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June 10, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Warm But Nice

8:24 pm: Another really hot day. John was really great and made sure I had the time to work today as I won't have Joan tomorrow and it's better to get ahead early and figure out how to make up the hours than to scramble for them when I really wouldn't have the support.

Though morning was pretty fun, the three of us went to Gunther Toddy's for breakfast, and Jet looked at everything and was listening to all the old 50's tunes and all that. It was pretty cool. John had a Southwester style omelet and I had corned beef hash and eggs and a chocolate shake. I really wanted the shake, and it was really good. Yum.

Thing was it was hot even then. And Jet fell asleep on the way home. Once home, though, we'd been gone for two hours, so he ate happily off me while John went to finish things on the Baby Buggy. I read Perl stuff on references and then on how classes are based off of that. Then Jet and I played as John finished the other half of what he wnated to do as I figured the afternoon could yield my two hours.

John decided not to have lunch after the big breakfast, and i just had one of the steamed Chinese rolls with some of the really long-coked and dried, flaked pork as a 'filling' for the roll. I brought it up with me with a glass of iced tea and worked in the heat of the upstairs with my sustinence. It was really hot upstairs because we'd forgotten to close the windows up there, we open them at night to let the hot air escape, but when they're left open in the morning, the hot air comes in from outside. Ugh.

I stopped an hour and a half later and fed Jet again, but only on one side. John mixed up apple juice with rice cereal and I propped Jet up while John wielded the plastic spoon and Jet ate his first 'meal' of solids. He had a whole tablespoon of cereal mixed with juice! In the course of just the meal, Jet went from getting his mouth spackled with cereal half-involuntarily to actually opening his mouth a bit when John tickled his lower lip with the spoon. John says he was opening his mouth when he saw the spoon coming, but I didn't see as much of that. Still, Jet looked like he was having fun and was really enjoying the food, so that was definitely a successful test.

That was pretty cool, and he was pretty happy when he went back on the other breast and for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, he wasn't nearly as hungry about eating off me.

Kind of cool.

I went back up into the inferno and worked another hour, and then came down to study debugging comands for perl and read more Honor Harrington while Jet ate again.

Dinner was simple. Leftover pasta with mushrooms, onions, a bit of galic, slices chicken breast that we'd grilled the other night, and some of the British Stilton. It was really yummy and was creamy with the Silton eventhough I hadn't added any cream. It was also really tasty and used leftovers really well. Cooking it was also fast enough to not be unbearably hot.

I spent some time in the evening getting pictures off the camera card. I went up and then realized that the Windows 2000 machine didn't have the software for reading the card. Then I found that the floppy with the software wouldn't install on 2000. So I went to the Toshiba site, found a beta version of the software that would work on 2000, downloaded it and installed it. Then it worked. But it made a ten minute job into a half an hour job.

Luckily, I still had fifteen minutes when I was done and I got my shower after the day had turned cool. Yum. I also got to write a little before Jet started his last feeding. He was so tired he was fussing continually with John and when he lay down to eat he was so distracted he kept coming off and then going back on again. Finally he settled in to eat and so I gave him a little extra time on to make up for the intermittent feeding.

John left the bottle in a bit too long, and it was too warm for Jet's liking so he protested until John cooled it off for him. It turns out that during the morning feedings, Jet's been eating his formula at room temperature, so the extra heat wasn't necessary. I'll have to remember that late at night.

Anyway, when he was finished, John just put him down and he went to sleep, a good trend to encourage. I finished The Short Victorious War as I'd only ten more pages to go and that near the end I couldn't stop.

It's so still really warm in the house, even with everything open. I think it's only in the high 60's outside, so it's still in the mid seventies inside. Sigh. I am glad we'll be in Seattle for a bit of July and all the reports indicate that the jet stream is dropping the next few days, so we'll get a little relief on Tuesday. That should be nice.

I decided to have Joan take Jet in the morning, as Jet's usually happier then and it's cooler up in the study then if everything's open at night and we remember to close everything up in the early morning. It's just that much more comfortable to work up there early rather than late. She didn't mind, so that should be fine all around.

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