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June 1, 2002
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Crystal's Graduation Party

11:08 pm: We had a really busy day today, stuffed it full as we know that my Mom and Dad are arriving tomorrow, and there probably won't be much time for much else.

I slept in as much as I could, as I took care of Jet at night, and John was happy to take him in the morning. When I did get up John was cooking bacon, and he had a baked pancake in the oven. Jet and I finished a cup of peach yogurt between the two of us, he ate half of it with his own spoon. He's gotten a lot better at feeding himself.

After breakfast we loaded the car with recycling, and then headed out to the center. Jet fell asleep on the way over, but woke up while we were unloading. So he was completely awake when we pulled in at the Safeway and he helped us stock up on stuff by pushing the cart, part of the time. Then he did like at Target and just started running around wherever he wanted to go. He did, however, occasionally stop at intersections, and I don't know if it was to check out where else he wanted to go or if it was actually to check traffic.

There was a bagel shop on the way back home, and we stopped there and got a dozen. There is a Panda Mexican bakery in the same strip mall, so I headed there to see if they had any of the molasses pigs that I like. It was a pretty good walk, and John went with Jet for the walk while I hurried ahead to check it out. Turns out they didn't have the pigs, so I went back empty-handed, and it took a bit of persuasion to get Jet to turn around.

Once home, Jet nursed and napped at his usual time and woke up just in time for Crystal's graduation party, next door. We got dressed up, slathered with sunscreen as the party was outdoors and headed on over. We even got to walk along our new driveway as it was in the right direction. John finished it with the neighbor's tractor while Jet was sleeping. That was pretty cool.

The party was fun. There were folks from all over the area, family and friends of Crystal and Crystal's parents. We got to mingle, talk, and eat grilled brats, hot dogs, and burgers along with great dip, BBQ beans, and sauerkraut. Jet loved the beans and ate a great deal of it long with a nub of brat. Jet got to play on the trampoline, got to chase bubbles that a little girl blew for him, and he explored the house, charmed all the people and ate enough cake to make his face look like a rainbow. There were some pretty intense colors on that cake.

We went home and Jet nursed and took an hour-long nap and John took a two hour nap. It was the sun, I think. I was kind of tired, but didn't fall asleep.

When everyone was awake again, John took Jet and I got to transplant the garlic chives from the indoor box to the outdoor box. I also got to pull apart all the Thai and regular basil plants and space them apart a little more so that they could take better advantage of the indoor box. Both basils were getting badly burned whenever I put them out for a couple of hours, so I might just keep them indoors. The basil that lives outdoors in this area has a far thicker leaf than 'normal' basil, so I think I'll keep it indoors for the texture as well as their health.

There are a few coriander/cilantro plants that I planted and they sprouted, but the plants have been really long and spindly because of the lack of light. I don't quite know what to do with them, but they now have more sunlight and more space, so maybe they'll take care of themselves. We'll have to see.

Jet loved the whole procedure. He's big enough to pick up the watering can, and he loves picking it up and tipping it to pour water on my plants. He also wanted to dig through the dirt, and he patted the plants very gently. He also wanted, eventually, to dig everything up, but we got him away soon enough for him not to destroy any of the plants.

When I was done with transplanting everything, I cleaned up and we headed out to Casa de Mina. It wasn't that crowded at 7:30, as it was a pretty hot night. We saw some of the kitchen ladies outside, taking a break from the heat of the kitchen. For the summer, they have a special tamale menu, which had lots of interesting things on it. We'd only ordered one of the dessert tamales before, so we both wanted to get dinners off that menu. I ordered the mole poblano tamales, and John ordered a carnitas y pina (pineapple) y habanero tamale dinner plate. I would have ordered that, but the habaneros really scared me off, and it was a good thing, too.

When John's plate came there were big CHUNKS of habanero chilies mixed in with the pork and pineapple and sweet peppers. These are the chilies where half a chile, slivered, could flavor an entire dish to serve an entire family. And here was probably a whole chile in just John's plate, plus another whole one just for garnish. Wow.

John's tastebuds were so blasted by eating a piece of the chile that he thought the rest of the dish was completely bland. So he gave Jet a chunk of the pineapple and gave me a chunk of pork. Jet picked up his piece of pineapple and bit into it. I was watching him the whole time, while John was preoccupied with his meal. I saw Jet's eyes suddenly go wide, and his mouth opened in a big O and he started to whimper and when I brought him the Sprite he drank it pretty frantically. Oops. My chunk of pork made me cry, too. John was very surprised. Hee.

My mole surprised me, too. Instead of it just being a couple of tamales with a bit of poblano on the inside with a layer of mole on top, it was a whole plate of bone-in chicken with two tamales on the side and the whole thing was slathered in red mole. Woah. Lots and lots of food. It was like John's dish, which was a big plate of pork, pineapple, and peppers with a couple of pork tamales on the side. We had plenty for extra meals.

Jet ended up eating a bunch of our beans and rice. He then got his own side dish of beans, with bacon, cilantro, tomatoes, onions and other stuff. He ate the beans and nibbled some of the other things. He didn't really like the tamale, the chicken meat, or the bite of pineapple he got, but he was very cheerful eating beans and rice, and he also drank a good deal of Sprite. When Mina came out I complimented her on the bone-in chicken as it was infinitely tastier and more moist than the boneless breasts she used to serve with the mole. She was very gratified as it was the way her mother had told her to serve it. For her it was impolite to pull all the bones out as it implied a whole lot more handling of the meat. She had had a few customers freak out at finding bones, but she had decided to go back to the traditional methods.

I was glad I said something. Mina also brought us a glass of Tamarino, or tamarind juice with water and sugar. It was really tart and tangy and Jet eagerly drank it as well. Now I know what to order there. The horchata I'd had there had been disappointing. This tamarino was really great, though.

When we got home, Jet was still up and excited and didn't want to go to sleep, so we let him run around for a while after nursing. John hunted moths, and we had the porch lights on outside and all the lights off in the house to try and attract the moths to going outside. There were clouds of moths out by the lights. Every time John went outside, they'd get all agitated, and Jet went right up to the window and pressed his nose against the glass to see the moths fly.

I'm very glad we don't have the old zapper we used to use. There was always the scent of burning hair and at night we'd often get woken by the sound of some moth getting electrocuted. And it always sounded like it took forever. It's much better the way we do it now, and knowing that most of the moths we capture go right outside to carry on with its migration.

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