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June 11, 2001
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I woke up to the sound of Jet just screaming and then the pounding of John running and a few choice swear words. He didn't yell for me, so at some level it couldn't have been too bad, so I put on a robe before going out into the kitchen. I found John with Jet in the sink running cold water over Jet's feet, legs, diaper, lower body and Jet was kicking and crying hard. I asked what had happened, and John said that he'd spilled coffee on Jet. He didn't think it had burned Jet, but it had startled them both badly.

I went to the closet in the bedroom and got the big beach towel and took Jet into my arms in the towel and tok him to the changing table to dry him off and change him while John changed himself. It turned out that John had been feeding Jet cereal and Jet had kicked while they were doing it and John had put the coffee too close to Jet and... well... that'll never happen again. Something else will, but not the near-scalding.

Jet didn't have a mark on him, and his feet and legs were really cold from the cold water John had sluced him with. So I put a longer legged and sleeved thing on him and once he was in a dry diaper, warm clothing and was dried off he was smiling again. Happy baby.

He was happy enough to lie on his playing pad and just play while we ate breakfast. I then went upstairs and worked for a while and then came down to feed Jet. While we'd settled down for a good nursing, I felt a bug crawling on my neck. I caught a glimpse of it on the shoulder of my shirt, so I swatted at it and it landed on Jet's lip. Jet started to scream suddenly and I tried to squish the ant, which promptly ran onto my aerole and bit me,too. I squished it decisively as Jet cried. It left two hard pinch marks on Jet and one on me and we were both stinging for a while from whatever venom it had. Agh.

Eventually, when my bite settled to a low throb, Jet settled to eat again and he relaxed as I cuddled him and felt sorry for the fact that the ant had landed on him, first.

Then John dropped a bowl in the kitchen and broke it throughly while putting clean dishes away from the dishwasher. And after lunch, I moved what I thought was a cold waffle iron back on the counter and burned my hand on the darned thing, as it was still hot from making our lunch.

It hasn't been all that good a day. Added to that the diaper service forgot to deliver a new batch of diapers and it was a good thing John didn't go all the way into work. Jet also hasn't pooped today, and while that might be a good thing for some people, it's making me worry a little that all the cereal he's been eating have given him some constipation.

Of course that was later. Earlier I gave him a tablespoon of cereal with a tablespoon of apple juice and he ate it all up happily, and really did enjoy it enough to start opening his mouth, so John was right. We gave him more in the evening, using breastmilk instead of juice, and he ate that just as gamely until he'd swallowed enough air to need some burping.

It seems odd that a baby might need burping from 'solid' food, but the cereal isn't all that solid, and he is learning to swallow, so is getting a good deal of air with it. He burped and was pretty happy after that.

Work went okay in the evening, but I was glad of the two hours I had yesterday. I also put inan extra hour today in anticipation of tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

All day, Jet wanted to nurse a lot longer than normal. He was going forty minutes to an hour and a half at times, and maybe it was just that he needed the cuddling. He accidentally whacked himself in the left eye again, and it's all red and unhappy. Poor kid. What a day.

I hope we burned through all the bad luck today and tomorrow will be better. Last inight had been prety good, he'd gotten up at 2 and then at 6, so that was very nice for me, and I felt pretty good today. It didn't help, though, that it was 97 outside today, and I am really looking forward to some cooling eventually.

I did, however, finish Field of Dishonor and actually enjoyed it a lot. I normally hate can't win scenerios, but this one actually worked out in a way that actually left me satisfied with how it went and with how decisions actually made a difference.

The evening was pretty quiet after the cereal feeding. Jet had insisted on having dinner while we were having dinner, and it was interesting to see him watching me eat very closely. So he really was interested in what I was eating and how I was eating it. That was cool to see.

We watched Junkyard Wars and I wrote a bit while we watched. We opened all the windwos when it finally got under 80 and things cooled off slowly. Sadly, the wind was blowing from the field next to us, so the wind smelled of fertilizer. Hopefully the wind direction will change for tonight. It's probable as the wind should start coming from the west and north soon.

9:57 pm: It did. Yay! AND it's supposed to be in the 50's on Wednesday! Hoorah! Back to the seventies soon after, but at least for one day it'll be really rainy and cool.

Jet took his last feeding just fine even with the cerieal beforehand. And John put him down without too much try and getting him to sleep and it's taking Jet a little while to settle down. He does this thing of wiggling really, really hard for about half a minute and then going completely still. Thing is that he's not totally asleep even then, so noises for a little while after that do wake him up again, but he's fairly easy to get to go to sleep, still, which is a very nice thing.

Much better than the babies that have to be bounced for half an hour before they'll go to sleep. Which, of course, Jet used to be. Amazing the changes. He now happily perches on the edge of the cushion and plays with toys within his grasp. I balanced him on a ball that's about the right height for his hands to reach the ground on either side to help him keep his balance on the ball and he's very happy to be that high up off the ground and seeing things from that angle. That's pretty cool.

He's starting to get bored of his arch, which is sad, but also okay as he's getting into a lot of other toys, now. So he'll be entertaining himself more. Yay!

All in all the day ended much better than it began, hopefully tomorrow won't be nearly as weird as today

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