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June 29, 2001
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Back In Seattle Party

So it's tomorrow.


Actually, amusingly enough, even though Jet had a far harder night last night than the night he had before we left for San Diego a few months ago, both John and I were a lot better rested. We speculated about that, and I guess some of it has to do with the fact that the last time Jet had been sleeping just fine for the weeks before the trip, so when it happened then it was a surprise and shock, and there was as much 'what's wrong?' that time as simple lack of sleep.

This time Jet's been having weird sleeping for the whole week. He pretty much did what he's been doing all week, just more of it, so we knew what we could do about it. We also knew that he had to sleep sometime and that when he did both of us were able to drop off on that moment's notice. We could just sleep instead of worrying about what was wrong with him. Between the party and getting ready for the trip we were pretty sure he'd have some weirdness.

So we were far more organized on our escape this time. We actually locked all the doors! We got all the luggage the first try and there wasn't any doubt that John left the lights off on the Baby Buggy when we left it for the terminal. Whew.

We had no problems checking in, finding our lunch and then finding our terminal. They were even seating the last rows when we got there. So we hoped we didn't have to sit there too long. Sadly, they held the plane for some people whose connecting flight was a bit late, so we did leave much later than our scheduled time, and Jet got *really* angry hungry while we waited.

So I fed him one side while we waited. I waited on the other side until we taxied to the head of the runway and started accelerating to take off. Jet ate during and after that, though he was pretty easily distracted. He only needed to swallow a few times on the way up, though, so he did plenty for that. By the time he was finished we were already beyond the 10,000 foot mark and most leveled out.

There was turbulence for part of the beginning, and some rather stupid travelers were up and about in the cabin and the restrooms before they turned out the seatbelt sign. Given what kind of turbulence can happen over the Rockies, they were damned lucky. Jet did fine for a good long while after we were in the air, but then he started getting antsy.

He didn't sleep like he did the first flight he took. He wasn't used to being held in one place this long anymore. After the time in the exersaucer, and all the time he gets to play in his crib, on the play mat, or in some kind of upright seat where he gets to see more, he was very unused to seeing as little as he was getting to see now. Finally, I had to pick him up and stand with him in the aisle. That was the only way to get him quiet.

I had him that way for a good half hour, and then, of course, the drink cart had to come and park right across our row. Jet got louder and louder and louder as they served more and more drinks and the stewardess ended up apologizing to us about penning us in. I guess she was also apologizing to the folks around us a bit, too. Finally Jet was just crying when they finally did go, and I could stand up again.

I calmed him down and I was so tired from all that and from the night before that I finally asked John if he'd take Jet, and he did. John took Jet up to the front of the plane, and they wandered about the atrium there for a good long while. I went right to sleep. Flump. I got in a very good nap and only woke up when John came back to the seat because they were starting their descent into Seattle.

Jet was a little grumpy and wiggly after he'd woken up, but once he got latched on, he suckled quietly. He did fall asleep a few times on the way down, but I managed to wake him up to nurse just a little bit more. He evidently swallowed plenty on the way down as he was pretty happy when we got off the plane. I had him in my arms while John got all the stuff out of the plane, and he quietly watched all the people as we headed off the plane and into the terminal.

Once we were in the main terminal we stopped at a bathroom to let me change Jet while John went to the bathroom. Then I handed Jet and the diaper bag off to John and went myself. John took care of the car while I was doing that, and then we got our luggage from the carousel. We were able to get three bags immediately and the fourth came after a bit of a wait.

We went up and got ourselves a Toyota Camary and loaded everything in and headed out.

Green. Deep gorgeous, dark, living, moving green everywhere. It was only in the mid-70's and cool enough to just roll down the windows and enjoy the breezes. Jet peered around in all directions and eventually went to sleep. We headed for Bellevue and the Safeway at Factoria, which is fairly near John's parents' house. We got the baby things we'd written down, and then I saw a teriyaki place across the street and went, "Aaww... a teriyaki place! We don't have good ones of those in Colorado..."

John immediately said, "Well, why don't we go there?"

"I don't know if it's good or bad," I replied pensively.

"Does it matter?"

Well, of course it didn't matter.

There were Japanese people in the tiny place, which bode well, and John remembered that he'd seen this place here several years go, which also boded well. Bad teriyaki places don't last long here, unlike Wok and Roll in Boulder, and the good ones have to be good to stick around a while. There is just so much competition and so many places that are run by really great families that prepare things really carefully and with an attention to detail that shows in the quality of the 'fast food' that comes out.

In many ways the movie Tampopo carries some of the spirit of how a really well run food stand can be.

This was one of those places. John got the beef and chicken combo. I got the short ribs, as I love short ribs. It took them a while to come out and I let Jet nurse while we waited. It was evident why they took a while when I got them. The ribs had been grilled with nice sear marks and crisp edges. They were tender, sweet, and gingery with teriyaki The sticky rice was nicely shaped by their football-shaped rice mold. There was a really crisp light and sweet salad on the side. It was wonderful.

John had a chicken and beef combination that he really enjoyed as well. Both of us could eat with chopsticks with one hand, and it was useful as we passed Jet back and forth. Jet was pretty happy sitting on laps and watching the food as it went into us. I had fun smashing some of the rice and giving it to Jet and he really thought the pieces were weird, though, and pushed them back out with his tongue.

We knew that dinner was going to be late, so it was really good to have this late meal and have it be one of the things that I really missed of Seattle. I guess that the high concentration of Japanese here really does make a big difference in the quality of Japanese food here.

From there we went to John's folks' house and unloaded fairly quickly. It was good to see them again. They accused us of trading our son in for a completely different baby. They'd last seen him when he was two months old, and the three months have made a huge difference. Jet's a lot bigger now, almost twice what he used to be, and he's grabbing things, talking a lot louder and more complexly, and is playing with toys a whole lot more than when he was younger.

They had borrowed a red, black and white play mat with two arches and lots of grommets for holding toys on links. Jet was really happy with the setup and wiggled and squawked and played happily under there. He was also smiling a whole lot more and giggling and laughing more, too. They really loved getting aquainted with him again.

Dave called at 7 to say that they weren't likely to get there until 8. So it was very good that we got our late snack. They did arrive a bit before 8, and I'd just finished feeding Jet. So when they came Jet was happy to meet them. He is doing much better later than I thought he would be doing.

Dave came with his friend Mary. Yuri and Emily were loud, happy, boisterous and pretty normally sounding teenagers. Since they've come back to their dad, they've been gradually getting happier and happier. They can no actually go to public school instead of being cooped up home schooling. For a while there was something new and exciting every day of their new school. Mary has a daughter, Roche, who Is Emily's age, and the two of them get along really well.

The whole family was off to California for a few weeks of vacation there. We were lucky to just catch them before they left for the one evening they'd be staying in Seattle on the way to the airport the next morning. Since they lived up in Bellingham, they decided to stage an overnight at John's parents' house before getting to their really early flight.

David really loved holding Jet. It's been a while since he had a baby to hold, and I think he was just really pleased to be an uncle. He had fun playing with Jet, too, and when we had dinner he was the first to laugh when Jet's feet reached the table and he commented that Jet was the first Rostykus boy allowed to put his feet on the table. The wire chair that Isabel had borrowed was nearly horizontal. There wasn't any bend up to get Jet to sit a little vertically, so he wasn't able to see much of anything. So he fussed pretty hard after only a little while in the chair.

I picked him up and held him in my lap while John ate and then he held him while I ate. Isabel had made a salad dinner, since it was cool and both Roche and Emily had decided to be vegans a while back. So it would fit what they could eat. After dinner we had ice cream and raspberries. Isabel said she'd been picking huge amounts of raspberries every since they were back from Spain and Portugal. Lots and lots of raspberries, we'd see them later in the week.

David took Jet while we finished our desserts, and played with him on his chest. Jet had a good time smiling as David made faces at him. Eventually Jet got a bit cranky from being hungry and we thought it'd be fun for the kids to feed him. So Emily held Jet while Roche and then Yuri fed Jet peas. Jet ate away gamely, but got pretty frustrated with how slowly they were doing things, as well as how they weren't getting the spoon into his mouth when it was open. So he was fussing between pretty much every mouthful, in the end, though, he finished off nearly half a jar of peas, and got a good deal on everyone that helped.

That was fun to watch. The kids were pretty patient in trying to feed Jet, which was good. They just kept at it and kept trying and were pretty happy that they could do it. Yuri also helped me with Jet's last feeding, giving him the bottle when all was said and done. Jet relaxed very happily in Yuri's arms and went right to sleep in them, as Yuri did a very good job of swaying back and forth while holding Jet in both his arms.

It was already well past 11 by that time. The twilight had only just gotten completely dark. I forgot how long Seattle twilight is. I do love the summers here.

So the whole gathering with David and his children was pretty successful. I went to sleep late enough that I just decided not to pump, and Jet didn't get up until after 3. So it all went well.

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