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June 28, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Pre-Wedding Party!

Today was a packed evening, but the day wasn't too bad. I had two hours, one and a half from Tuesday and another half an hour from Wednesday, so I only had to do the two hours in the morning. It turned out that my task list was just right for that amount of time, and I was able to get through it pretty thoroughly and quickly. It's definitely good to have the time to think things through before I actually can sit down to work on them. It makes the time that I do have so much more efficient.

The Merry Maids were supposed to be here sometime between 10 and 11, but they still hadn't arrived when I went to pick up Jet at 12. That was mildly nerve-wracking.

I went to get Jet and Joan greeted me with, "I almost called you." Jet had played a little while and then started yelling and even screaming. Soon, she was trying all kinds of things, changing him, then bouncing him, then walking with him, then swinging him, and taking his temperature. She suddenly realized that if it had been yesterday, she would have had no idea how to reach me, Jet's doctor, or anyone. So we'd better make up a card of numbers for her, and I can carry my celphone into my meeting.

That was pretty bad. Finally, she thought she'd try feeding him, since she knew that he'd eaten just before getting there and it was only 11, she didn't think it would work. She was just going to try that and then call me. Jet drank down those four ounces like there was no tomorrow. Joan felt kind of bad about that, but it's not like I would have done any better. Jet had been squawking and fussing like that an hour before he was 'supposed' to eat before going to Joan's and when we settled down to nurse he'd really gotten into it and protested getting taken off. but that was all the time we had.

Now we know that that sound is Jet wanting a meal. Only after Joan had tried everything else, though, did we figure it out. I guess he's heading into another growth spurt or something, as, during the day, he was eating every hour. Maybe he could somehow sense my own trepidation about everything that was coming up and wanted comforting for it or something.

Anyway... while the maids were here, I toasted the last of last night's pizza and took it, a drink, Jet, a Boppie, and a handful of paper towels and toys down into the basement. We set up camp there, and watched TV, nursed a lot, and ate pizza while the vacuum cleaners went on upstairs. Jet napped a little, but not much, and most of that only after nursing for a while. It was pretty cool to just be down in the cool twilight and camp out.

They finished by 3, and I went back up to turn on the air conditioning for the rest of the house for a while, as it was nearly 100 outside and in the high 80's inside. It would at least be cool for the beginning of the party. The house was very nice, as usual, when they were done. It's the only reason the place is clean, as we have to pick up for them, and then they do all the dirty work of getting the bathrooms, kitchen and all the floors clean. Jet and I just hung out, waiting and making up the list of things that had to get done.

You know, I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but this party was for Debbie and Matt, of Forden and Boris fame and ownership. They're getting married at the end of July and this was the one day they could have a pre-wedding party. All the folks at work that knew them are coming to this party and a bunch of us met for a lunch a while back to plan for it.

John appeared at 5. I'd been expecting the Mason's at 4:30, but they called about then to say that they were leaving. Since they have two little girls, I knew exactly why they were late. When they showed up a bit after John, we set them to work. We had them cutting up lettuce and tomatoes for the hamburgers, setting the table up for the food, getting all the beer and drinks under ice, getting the chairs out of storage and cleaning them up for people to use, and getting out all the paper and plastic partyware.

It still amazes me, a little, how well organized we are about throwing a party. I mean, we knew where to put things, what should be thrown out, what could be washed in the dishwasher, and how to set things up so that people actually used them. A lot of it was just ready to go in plastic boxes that we store the party stuff in. The rest was setting up the garbage cans so people could find them and use them properly. That's half the battle for a party's cleanup.

We were well ready by the time the party was supposed to start. I took Zeta and Marcella down to the basement and let them ride the little electronic train we had down there. One of our co-workers had had two riding kid car batteries he didn't need anymore, so we got them from him and they ran the train quite well. It was quite the hit with all the little kids, so that the adults didn't have to watch them too closely. One person could be in the basement and let all the other parents have some time off.

John got the grill all set up and when people started arriving, he started cooking. Jet was doing just fine in all this, but at 6 he wanted to eat again, as I'd fed him at 4 in anticipation of them coming at 4:30. So I was very surprised to find that I really enjoyed taking Jet into the bedroom, setting myself up with him and we nursed quietly for half an hour. Half an hour away from the party, half an hour when anyone that wanted to interrupt us would run away pretty hurriedly, and a half an hour in which John brought in a box from Amazon for me. Hee.

So I even had books! Pretty cool.

It was a wonderful break. I usually feel a little guilty ducking out from one of our parties, but this time I had a real reason to and it was wonderful to just sit back, relax, and enjoy it.

When Jet and I rejoined the party it was going in full swing. He got handed off, immediately, to Debbie's mother, and John was cooking up a storm, so I grabbed a hamburger, some of the salads people brought, and ate. I also got one of my ginger beers and settled in. The ginger beer bottles had been floating in an ice bath with all the other drinks and so it was ice cold, the carbonation was crisp and sharp and the cold really brought out the ginger warmth of the drink. So they came out really good.

Most of the nursing moms complimented me on the ginger beer. That was funny to see. The kids didn't drink it from the bottles and didn't much like the strange taste of it, which was fine by us. The adults did like it a lot, though.

Rick arrived in the midst of all this. Big Brother Rick, my cheerful sibling from the Internet of the last fifteen years or so. He arrived because Limarick, a Gund teddy bear I'd given him many years ago, had a gift for Jet. Rick had, originally, decided to not crash the party on his way into the mountains from DIA as we were pretty busy all around, but Limarick had taken Carla shopping and insisted that Rick bring the present he'd gotten Jet.

Of course we opened it right then and there. It was a lovely, little Gund teddy bear with long limbs and a gentle face. He was soft and very cuddly and Jet immediately hugged the bear close and started gumming its nose. That got a good laugh. It turns out that Jamie, Carla's now 6' 2" son, used to have a teddy bear just like this one, and he used to drag it about. So this one will likely get a good home in Jet's crib and be with him for some time.

Rick wandered off soon after the opening, as he had quite a ways to go still. I gave him a good, solid hug and it was really cool to see him again and I was glad that he got to see Jet.

We kept going with the pre-wedding party. Debbie and Mat got to open all their presents as the sun started setting. The mosquitoes popped out almost immediately and I saw one hovering around Jet. Of course, instead of biting him, it bit me. I guess he got some of John's insect repellent abilities, and with me around as far more attractive bait, Jet got off without a single bite on his chubby little body.

It was really funny hearing Mary, the mother of Zane and Max, cry out, "Could you grow any faster?" to Jet when she first saw him again and picked him up. She'd seen him at the Founder's Day party and been one of the folks to hold him that day when he had lost a bit of weight after begin born, so he'd likely been about 5 pounds and 8-12 ounces when she last held him and here he is now somewhere over fifteen!

I am not going to worry about Jet not gaining enough weight for quite a while anymore. I'm also not going to do the totally psychotic thing of worrying about him now being overweight, either. He's perfectly happy and healthy and that's good enough for me.

The party moved indoors as the bugs got really bad. Some folks left early, and that made the inside party that much cozier. We had all the doors open, all the screens tightly shut, and it was basically the cleaning things up party at the end. It was very nice to be able to tell people that we were leaving the next day for Seattle, so they shouldn't leave us any leftovers. The only exception we made was for some brownies that could be tucked into an air-tight container and put in the fridge for when we got back.

Everything went into the trash cans, otherwise, and those were left on the curb for the morning. Hopefully, they'll come get the trash before we leave so we don't have to leave it out for the Goodell's to bring in for us. They were good enough to say that that they'd help out with that, but it would be better if they didn't have to.

The last folks walked out the door at about 10, and Jet and I settled for our last nursing session in a very quiet house. He fell asleep soon after. The real problem, though was that whenever John tried to put him down in his bassinet or his crib he'd wake up screaming. We couldn't figure out why. We let him cry for a while, but even after he'd gone to sleep, he just woke up screaming again in nearly no time.

So John took him until about 2. He actually slept some between midnight and 2, but woke screaming at 2. I nursed him, bottle fed him then until he was full and at 3, when I tried to put him down upstairs, he didn't go to sleep then, either, so I finally took him to bed with me, and he would only sleep while he was lying on my chest. So I gradually sunk further and further into my bed with him on his stomach on my chest, and we slept like that for a couple hours.

My back finally couldn't take it any more at 4, so John took him until 6, and I got up at six and breastfed him and napped with him out on the couch until about 8... at which time I guess I'll start calling it tomorrow...

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