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June 24, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Making Good

4:35 pm: So John's made good on his promises. I got to sleep in until 9:30 and got time to make ginger beer this morning. Jet was up once while we were asleep. He'd gotten up at 11 and was really gassy. The minute we gave him the anti-gas drops he went back to sleep. At 2, he got up and I fed him and it took a really long time to get him to go back to sleep. It wasn't until 3:30 that I got back to bed and Jet was up only five minutes later, so John went to him and gave him drops and, again, he went right back to sleep until 6:30.

We all got up then, and I pumped while the boys went off on a quest to find coffee for Dad. They brought me a caramel latte as well and left it out for me when I actually got up. It was so nice to just sleep and this time I was the one that didn't think I'd go all the way until 9:30, but I did, easily. The one and a half hours I spent up last night really were a bit more than I'd expected or could easily cope with.

We're likely going to give him the anti-gas drops straight instead of in his formula, as we'd put his drops in his last bottle and in the bottle I gave him after he'd eaten off me. That'll be an easy enough change for tonight.

After a breakfast of toasted bagels and cream cheese, I fed Jet and then put him in the front pack while I got stuff together to make ginger beer. I pulled out the big stock pot and added two gallons of warm water, then the extract, sugar, honey, and a little baker's yeast. I didn't remember the champagne yeast I had from the last time, so just bloomed the regular baker's yeast in warm water and then stirred the warm mixture of sugars and extract in warm water until the sugar sounded like it was all dissolved. I then pitched the yeast in and bottled away.

I managed a whole case of bottles. Usually each gallon takes ten 12oz bottles, but I had a six-pack of eight ounce Coca-Cola bottles. So that six pack plus three six-packs of twelve ounce bottles made for 264 fluid ounces of capacity. Just the water alone for the brew was 256 ounces and with the volume of extract and liquid in the honey, we made the 264 ounces easy.

I bottled it all with a funnel and a ladle and then started putting stainless steel caps on the bottles using the old bottle capper. It's basically a lever that shoves a sealed-cap shaped thing onto the top of the open cap and pushes it down over the mouth of the bottle. It folds the edges down in one fell swoop and then the capper will dent down the center of the cap to really seal the bottle tight.

It's a job that's a little tricky, because the bottle has to stay balanced while all this force is being applied to the cap and the mouth of the bottle. I am far more impressed with how bottles are made now that I know the pressures that are involved in sealing them.

That was a lot of fun. I finished all of that in my hour and a half of time and then Jet got fussy again as he was hungry again. So I fed Jet and while I did that, John was great and cleaned all the apparatus. He also made lunch and we had toasted cheese sandwiches with chips and carrots. The three of us then went upstairs and updated Jet's picture page for the last couple of weeks.

I am still astonished at how much Jet's grown since John's parents were here last. Clothes that were huge on him then are now tight on him or have been retired already. Blankets that used to wrap him up completely don't go around him anymore, and even then he'd now kick them completely off.

I fed him after that, again and then the three of us went for a small walk outside as a big cloud had come between us and the sun and it was only in the 80's instead of the high 90's anymore. It was cool enough for an actual walk, and it felt really good. After that, John took Jet to work around the yard, and I went upstairs and worked for a while. To prepare for next week and get some time in early so that I might have a bit of leeway when things get really tight.

7:16 pm: Jet hasn't napped all day, and he just fell asleep on the way home from dinner.

I really wanted fried chicken, so we went out to Popeye's and had chicken. I just had the two piece dinner and had mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy and lots of coleslaw. John did the same but with red beans and rice. They were completely out of biscuits and I didn't mind the lack of starches. I'm looking forward to when Jet's six months and we wean him, as I'm getting tired of only being able to do most things in blocks of an hour and a half. It also means that I can stop worrying about eating enough to produce good milk and start really being serious about getting these last ten pounds off.

Okay, they're actually pounds I got on before I got pregnant. So they didn't count in the official weight counts; but it's weight I'd just rather not carry around anymore.

And, really, if I just drank more water and ate only the good stuff, I'd probably be losing even this weight if I exercised every day. So maybe I should just start that now and stop procrastinating. Then again, fried chicken, even in small portions tastes so good and is not nearly as good for us as the salad and soup place was.

It was yummy, though, and while we were out, Jet was exercising his lungs for the first time while out. I think a lot of it was because he was so tired. But he was actually screeching at some points of our dinner. We tried to distract him with the bee toy and with playing with him, and he'd let himself be distracted for a while; but then he'd start squealing at the top of his lungs. Wow.

He can pack some volume now.

8:38 pm: So he slept after coming home from dinner for a while, and I woke him up so he wouldn't sleep too long and I changed him and fed him. We wandered around the house to open it up to the cooling evening air with John. Then John took Jet while I entered a lot of our Washington addresses into my Visor. It'll be much easier to bring it anyway rather than our whole address book, too.

Jet turned over from his back onto his front while trying to get to his little stuffed tiger. This is the first time he's ever done that. Yay! He then turned over from his front to his back. It seems harder, now, for him to go from his front to his back. I think he's gotten heavier and John and I haven't been all that good about putting him on his front recently. Since he can hold his head up, some of the incentive went away. But I think his arm strength didn't keep up with his growth. Plus he's been concentrating on fine control rather than strength for a while.

So we'll just have to do that a bit more, and he was really proud of being able to roll one way and then the other. Now we'll probably have to strap him in pretty regularly on the changing table. No falling for the Jet.

After his nap he was much happier, but still pretty tired. Which is good for tonight. John's also getting him to play pretty hard, so he should be ready for sleeping tonight. Hopefully giving him the drops straight will help him sleep better tonight.

I'm happier tonight, too. With the extra sleep, the chances to get some stuff done on my journal and on the picture page, and a bit of craved for food at the end of the day all helped. John definitely made good on his promise to take more care of Jet today, and he may be able to take a little time tomorrow or next week to do some things and make up for the extra time he worked last week. That would be really good with the trip and the party coming up.

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