in there, and fed him right there. I read my Perl book while he ate and he ate for a long, long time, nearly an hour and I could hear him swallowing the whole time, so he was getting a good amount of milk. That was pretty cool and probably what saved me the rest of the day.

I got another half hour while Jet played and I read a lot of perl stuff while he ate a pretty long eating cycle. Then the three of us headed to Louisville to Karen's Kitchen. John and Jet went in the Baby Buggy and I went in the Passat. When I drove the Passat, however, I felt it pulling to the right and there were flap-flap-flap sounds, again.

I pulled over, and John saw me pull over and pulled over as well. The right front tire was nearly completely flat. So I took it back home and got out Borax. John and Jet kept going, and I met up with them at the restaurant at the time we were supposed to meet the other people. The others arrived soon after and we went into our own little room in the house converted to a restaurant.

Mason and Bunte showed up first and Sandra with her six-month old showed up a while later. Jet was fascinated with Anika, and Anika was fascinated with Jet, and the two of them stared at each other for quite a while.

It was really cool to watch Anika sitting up and using her hands to deliberately grab items that caught her interest. While Jet is grabbing things, he's usually grabbing whatever comes within range. He doesn't deliberately bring things to a certain point, rather he shoves things in the general direction of his mouth and face. It was pretty cool to see what the next step is in the whole development cycle.

Lunch was fun, planning a party is always fun. Karen's Kitchen also had really good food, and I enjoyed my soup and half a chicken salad sandwich with a bunch of fruit and nuts in it as well as the usual condiments. Jet got fussy halfway through, and since pretty much everyone there was involved with or doing breastfeeding in some manner, I just pulled my shirt up and popped Jet on for a snack. He snacked happily and Anika was also offered the chance, but she decided the people and table were more interesting.

After lunch we went out into a grey, cool world and it was later than I wanted. It was 1:20 and I'd wanted to feed Jet before handing him over to Joan at 2. Three things decided me against trying it, the first was getting home only fifteen minutes before I had to get to Joan's, the second was that Jet fell asleep in the car on the way home, and the third was a message from Joan saying that they'd gotten home and could take Jet early.

So I put the sleeping Jet back into the car after refilling the diaper bag and putting an envelope of formula and his usual bottle into the side pocket of the bag. He opened his eyes a few times, and then woke up when I put him back in the car. He was wide awake when I put the car seat on the floor in Joan's livingroom. She and Haley were up and about and Joan was great. She basically just shoo'ed me off and I heard her enthusiastically greeting Jet.

I was feeling all odd about it all, about leaving him there, about the whole feeding 'schedule' and all that. I told Joan where the diapers were, where the formula and bottle were as I was afraid Jet would get hungry after just the snack. And with her help, I just left. No fuss, no muss...

And I went home and worked like crazy. It was so good and so odd to have no one in the house as John had gone to work at work. It was so quiet and so empty and I could just *do* things. That was really marvelous to just sit and think and tear through problems and figure out what it was that I really wanted to do. That was just so nice.

The time went by so fast. But it was so good, too. I then drove back over and Joan handed Jet back to me asleep. He'd been sleeping since 2:30! Wow. He was sleeping happily in his car seat, and she was proud of the fact that she'd done very much the right thing. That was so cool! Joan did say she was sorry that Haley's crying had set Jet off for a while, as Jet was very unused to being around other kids.

I think that's a very good thing for Jet. To be around other kids and to figure out what is him and what is outside of him. And he wasn't at all anxious about me leaving and given how hard it is to get him to nap at home, this really meant he was comfortable there. I was really happy with how this first day worked out. Just wow.

So Jet and I went home and I nursed him happily and comfortably on the couch. John got home as we finished, so I begged my last half hour from him and I went up and did more keen work things for that time. Then I came back downstairs and went through the elaborate procedure to make an artichoke heart cassarole. It has cooked rice, spinach, artichoke hearts, cooked chicken pieces, sauted mushrooms, grated cheese, and a goop made of spices, milk and, normally mayonaise. A whole cup of mayo. That's a lot of fat, so I decided to substitute yogurt. Same kind of consistancy, completely different taste in the end.

The cassarole tasted tangier, lighter, and much less oily after it was cooked. Jet got to eat again while it was baking, and he played happily in his vibrating chair while we ate. Then he and I played pretty hard while John tried out a new network card in the home machine. That did the trick. We also watched the Aves lose to NewJersey, and then fed Jet his last feeding.

He then was really, really hard to get to go to sleep. John tried three times in a row, getting Jet to go to sleep in his arms only to have Jet wake up screaming. Finally, he had to just leave him in the bassinett screaming for a while. I offered to try, and with all the previous crying, Jet just snuggled up against my chest and went to sleep against me. I paced the bedroom four times and then laid him down and he wiggled a little and went to sleep.

It's my little ritual late at night, too, but I pace around the island in the kitchen four times. It is my little magic, that if he stays asleep for the four times around the island than he'll go back to sleep easily. If he wakes up while I'm wandering, I have to go back to bouncing on the ball to get him to sleep again. It works, there are actually logical explanations for it, i.e. if he doesn't wake up for all that he really is soundly asleep, but it seems like a small magic. And it worked tonight.

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