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June 17, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Father's Day

8:16 pm: Jet was up at 2 and at 5, though John said that at 5, he could have probably just put Jet back to sleep instead of trying to feed him. It had only been two hours, and coyotes were howling outside our door, which might have been why Jet woke up. The coyotes were really close last night and driving our neighbor dog nuts.

When I put Jet back in the bassinet, he woke himself up shoving his feet against the bottom of it and banging his hands against both sides of the top of the bassinet. He's getting way too big for it. And with all the tiptoeing around we do when he's asleep at night we really should have him upstairs... so we'll try that tonight.

I got up at 7 with the boys and pulled the pecan rolls out of the fridge before I pumped while they woke up. When I was done with pumping, I turned the oven on and fifteen minutes later, I put them into the oven. We played with Jet while John read the paper, and Jet even sat up for a while in the circle of the Boppie and played with the piano that Joan had given him. That was really fun to watch and he's wobbling all over the place, but he has the idea that he can get his arms out to balance himself. He does over-correct, but then he's learning how to do this for the first time.

It's still utterly astonishing watching him learn such things.

The pecan rolls took half an hour to cook and I dumped them onto the cookie sheet, cut some oranges for John and I and then put the whole tray on the diningroom table. The oranges were good, sweet and tart and juicy as anything. The pecan rolls were excellent. After eating them from the fridge for a couple days, I'd forgotten how tender and wonderful they were and with the caramel just that wonderful buttery chewiness.

I'd ended up rising the dough twice last night and I wonder if that made them extra tender or something, the extra punching down introducing more air pockets or something. Anyway, they were just wonderful, and John went away to do something for a bit just before breakfast, so I put Jet's card for him on his placemat and he got it when he came back and was suitably surprised and happy with the gift. It's half a sheet of dark construction paper with Jet's foot prints inside in white with Happy Father's Day! Love, Jet inside. It's very cute, and it's really amazing to see how big his feet have gotten from since when Jet was born.

After breakfast, John went outside and mowed the lawn while I entertained Jet. When he was done, we decided to go into Boulder right after Jet ate. We happily went off to the Pearl Street Mall and parked in the free parking structure, pulled out the stroller and wandered down the Mall with Jet in the stroller. He slept for part of the ride there, but was awake when we got him out for the stroller. He was really glad to watch everything as we wandered on through.

The Starbucks had a trio of musicians playing classical music and he watched them very intently while John and I got drinks. He got lots of looks from people and some coo'ing from women that walked by. Jet seems to be a real cutie. When we went into the Peppercorn, he had sales people craning around their registers to see him, and people got out of our way as we wandered through the really narrow corridors. It was pretty cool.

We were at the Peppercorn to get Debbie some of the gifts she and Matt had registered for. I also found the Oxo spice grinder. Yesterday, when I'd used the coffee grinder to grind the cinnamon for the rolls, I'd had to throw out nearly a third of it for being too big to get through the sifter. With the equivalent of a manual burr grinder, I wouldn't have to throw anything out. The only place I'd found the Oxo grinder on-line and in catalogs, they'd included spices in the grinder. I have so many spices there was no way I needed them filled already.

It was nice to find it 'empty'. I got it immediately along with the gifts for Debbie. While they did the gift wrapping for the wedding gifts, Jet got restless, so I picked him up to let him watch the proceedings. He liked that for a while, and then, for no good reason I could tell, suddenly decided he didn't like things and started to cry. I took him outside the store and sat down on a bench and tried to get him to eat. He had a really hard time of it. It was much hotter outside than inside, my shirt covered a lot of his face, and then there were all these sounds of people walking by. He kept trying to look up from eating and taking my nipple with him. Ouch. So when John came out, I gave up and we tucked Jet back in the stroller and took off back to the car.

John wanted to check out MacGucken's for something so he parked us in the shade, and we tried again. This time I undid one button, so that Jet wouldn't have the shirt problem, but with the sound of traffic and other people, again, he got all distracted and wouldn't eat steadily. I am really glad Joan got 2 ounces into Jet last Friday, or else I would have thought he just has too many things to distract him at the Goodell's to ever eat, and that would not bode well to traveling with him again.

John wanted to try the Country General on 28th, and despite fussing a bit when we put Jet back into the car seat, we went for it. I was a little sorry for the extra stop as Jet was just *really* unhappy this time, for the entire time. The Baby Buggy's air conditioning isn't working at all well, it probably needs recharging, so we were in 95+ degree heat and he was too unhappy to eat for more than a second or two. I even took his onesie off to let him get as much coolin gas possible, but he was a terribly unhappy little guy.

He went to sleep on the way home. From sheer overloading, I think, and woke up hungry and crying. So I fed him and he finally got to eat steadily. From there we rested at home for a while, and I got a half hour nap before feeding Jet again at 4:30. He ate pretty well then, though he smiled a bit more. He then went into the car seat and fell instantly asleep while we made our way to the Outback.

A few months ago, John heard on 'What Do You Know?' (Not much, you?) that Outback had changed its policy. Instead of never taking reservations, if you call in ahead you get preferential treatment. While the wait was an hour when we called at 5, they said that when we get there, we'd get to the head of the line and when we did get there, it was just fifteen minutes until we got a seat.

Jet slept through ordering, salads, and the first part of dinner itself. I had a rack of ribs. John had the prime rib. A lot of folks were there for Father's Day, which was pretty cool. A few folks stopped to stare at the cute, sleeping baby. I noticed when Jet started waking up, so I greeted him cheerfully, so he was very cheerful back. Soon he was playing with his bee, wiggling and smiling whenever John or I looked at him, and he charmed the heck out of a waitress who got the full blast of his all-out smile.

He was much, much happier after his nap. And he also didn't seem to need to eat at all, eventhough it was two hours since his last feeding when we were done. John wanted to drop by Home Depot because neither of the other two places had what he wanted. So we went there, and I decided to just take Jet out of the baby carrier instead of hauling around all that weight. Now that Jet can support his own head, it's a lot easier to carry him around without having to worry about cradling his head and neck.

Jet loved the inside of Home Depot. He was looking at everything, wide eyed at all the walls of stuff going all the way to the top of the warehouse ceiling. He just looked and looked and looked, looking like a little owl with his head swiveling on his neck so much. He really liked the orange aprons on the guys that worked there, and one guy chuckled at Jet just staring at him. Jet crooked a little smile back at the chuckle and then hid against my shoulder. Shy? Or just lost his balance? I'm not sure.

John found all the things he wanted, and we cheerfully went through the line and out to the car again. I sat in back with Jet and played with him as we went home. He was doing really well after the nap. Though when we settled to nurse again, he was a complete wiggle work, though it had been three hours since he'd last eaten, he was pretty clearly not all that interested. Either that or his nose was stopped up...

Sometimes it's just so hard to read the non-verbal clues. Sometimes it's really difficult to figure out what's the cause and what isn't. Fifteen minutes later, John was feeding Jet carrots and Jet ate a good half bottle before he was uninterested in more. So he clearly wasn't stuffed at that point. He got carrots everywhere, happily. On his collar, all over his shirt, his hands, and his whole face was pretty orange. John cleaned him up a little, but tonight was bath night, so he didn't have to be too extensive.

Jet loved the bath. He was squawking and splashing and laughing while we had him in it. The water wasn't orange, hee, but it did get good and murky. He wasn't awful and sticky like he sometimes has been, so the middle of the week bath probably helped a lot. After the bath, he nursed solid and steady and went half to sleep and after his bottle he just passed out in his crib. So he's definitely sleeping in his crib. We have the monitor going and it's steady and quiet.

I'll have to see how well I actually sleep tonight. I'll probably be listening for anything and everything. It's going to be so weird knowing he's not in our room anymore. Both good and bad again. Strange to not have his presense, but good that we don't have to tiptoe around in our own bedroom anymore. I don't have to worry about John's snores waking Jet up or me pumping waking Jet up or any of those things anymore. He'll be in his own room and insulated from us.

Another bit of freedom for us and independence for him. Steps in his own adventure.

The real trick for me will be dealing with him out of the room, the big humidifier and the noises it makes, and trying to really trust the monitor, though I've heard it working perfectly the other times, I'll see if I trust it in my sleep.

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