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June 12, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Much Better

8:11 pm: Today was much better than yesterday. No crazy accidents and a lot of stuff got done.

In fact at 6am the diaper service delivered our diapers and in celebration Jet had an enormous poop that was as healthy as could be. My hand was also just fine. All the ice I put on the burn kept it from blistering too badly. Hoorah!

The morning was basically breakfast and then getting Jet to Joan's. I then sat down and worked furiously for two hours and got a massive amount done. In the last fifteen minutes I plowed through half a dozen things I had to do before going to get Jet and half cursed the fact that I had to go.

Of course the moment I actually got to hold Jet again, the kind of went away. Still, it did make me decide that tomorrow I'll go through with the plan to leave Jet at Joan's for four hours, eventhough my staff meeting was movved to Friday. John says that he'll get Jet to Joan's on Friday, so I should be able to make either a 10 or an 11 am meeting and get back for lunch and take Jet for the afternoon after that.

Joan said that Jet did really well this morning. He played and played and played and coo'ed and then started sqwaking *with* Haley. He surprised her with how loud he was. I think he's quiet ina place until he gets comfortable there and then lets loose, and he's found that he's comfortable there. Which is a very good thing. So he played like crazy until 11:30 and then went to sleep for a while and woke up when I arrived.

It was good to be able to tell Joan that Jet cries when he wakes up and cries to fight going to sleep. So she wasn't worried by the fact that he was doing that. She also gave us some really nice warm stuff for him to wear eventually. But she is also giong to do a yardsale and if there's anything we want out of it, we're welcome to it. That was cool. She even gave Jet a pair of shoes that just fit his huge feet. I can't imagine him in shoes...

Home again home again, and Jet ate hungrily off me and promptly fell asleep after his busy morning. So I ate lunch and then brought him upstairs with me in his car seat while I worked some more. He woke up crying once, but with a little rocking, he went right back to sleep and I got nearly two hours in. Given my boss's boss's staff meeting in the afternoon, I'm an hour ahead.

We'll see what hapens Thursday, as i might have to give my machine to IT for its upgrade, so whatever time I stock up on before hand is a good thing. I have plenty to read and stuff I *can* do on paper, but it would be nice to have to do less hours. I'll have the four tomorrow and if Jet's as tired coming home on Thursday as he was today, I'll probably get more time in the afternoon.

I put Jet in the front pack when he finally woke up, after my meeting, for real, around four, and the two of us made the dough for pecan sticky rolls. He was fascinated by the whole process and my stirring of the stuff to make the batter that would turn into dough. The Sears book had one good thing about how wearing a baby exposes him to all the things that people do that lying in a crib does not. I kind of like that, but there are definitely times when Jet doesn't want to be restrained in a sling or the pack and he's much happier on his play pad or in his crib with all his toys.

Thing is that he was pretty quiet when I started the dough, so I thought he'd have fun watching. He really did, and got a really funny look on his face then I let him grab some dough. He liked the funny texture.

We left the dough out to rise and by the time I did his massage, John was home. That was nice. A bit more work, a feeding, and some TV later, the dough had risen. So I mixed up the sticky mixture, laid pecans on it, then ground a cinnamon stick in an old coffee grinder. I sifted the cinnamon and added it to half a cup of sugar. Then I rolled out the dough and sprinkled it with the sugar, rolled itup and laid it over the gooey stuff. I covered it all with foil and popped it in the fridge.

John got instructinos on how to bake them in the morning. While I was making the rolls, I nuked a bag of Stouffer's Oven Sensations, the chicken and rice with cheddar sauce. When I was done with the rolls, I stirred the stuff and popped it in the toaster oven to brown on top. That worked out really well. It was fast from the microwave, and it was tasty from the toasting it got.

It was good and hot, and when dinner was done, Jet wanted his dinner. So I fed him while John did stuff upstairs, and eventually the two of them came down to read Jet's storybooks. Jet now looks at the books, he actually focusses on the pictures and listens as well. That kind of surprises me, as he doesn't look in other directions, he follows along and occassionally reaches out to grab a page. Since they're mostly board books, the grab doesn't result in a paper cut or anything. Pretty cool. He's already mildly interested.

Evenwith all the sleep today, he's pretty tired and fussing gently from tiredness. The evening cooled off very gradually. One weather report said that there would be thunderstorms at midnight, so we may have to close up early. We'll see. I might just close everything up when I pump at midnight.

Jet was up twice last night, at a surprising 1 am and then again at 4, after the 4 rising he slept until 6:30, which was pretty good. I got up at 7:30, as he hadn't taken that long to put back to sleep, but I've been pretty tired all day. I'm actually mildly tempted to nap tomorrow for a bit of my time and make up that time in the afternoon. Still, I didn't do too badly today, so I might have done okay on sleep.

Or maybe my body is just getting used to dealing with less sleep.

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