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May 31, 2002
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Pictures, Donuts, and The Avalanche Fall

9:48 pm: Today was really hot. It's clearly summer, now, as I can hear the crickets singing outside in the warm summer night. Mmm... crickets.

The heat made the office pretty awful during the late afternoon, so it was nice to get a lot of stuff done in the morning. I also managed to get some pictures printed for Joan. Since she and her family are going to be gone for three weeks, I thought it would be good for her to have some pictures of Jet to tide her through. She usually misses Jet when she doesn't get to see him for a while. I had taken a few pictures of Jet with Joan's huge bear, and she really enjoyed them. She was kind of sad about giving up the bear, but when Jet first saw the huge thing, he tackled it and hugged it and bit its nose, so she thought, rightly, that he'd like it.

I also found that my pictures have a ratio that makes it very easy to print a whole page of fifteen pictures pretty easily. They're smaller than any commercial print size, but they're big enough to get the essence of the pictures. And there's something that satisfies my Chinese soul to get fifteen pictures from a single piece of glossy picture paper. I'll probably run it through the company's cutter to get them separated. Though they also look pretty cool all in a block.

On the way to drop Jet off at Joan's, we went the long route and dropped by the donut shop in Dacono. Jet walked his own way into the shop, where everyone cheered his entrance and his actually walking up to the lady to take his bag of donut holes. She's gotten the bag ready on just seeing our car pull in. It's nice to be recognized. Jet pulled one out of the bag and ate it while watching everyone else and then waved bye-bye to everyone when they waved to him as he left. He seemed to enjoy that, and definitely enjoyed his donuts and juice.

In the afternoon painters arrived to pressure blast the house with water. They were loosening up all the loose paint that had worn out and was peeling off the house. They did it today so that on Monday the house would be completely dry and ready for the paint. Jet loved watching the guy do the pressure washing, the running water fascinated him. The plants all around the house got a good, inadvertent watering as well. The trees really seemed to enjoy it, and my herbs needed the extra water.

I found out, yesterday that the World Cup was starting in Japan and S. Korea this morning/last night. I'm looking forward to seeing a few of the first round games, and France got thoroughly upset by Senegal this morning. France is the defending champion of the World Cup from the last competition, so it was really startling to have them be beaten, though it was only by one goal. It's interesting to know that most other nations, when they win even in the first rounds, huge numbers of the people know and celebrate. I don't know of anyone here that knows or cares that the World Cup is starting this week. That's mildly depressing after all the hoopla when the U.S. was hosting the World Cup. It's even hard to find a complete schedule of all the games so I can know when Cameroon is playing or England. Ah well.

Dinner was chicken wings, peas, and oven fries. While dinner happened, the Red Wings stomped all over the Avalanche. We'd been hoping that, with Colorado's record in game Sevens, that they'd at least put up a fight, but it was not only a shut out, it was a 7 to 0 shutout. The Avalanche came out lackluster, tired, and injured. This is the third game seven they've played, with no rest for the entire playoffs, and it showed in this game. Roy didn't just have an off game, he let six goals go in on just sixteen shots. His defense didn't help him at all, and he didn't have his luck or his game. When Roy is on he could stop goals while standing on his head. When he's off, putting a tarp over the goal wouldn't help him. It's just that sad. He got pulled in the middle of the second period, for the first time for a game seven, ever, and it was a good thing.

Ah well. Everyone says that the Red Wings will just stomp all over Carolina. I can see why they say that, now. But I'll be watching and probably cheering, this time for the underdog. It'll be nice not to have any local investment in who wins or loses and just get to watch the game for the game's sake again.

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