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June 18, 2001
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Up Again

Jet was up three times last night. The really sad part was that he was up nearly four hours, total, for the night. So this is the second time, after a bath, when he's had a really rough night, so we're starting to think that the solid foods plus a bath means trouble. He'd eaten half a bottle of carrots around 4, and his bath was around 8:30, so I'm not all that sure. Plus, throw in the fact that he slept in his crib for the first time last night and we have introduced a few too many variables. Oops.


So Jet was up a bit before midnight, but that time John was able to put him back to bed asleep in about fifteen minutes. The cool thing was that the monitor worked perfectly. It was nearly like Jet was crying in the closet, we could hear him that clearly. Then he was up at 2 a.m., so I got up and fed him from me and he'd only take 2 out of four ounces. Which wasn't too bad.

At 3:40 I heard the Symphony thing going off. Jet was thrashing it as he kicked himself awake after he'd gone back to bed a bit before 3. I was kind of mad that the toy was on, and thought that it had waken him up. But this time he would keep falling asleep in my arms, and the moment I tried to put him down he'd wake up screaming in pain. Poor kid. Problem was that by 4:50 I was exhausted by all this. So I woke up John to ask him for help, as he's managed to sleep from midnight til 4:50 without much interruption at all, so he took over from there.

Around 6, John came into the bedroom for his pillow and told me that Jet had fallen asleep in the swing. Jet had been up from when I got him at 3:40 til now after being up an hour while eating and then the other fifteen minutes around midnight. John was going to just leave Jet in there and sleep next to the swing to be sure that Jet was safe enough in it. So I went back to sleep and finally woke up at 8, too full to get back to sleep. I crept out into the livingroom, found the manual pump, and brought it back into the bedroom with me and used it to just get the worst of the pressure off. This might just work for when we're traveling in Seattle, so they won't have to rent a pump and maybe from now on I could just stop pumping. Maybe. I'm starting to figure out how to live with the leaking. Still, there's something reassuring about being able to pump 6 ounces at a sitting, like I did yesterday. That's the only way I have any clue as to how much I'm producing.

I got 2.5 ounces by the time I heard Jet yelling a bit while John was changing him. So I stopped, got Jet and let him finish off the process. He was pretty sleepy eating, and it was already 8:30, so by the time he was done, it was a bit past nine, already, and usually, before taking him to Joan's I try to feed him right before. But it just wasn't going to work that way today. Instead, I ate breakfast with John and Jet watched from his chair. We had Weetabix with blueberries and it was really good.

I was still pretty tired, as was John, but we managed to get through things anyway. John took Jet to Joan's and I got him back at noon and fed him. Joan gave me her new schedule for July, so we're going to move everything up an hour, so Jet can be there while Alex is at pre-school. Just one less kid for Joan to wrangle at the same time. It'll also mean that I'll get to eat lunch at noon instead of 1 after Jet comes home and nurses. Which should be a useful thing if we're eating breakfast an hour earlier as well.

I got stuff done in my two hours, as usual, and John got stuff done, too, and after I'd gotten Jet, he came down and made lunch. Reheated leftover pork chops and nuked some broccoli. I made some Texas toast from my thick-sliced bread and we had a good mini-dinner for lunch. Jet and I wandered about for the afternoon, playing with toys, nursing, getting him changed, and occasionally going upstairs to put him in the bouncing chair while I worked another hour. We did okay, though Jet got kind of grumpy around 4, so I put him in the swing and he went right to sleep for a good hour.

So the kid naps, now. Yay! Well, given how rough a night he had of it, it's good he got some sleep today.

I got to work another hour after John was done, and Jet ate an entire bottle of peas with John. The peas were of a much easier consistency than the carrots, much less soupy, so they didn't quite get it everywhere. Jet enjoyed them just as much as he did the carrots. Jet also really liked sucking on and chewing on pieces of ice, so I think he's getting some teething action in his pink gums. Or else he was hot enough that the cold water was really good. Or, maybe, he was also thirsty and liked drinking the water coming off the cube. He wanted to nurse immediately after both the ice and the peas, so I think that while those are fun for him, he doesn't still regard them as 'food' or something.

I was pretty surprised that after the whole jar of peas he still wanted to nurse and actually nursed for a good half hour. Amazing.

Jet was pretty grumpy all evening, and would be okay for a while and then start screaming, probably from being tired. With the final feeding, he went to sleep pretty much immediately. Of course yesterday, after the bath, he'd gone to sleep pretty much immediately as well, so it's no guarantee.

I finished Honor Among Enemies and really enjoyed it. There is something about the specific price that warriors themselves pay when they are involved in a war. Different than the ones that everyone else pays. It's so much the whipsaw of people who gain specific skills at such high levels only to be lost so thoroughly after all that training and experience. And that training may minimize the losses, but it also, very much, trains in the possibility that those losses may be necessary for them to take. That's something I've always respected in those that do put themselves on the line in the fights of the world. The book also captured, very well, the fear and sorrow of that choice as well.

Dinner was a throw-together. I just made Kraft Mac and Cheese and threw leftover chicken, nuked chopped broccoli and sweet red pepper into it. It was yummy, filling and quick in the heat of the late part of the day. Sometimes those are very desirable things. Tomorrow and the next day should be cooler, so I might do some baking or something then. I did promise, some Tuesday, to make the pecan rolls to bring into work. Two pans, one for John and one for me, as John is going into a staff meeting at 10 in the morning as well. That would be fun.

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