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June 20, 2001
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Farewell to Borax

8:12 pm: Jet was up three times last night, ravenous at each one. It was pretty hard, but John took the first and the last, and I took the long middle one where Jet refused to go back to sleep. He was up at 2:20 for mine and stayed awake until about 4 am. Ugh. John tried putting Jet back to sleep the first one, which was at midnight, only two and a half hours after Jet had eaten, but Jet just kept waking back up until he'd gotten a two ounce bottle. He was up again at 5, and needed four ounces.

Joan had Jet from 9 until 1, and she was able to feed him six whole ounces. He ate the first four and wanted more, so he got more, which was a good thing.

When I got home the two of us collapsed into the comfy couch, which everyone swears has some kind of sleep thing laid on it. Everyone falls asleep on our couches. Jet and I were no exception. He was eating periodically the whole two hour nap the two of us had sporadically until about 3. I was still tired when I woke up, but I wasn't exhausted. Given Jet's night, I could see why he was so tired, too.

Work had been okay. I still am trying to figure out if it's at all worth 40+ minutes of travel to work for 2 hours on-site, but the information from the meeting was good, and I got to have lunch with a few folks afterwards. That was good. We ate at KT's again, and I left at 12:20 to run by the Safeway before going home to get Jet more peas and carrots. He really likes them and they're good for filling in the days while we figure out if he's allergic to the Next Thing.

I also found green beans, potatoes and peaches as some of Gerber's first foods. So he'll have even more variety to choose from. Eventually he won't have to just eat the pureed stuff, and can eat stuff with a little texture, but for now the creamy smooth things are what he needs.

While Jet and I were waking up, a guy called saying that he was coming to pick up Borax! That surprised me as John hadn't said anything about them coming, and I had no idea where the keys were for Borax. The trucker asked for directions to the house, and Jet immediately started screaming, so I told him that I'd call him back in a bit. I'd completely forgotten the number of the exit closest to us off I-25, so I had to change Jet, comfort him, and then find the map that could tell me the exit number.

I then called the guy back and gave him complete directions to the house and he asked how the corners were. I said, "What?" then he explained that he had a semi and wondered if he could make it in and I said that he probably could do okay, as it was two-lane country roads. I then called John in a panic and got his voice mail. I left him a message as to what was happening, and then I tried to get email up, but the server was completely hosed, which meant that John wasn't going to get any messages I sent anyway.

Luckily he called me back pretty quickly and was coming home immediately. I waded through someone's last-minute doc for a fix while Jet ate and that was done when the trucker arrived at the door. I buttoned up and the trucker went to look at Borax to record what he needed to record from the truck before he'd load it up. It was for the receipt.

John arrived before he was done, and they finished things off together. John got to see it all loaded up and then called the guy that bought it to tell him that Borax was on his way. It was a surprise for both John and the guy, as the shipping company had said that it would take 7-14 days before they could find someone to do the delivery and it's only been two. Wow. So John hadn't known that they were going to come for it today, so he couldn't have told me, either. We were all surprised by it.

I got to work a bit while John fed Jet a whole jar of peas. Then we went off to celebrate the finishing of selling Borax. We went to Lui's and had a very nice dinner. Jet napped on the way there and for just a bit after, not too long, which was good, but he was so tired it was also good that he napped at all. We had the Shizshuan beef, which was mildly spicy and had really good vegetables. We also had the eggplant in garlic sauce, and they'd deep fried the eggplant. It was crisp and light, not greasy, and the sauce was basically hoisin with a lot of garlic. Pretty good but a bit salty for me. I could probably have used half the amount of sauce.

While we ate, it went from sunny and low-80's to dark, cloudy and huge wind gusts so big, they blew the door to the restaurant open several times until they deadlocked it. My. The trees were bending deeply, and the sky turned almost green. Turned out that there was a tornado to the southeast of us, not that far away.

We went home and watched all the warnings on all the stations. Lots of severe thunderstorm warnings with baseball sized hail smashing out windows and one cloud formation that was circulating in a very ominous fashion. Really heavy storm formations that were pretty scary, but all further to the south, and definitely going over parts of DIA.

I baked cookies because it was fairly cool even in the house. I also wrote a while and never got around to Jet's massage, which I mildly regret, but I had a huge headache. After feeding him, John just brought him upstairs and set him in his crib while he was sleepy, but still awake. The pediatrician's notes said that it's a good way to train a baby to stay asleep is by letting them figure out how to get themselves to sleep when they're drowsy and quiet. Jet actually does that pretty well, even in the crib. Turns out that last night (which might not be all that good an example given how the night went) that John had put an awake Jet down and Jet had just gone to sleep after looking around for a little while.

Jet also had an uncharacteristic three poopy diapers today, which might mean that whatever was going on last night is done with. We'll have to hope. The rest of the week is supposed to be pretty warm, so I also decided not to do the bath experiment until it was warm again. Plus it would be good for John and I to catch up on our sleep a little before starting an experiment that might mean an up all night with gas baby.

I'm also going to start with a spoonful of plain yogurt tomorrow, we'll get to see if he has any allergic reactions to that, anyway. So that might be another reason to delay a bath for a day or two. Just not introduce two variables at the same time. Too many of them gets to be too hard. Scientific principle and all that is useful, sometimes, and at other times, it may well just be the mood Jet's in, or the weather.

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